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Topic - Why is technical clothing so expensive?

The Lemming - on 02 Jan 2010
I've come to the conclusion that it is all sophisticated marketing hype to keep prices inflated to make us think that something like a technical waterproof jacket is any good if we spend hundreds of pounds on it, irrespective of how much it actually cost to create in the third world factory.

Am I wrong?

Take my simple theory You make a garment out of one single piece of fabric and you tailour a coat. You then make another coat out of two different fabrics, one being an outer layer while the other makes up an inner drop lining.

I'm guessing that it is technically harder, for the eastern world machinist, to make a garment out of two pieces of differing material rather than fashioning a single garment out of one piece of cloth, even if it is something like a three layer gore-tex piece of cloth.

At the end of the day a high spec waterproof jacket is still a single piece of cloth stitched together with zips, so why should it cost more than a two layer garment, because I'm betting that it is quicker to machine together?

Rant over.
Anybody care to disprove this argument?

Saying all that I did get myself a rather nice jacket from that lovely Mr Fisher in Keswick yesterday. :-)

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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