/ Mens and womens rucksacks - what's the difference?

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Dan Lane - on 19 May 2012
As the title says, what's the difference, other than sometimes the colour?

I'm looking for a new rucksack around the 60/70 litre mark and have seen a good deal on a womens bag. Can't be that much different from a mens bag can it, really?

Pursued by a bear - on 19 May 2012
In reply to Dan Lane: I would imagine the points where the shoulder straps are anchored at the top is different; wider on a man's sack, closer together on a woman's.

bouldery bits - on 19 May 2012
In reply to Dan Lane:

See if it fits I guess!

The main difference will be in back systems.
In reply to Dan Lane: If you are 16 as your profile says, then I'm sure you've noticed that women are quite a different shape to men, so that's why rucksacks are different.

I'm sure the website of any of the big pack makers will explain in great detail where they differ.

Same thing is true for women's harnesses as well.
Dan Lane - on 19 May 2012
In reply to TobyA:

nearly 18 actually, best update my profile!

thanks for the help guys, I guess just going to try it on and seeing if it fits is probably the best plan.
highclimber - on 19 May 2012
In reply to Dan Lane: two major differences are the hipbelt and the shoulder straps both are cut differently to take care of anatomical differences. the other differences are: Colour (mostly pastel and pink shades!) and the distance between where the shoulder straps attach at the neck, called the yolk (narrower in womens). That said, try it out with some weight in it and if it's comfy, go for it.
Carolyn - on 19 May 2012
In reply to highclimber:

Shoulder straps often have a shorter padded bit, be narrower and be shaped (all to avoid boobs). There is sometimes more of an S curve to the back to accommodate the fact women have larger bums ;-)

But more extensive differences in some brands than others. At the cheaper end of the market, I suspect they're often the same apart from colour.....

Try on and see if it fits. I know at least one bloke who uses a Lowe Alpine girly pack like mine because it was cheap in Keswick and didn't realise it was a female specific one (being an alpine one, rather than a rambling one, they made it in grey.....)
kestrelspl on 19 May 2012
In reply to Dan Lane: All of the above is true, but one thing to note is that women's rucksacks fit some men better than mens' ones do depending on your body shape.

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