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Using the Nature of Snowdonia guide book , 4 kbNature lover Jack Geldard puts Mike Raine's new book 'Nature of Snowdonia' under his magnifying glass, and discovers that this Pesda Press field guide is an essential companion for your Snowdonia adventures.

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Solaris - on 15 Oct 2010
In reply to UKC Gear:

Thanks for posting this review. I shall have to inform Father Christmas, it sounds like a really worthwhile book. Congratulations to the author.

One very minor gripe from Pedant's Corner, I think you might inadvertently have done the author a disservice when you wrote "Mike's ... prosaic style [is] more 'knowledgeable uncle' than 'abrupt geography teacher'". I imagine that's a typo and that "prose style" was intended.
In reply to Solaris: Well, I am not suggesting Mike's writing is dull, which is one definition of the word 'prosaic'.

But, as far as I am aware, that is also one of the definitions for the word 'prose' - so the sentence you suggest could also be equally misconstrued.

I had intended to use the word prosaic in the sense of meaning a block of writing in prose form, as opposed to poetic form. Which, as far as I know, is one of its meanings. But I am no expert.

I am ready to stand corrected.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the book. I did.

Michael Ryan - on 15 Oct 2010
In reply to UKC Gear:

On the strength of Jack's review (I read it earlier this week) I bought both Nature of Snowdonia and Rock Trails Lakeland by Paul Gannon from Pesda this week.

Great books which are already increasing my understanding of two of my favourite mountain areas.



AlH - on 15 Oct 2010
In reply to UKC Gear: Much of the information in this book is also transferable to other mounbtain areas. I'm lucky to make the trek south to Snowdonia once or twice a year but the information in this book has informed my knowledge of upland Lochaber too.
In reply to UKC Gear: That sounds great. One for the Christmas list. I remember after living in Scotland for a few years realising I couldn't identify all the birds I saw during a day in the hills, let alone plants, and feeling bad about that - and the RSPB Birds of Scotland book helped lots in that respect. So this sounds like a good read.
Ewan Russell - on 16 Oct 2010
In reply to UKC Gear: recommended this book by phil george on his ml training course.
My personal thoughts are that its a really good book. It is suitable for anyone with an intrest in the nature within snowdonia(and how it was formed), but wants a simple non-scientific book.

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