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Topic - Winter boots / crampon advice

CMcBain - on 22 Jun 2012
Apologies in advance for another thread about winter boots, didn't want to hijack any of the others!

Anyway, looking for a bit of advice regarding boots for Scottish winter (around grades I-IV, maybe seconding harder in time..) and hopefully for the Alps next year (mainly classical alpine stuff, nothing really technical). I already have Scarpa SL's which i'm happy to use for all summer stuff and winter walking in Scotland but im unsure about what combination to go for in a dedicated winter boot. Im pretty tight on money, so i'm also hoping for these to last a good few years and put up with alot of abuse

I was either thinking of going with a B3 boot (Nepal Evos or similar) combined with a light approach shoe. Pro's = Really durable boot, more than able to cope with technical Scottish stuff and warm enough for classical alpine stuff like MB. Con's = Heavy boots, not particularly comfortable for alpine routes that involve mostly walking but the approach shoe would make them ideal for Scotland.

The other option is to go for a B2 boot (Scarpa Charmoz or LS Trango alps) and just not bother with approach shoes. Pro's = Generally cheaper, more comfortable to walk in and should be able to handle lower-end scottish winter. Con's = Not as durable as something like Nepal Evo's and possibly not as great if I start doing more technical winter stuff during the boots life span.

In terms of crampons I guess the best bet would be something like G12's or equivalent but was wondering if maybe something like the Petzl Sarkens might prove a little more useful on the technical side and still be okay to walk in?

In reality I know it comes down to what fits my feet best and what crampon fits my boot best, which should hopefully narrow down my choice but was hoping on gathering alot of advice before splashing alot of cash!

Many thanks for any replies
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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