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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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CWA courses in the North Westchris_seed111012-Jun-13
High school fined after pupil's climbing wall injury.ERU524,27412-Jun-13
Indoor climbing on the box tonightOceanrower360211-Jun-13
Labral (SLAP) Tear experiences & Re-hab.Steve nevers317610-Jun-13
UKC Fit Club week 324AJM1722,67310-Jun-13
Demolition of Watford Climbing WallDaywood282,04107-Jun-13
SPA or CWA Daniel James131,04807-Jun-13
any walls near to whitby?streetfighterjeff117206-Jun-13
I cannot count!dale1968272704-Jun-13
Indoor Climbing - Val DIsere, Tignes, Bourg st MauriceTerry James Walker-19001-Jun-13
New training video The Patriot140901-Jun-13
UKC Fit Club Week 323grubes1332,17331-May-13
New cutting edge training methodericinbristol101,06531-May-13
Trip fit in a month?Kemics128131-May-13
The Exercise Equivalent of a Cheeseburger? Shani141,43530-May-13
New to training - advice greatfully accepted!Goofyfoot330230-May-13
climbing books/further reading?Mountain Spirit528729-May-13
Speed climbingPoloMisty971629-May-13
Any good climbing walls in Essex?Ross.Cooper434028-May-13
Technical Help! INSANITY DVDs don't workTraveller562128-May-13
Protecting a training wall from the elementsadstapleton329228-May-13
Joint Pain? Wat?Rhapsody552227-May-13
UKC Fit Club Week 322Ali1112,18527-May-13
Alan Murray The Climbing Physio @ The Hallamshire HospitalTimmd339027-May-13
Fingerboards: good for anything other than strength?Nick Russell472827-May-13
power endurance and climbing literature/dvdsMountain Spirit446225-May-13
A climbing/bouldering wall in Bathhugh_knowles336524-May-13
Climbing wall snobberyTheDrunkenBakers10410,07724-May-13
Training areas at wallsRamblin dave1284124-May-13
Teaching a blind man to boulder, from scratchMadden1585822-May-13
Bouldering or indoor kings lynn?spacecadetjake213022-May-13
Finger injury - Flexor digitorum profundus?tk421423322-May-13
Best inserts for hold on concrete wall?Steve Clark426621-May-13
Staying Psychedluke_rob1231080521-May-13
New climbing tower in Exeter? Skip120521-May-13
Indoors, once a week, how much can you improve?FrankBooth201,44920-May-13
How to mount finger boardwebbie881050620-May-13
UKC Fit Club Week 321grubes1102,00519-May-13
past it at 50 for ice !wobl211,22019-May-13
anti depressantscaptainfire576663,64119-May-13
langdale bouldering wallMFB1463018-May-13
Thera-Band Elbow exercisesTamati229518-May-13
New climbing wall - North GreenwichTony the Blade1052318-May-13
Peterborough climbing Duncan 88429416-May-13
Kettelebell training for climbingZen862916-May-13
How often does your climbing wall change routes?ivebittenoffmorethanicanstu121,32916-May-13
tightening loose holdsLandy_Dom557016-May-13
Press Up ChallengeElrond1291316-May-13
This two fasting days a week diet thing... adviceExile242,32615-May-13
Birmingham climbing wallspunterpete433615-May-13
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