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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).
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TCA Glasgow winter comp series starts 25 Oct-23
Andy Cave Lecture - RGS, London-136
BMC Climbing Injury Symposium-111
LANCASTER & RHEGED- Reel Rock Film Tour This Week-42
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The climbing barn bingley5191
Fairy Cave Quarry code change? 6741
Great Sankey Leisure Centre Wall to close.4400
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Loft bouldering conversion. 3364
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A3 Pulley Injury - How Long did you take off climbing?10500
Rock climbers training manual5626
Climbing in Hamburg194
sharing postage on Rock Prodigy Board?3437
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Hip Tendonitis - anyone had it?15799
balance board 6526
core workout 6607
Recovery... Help!2167
UKC Fit Club Week 394631,254
Shoulder impingement and instability15555
climbing-relevant Yoga in Sheffield6373
Training advice - unable to climb for a few weeks.9650
Walls in Birmingham - recommendations?12568
Sandbag ground anchors for artifical wall7500
Bingley Climbing Barn4441
8a+ indoor success!51,654
gym training alongside climbing7637
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First trip with the boy1195
ARC gains v time5371
Female climbers over 45 years old51,268
Stretches/exercises for hip flexors2204
boulder workout2428
track your climb-239
UKC Fit Club Week 39241984
How to remove stuck t-nuts15421
Insanity routine152,034
Climbing partner needed in Wolverhampton-55
Cedars Upper School Climbing Wall -120
Am I wasting my time?151,769
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What's the difference between Endurance and Stamina?5533
UKC Fit Club Week 39144974
UKC Fit Club Week 390421,040
World Youth Climbing Championships-123
Climbing near Chippenham2125
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31 October 2014 climbing master class3224
HRT Holds reanimator-167
Sore Shoulders 3327
BMC Youth Climbing Series.-130
Good Indoor Wall near Darlington2101
Leeds wall this saturday-95
Everything you know about pull ups....291,967
Work Experience1253
Deep Water Soloing Comes to Exeter121,189
Flexiblity Training6565
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Session times4365
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