/ The Climbing Academy winter bouldering series

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This year's ever popular winter bouldering series are about to begin in TCAs Glasgow and Bristol.

With loads of prizes from our sponsors and an inclusive format, they're for everyone.

In Glasgow the comps are:
October 20 - Redpoint format
December 15 - Flash format
Jan 12 - Redpoint Format
March 9 - Flash Format
For more info about timings, prizes and how they run go to http://www.tca-glasgow.com/events/

In Bristol the comp dates are:
November 10 - Flash format
December 15 - Redpoint format
January 12 - Flash format
February 9 - Block Fest - the new Southern bouldering league comes to Bristol take a look here http://www.blocfest.co.uk/

For info on the Bristol comps http://www.theclimbingacademy.com/events/

Scarpa shoe demo and Dave Birkett Lecture
And don't forget all you Bristol climbers, on Sat Oct 13th we have a Scarpa shoe demo in the afternoon and Dave Birkett lecturing in the evening. Tickets are only 5 with all the proceeds going to Children's Hospice South West http://www.chsw.org.uk/.
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A typo in the message! Bloc Fest is on 17th of Feb.

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