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Find out where the best climbing wall is in your area. Who goes there? What are the facilities like? Build your own cellar. Training tips and injuries info. It's all here. (And don't forget to check the Classified Walls database).

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UKC Fat Club Week 221425905-Jun-14
Climbing wall near Bolton1143104-Jun-14
Add a new dimension to your climbing wall372103-Jun-14
Overall Grip Strength1385302-Jun-14
Portable Fingerboard - Awesome Woodys358101-Jun-14
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Worth climbing when tired or better to skip?2296631-May-14
Framing my training wall1061431-May-14
UKC Fat Club Week 211632031-May-14
Crossfit in the UK221,25830-May-14
Problems with endurance321,66930-May-14
Climbing Frame Build114029-May-14
Finger injury318929-May-14
anyone use gym rings to train?371,20629-May-14
Shoulder Distension Arthrogram520027-May-14
Folkstone Climbing-11324-May-14
Anyone with a board Ulverston- Flookburgh- Grange over sands 225424-May-14
UKC Fit Club Week 374 - 501,12224-May-14
cockermouth wall - male and female lingerie show tonight 51,02023-May-14
UKC Fat Club Week 20621723-May-14
Replacing T-nuts1753323-May-14
Finger injury218122-May-14
Portland's new bouldering which needs your support.140922-May-14
Power training: bouldering with a weight vest?311,98621-May-14
Tennis Elbow543221-May-14
Dislocated finger422120-May-14
Full crimp strength245619-May-14
Shauna again!156718-May-14
How much to build a climbing centre?91,64617-May-14
Blackpool Towers Are open961316-May-14
UKC Fat Club Week 191431216-May-14
End of the Edge climbing wall384,25816-May-14
DIY wooden hybrid moonboard.466715-May-14
Stamina training without getting bored126815-May-14
UKC Fit Club Week 373901,55315-May-14
CWA Assessment-15115-May-14
Asbestos roof973914-May-14
Traning/dietary supplements533114-May-14
Climbing walls in Southampton area?532613-May-14
westway tomorrow day-8012-May-14
Clif Builders - Reasonably priced source or Alternative?-18411-May-14
UKC Fit Club Week 372661,38711-May-14
good range of crimp holds for a 45 board1554910-May-14
Ulnar release: how soon to restart climbing?327409-May-14
UKC Fat Club Week 181238708-May-14
Making a Pull Up Bar Into a Finger Board.1058708-May-14
sore throat and indoor bouldering593,29307-May-14
injured shoulder530106-May-14
Injured Knee (crushed bone+meniscus/healing time)330805-May-14
Finger injuries and pain439205-May-14
Indoor caving349104-May-14
Anyone done PYB Discover Leading?737703-May-14
UKC Fit Club Week 371671,18302-May-14
UKC Fat Club Week 17921002-May-14
Idiot's guide to training371,43001-May-14
UKC Fit Club Week 370711,19830-Apr-14
Gimme Kraft - Training book453530-Apr-14
Fingerboard terminology- help!322530-Apr-14
taking young children climbing1369630-Apr-14
Which fingerboard?1072029-Apr-14
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