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A general forum for topics relating to climbing. This is the place to debate things like specific routes, ethics, grading, styles of ascent, top roping, headpointing, bolts, the latest news and anything else that you have an opinion on. The only caveat is that the topic shouldn't be too trivial, keep the really light-hearted climbing stuff Off Belay or in The Pub.
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23rd April - Jerry Gore: Wall of Paine
Ever wanted to join an Expedition?Hot Rock-31114-Apr-14
Himalayan Trust UK Annual Lecture - Leo HouldingMcGus-16112-Apr-14
Lifeventure Climbing & Photography TalkEllis Brigham-8815-Apr-14
Big Wall Courses at The Castle Climbing CentreThe Castle Climbing Centre119216:41 Wed
100 years - First ascent of Central Buttress Scafell 20/04Loris Doyle1154616:33 Sun
cherry bombcheek to the rock1151916:09 Sun
What is the ideal combination of prussik, Ropeman & Tibloc?iamaclimber411,00615:09 Sun
Isis SwanageCiderslider2232715:08 Sun
Easy Multipitch - Lake DistrictMatt_C97162466214:44 Sun
Harper Hill regearingGary Gibson171,84111:44 Sun
Gambit Climb Easter SaturdayProf. Outdoors-5011:35 Sun
Borrowdale guidejon59522311:26 Sun
anyone been on the kinlochleven via ferrata?SUColdo151,36509:16 Sun
Music at Crags!zammi943,63622:14 Sat
Pontesford Rocks babylon-7422:01 Sat
first vs samarkandcheek to the rock1537321:32 Sat
Best group venue, SnowdoniaJonshef315421:12 Sat
cloggy conditions this weekendripper644120:22 Sat
Climbing with kids in south walesfiendoidel1235219:54 Sat
Some new developments in The Lost Valley, Portland.johnl313819:01 Sat
time to remove usless crags from listchriz332,61318:35 Sat
Langdale boulders - where did they come from?MFB979416:02 Sat
Flying ClimberGreenbanks51,11311:58 Sat
Suggested shoes for Font polished slabspipcollier848211:16 Sat
Tides for DreamJJL518609:48 Sat
Slings at belay anchors.r0x0r.wolfo311,89508:35 Sat
Lost articleboje740522:37 Fri
Everest DisasterFirestarter456820:16 Fri
Pandy Outcrop - Cannon areteOtis-6720:15 Fri
Siurana Rope Lengthjames1978622320:11 Fri
recommendations for Dartmoor area climbingNorthern Climber727119:44 Fri
Portland, Is it safe?Vinny77235618:54 Fri
etive slabsLukeyhear561918:00 Fri
Climbers ManchesterEstibaliz1576417:37 Fri
working in Aberdeen From Tuesday, I need a climbing partnerDerek Kenyon-4515:14 Fri
Any birds nests at Wintours Leap?Scotsken28514:43 Fri
safe to make extenders from webbing??adamarkley241,08214:37 Fri
Urgent needed Top Rope Venue near Bristol/M4Dan1898420812:53 Fri
restrictions high stoney bankwoodsy29210:19 Fri
Grade voting for very low grade climbsMark Bannan331,58809:04 Fri
Prusik AgainRob Naylor320702:22 Fri
Goblin CombeRobin UK112522:19 Thu
Hazard QuarryTyler322120:15 Thu
South Wales sandstone - bolted lines at Pen Pych waterfallbluesharper335118:04 Thu
60 Years of Peak District National ParkShani922515:08 Thu
Glen Nevis busdavedmc233012:06 Thu
Ravens nesting on a routeEnty211,22611:06 Thu
Today's Google Doodlezebidee431109:49 Thu
Blackingstone rock topoClarkey77412900:36 Thu
Carlisle Mountaineering ClubMeMeMe122520:21 Wed
UK Mountaineering Qualifications In USlanky and weak1499619:27 Wed
climbing on daytime TVOffwidth-38215:16 Wed
Is Vivian quarry open for climbing againgunbo334013:21 Wed
Bivvy Spots Craig Yr YsfaMountain Jedi325212:36 Wed
American Direct Petit Dru - road conditions after rockfall 2011minotaur-22309:39 Wed
Topo for Ca's Catata MallorcaDAVID0347-2907:28 Wed
Sector Solarium Puig De GarraffaDAVID034727923:30 Tue
Skye Conditionsjonathandavey866223:10 Tue
Grade conversions. floss_81632,60522:21 Tue
Update and Cornwall North Coast CragsDaveGoesClimbing-10622:02 Tue
Vivian QuarryJohn Postlethwaite487621:50 Tue
Eldon Hill Quarry - Peak Districtianjdodd1158317:11 Tue
Swanage conditionsnikinko429615-Apr-14
Dihedral / CornerJames Rushforth351,19215-Apr-14
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