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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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how to build a campus board and how to train on it?454628-Sep-13
Climbing partner wanted for Leeds Wall or gasp outside.226927-Sep-13
Instructor Fast-track courses - worth it?246927-Sep-13
Things I know and indoor grades1015,64527-Sep-13
own system board and crack machine as per former post228526-Sep-13
PYB Lead Climbing course this weekend - need partner-18326-Sep-13
Lead climbing competitions 238426-Sep-13
Mobile climbing walls555126-Sep-13
help me figure out some training for the winter!654224-Sep-13
Free standing traning board238524-Sep-13
Injured elbow how to train.746823-Sep-13
Signing in novices as a competent climber.799123-Sep-13
looking for more climbing partners883323-Sep-13
Stretching for flexibility - how often / how much?291,87523-Sep-13
PIP joint swelling1161620-Sep-13
Help us keep Broughton752520-Sep-13
RE: New climbing wall scottish higlands:-19320-Sep-13
Mina Markovic, the PlanetMountain Interview-22620-Sep-13
Neil Gresham Masterclass & Lectures682619-Sep-13
UKC Fit Club Week 339661,54219-Sep-13
Climbing/bouldering for free?151,63416-Sep-13
How can I lose muscle off me legs?461,80713-Sep-13
Faulty rope led to amputation for outdoors instructor353,12713-Sep-13
Tried the Beastmaker app tonight with my new Beastmaker.232,02113-Sep-13
Wall gap875613-Sep-13
Arms and upper body training - gym-based447312-Sep-13
UKC Fit Club Week 338931,52612-Sep-13
Folkestone climbing walls219611-Sep-13
Fingers, fingers, fingers141,17511-Sep-13
Pros and cons of an ICD.-25811-Sep-13
A climbing walls construction observation.1787010-Sep-13
Highball Climbing Centre Summer Bouldering League Round 3-12907-Sep-13
Broken ankle - training advice please537606-Sep-13
screw in t nuts.450206-Sep-13
any training equiptment?122606-Sep-13
short term to long term goals864405-Sep-13
Edu Marin - Injury Rehab video-21005-Sep-13
Injury from doing pull-ups and fingerboard71,02404-Sep-13
Good arm exercises when sitting at a desk all day753104-Sep-13
Wrist Injury435104-Sep-13
If you don't like needles...-43204-Sep-13
UKC Fit Club Week 337691,30903-Sep-13
You know you're a route climber when...71,22203-Sep-13
Harlow Climbing Wall - Midweek629902-Sep-13
Mile End131831-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 336651,37431-Aug-13
Skier's Thumb251,02829-Aug-13
climbing wall norfolk737128-Aug-13
Just Starting Off-17428-Aug-13
1 month til the Alps - what to train.650427-Aug-13
Stretching manboobs?889126-Aug-13
Mods: issue uploading indoor wall shots247826-Aug-13
anti skid paint.451526-Aug-13
UKC Fit Club Week 335641,23325-Aug-13
yoga for climbers161,27124-Aug-13
World Youth Championships646023-Aug-13
female climbing partner wanted164923-Aug-13
climbing walls in the grand massif?-9022-Aug-13
Climbing for the less able / people with disabilities634122-Aug-13
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