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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).
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Floor walkers - mythical or realAndrewW271,52918-Apr-14
The Cragg Stowmarket versus Highball NorwichAndrewW630518-Apr-14
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Holdz customer servicegoose299131117-Apr-14
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Bowline use at Climbing wallsKeepmealive743,50216-Apr-14
Finger injuries and painSchnell113815-Apr-14
Stockport Awesome Walls partner wantedjuliesunray127015-Apr-14
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Building a climbing wallryans2331613-Apr-14
training to be confident and not scared of uk tech 5aMountain Spirit553,41711-Apr-14
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Climbing partner in Margatepc1983-3610-Apr-14
pronged T nuts in OSB sheetsFrench Erick865410-Apr-14
things to do in Sussex with a dog?broken spectre112410-Apr-14
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New Wirral Bouldering Centre Surveycol@volumes1157307-Apr-14
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What do you think of my design for a climbing wall?GwilymR1578206-Apr-14
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Busy Arch/Biscuit Factorylostpixel-17002-Apr-14
4x4 Intensitysimonz255501-Apr-14
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have you heard the rumor?nolife90788401-Apr-14
training with broken ACLweelee9985739001-Apr-14
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2 training sessions in one dayAlun459531-Mar-14
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Foundation Coaching Scheme Traineepauljackson-11531-Mar-14
Food QualityShani233929-Mar-14
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Bring back climbing walls made from brick...whodared1382527-Mar-14
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ESM registrationradiofreak-8824-Mar-14
Will this be any good?AndrewW201,69323-Mar-14
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Nearly readyRockAngel129321-Mar-14
Crusher hang boardsjt232564321-Mar-14
UKC Fit Club Week 365Nick Russell5299320-Mar-14
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