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Topic - Hanging Belay Station, Wiregate or Locking Biner.

phil456 - on 07 Jun 2012
I have just started easing into multi pitch and have always used locking biners on the anchor station, however my climbing partner used a wiregate in part of his station and I mentioned that a locking biner would be better.

Because I am a new climber and am still learning, I tend to review how the climbs went, what was good technigue and what needs further work.

I thought lockers better because that is what I was taught for top rope anchors and just insticitvely went with that, but now thinking about it, lead climbing is all wiregates and the only reason I can see for a locker is if useing clove hitches to tie in.

So the question is; at a hanging belay station ( not top / bottom rope anchors ) is it usual to use wiregate biners or lockers ?

Cheers Phil
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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