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Topic - Fings ain't wot they used to be! My gear is falling apart!

Sean Kelly - on 19 Oct 2012
I have been thinking about posting on this topic for a while now as I am finding that gear is just not lasting.
One thing that gets my back up at the moment, has to do with the velcro fittings on the sleeves of jackets. In the last year I have had 3 different velcro fittings give up the ghost on me. So after tolerating the annoying habbit of flapping velcro on my wrists, I eventually took a pair of sciscors to them. Problem solved but sleeves can't tighten up in bad weather. I will live with that for now. The velcro appears to give up before the jacket (one is as ME Changabang at over 300, another a Tog24, and the last a Berghaus, so all really well known repected brands). Also a Rab jacket, soft shell, began to disintegrate from abrasion at the waist, and this within a few weeks of buying it! So despite all this modern sales pitch about super materials/design and subsequent high cost, not to mention guarantee terms of reasonable wear, it all sucks! I don't seem to have much sucess when I return items and are nearly always fobbed off. Eg. Last month I returned a cam to Wild Country to repair a broken trigger wire. Could not be repaired because of H&S! So that's another 60 down the drain. FFS the trigger wire is no way effecting the safety of the Cam! Is it me or is it all because the stuff comes all the way from China and so the tight quality control is not there. I don't recall having all these problems years back.
It's the same with approach shoes/boots. 2 were purchased August '11, binned July'12! Totally disintegrated. If you bought this stuff on the market you might perhaps understand but we are paying through the nose in all these up-market gear shops. And if i ever see another 'Sale' posted outside a gear-shop I know that is is nearly all XXL size! In fact there is a shop in the Lakes where I have never purchased anything, no absolutely nothing, not a single solitary thing from one of their so called 'Sales' since they opened! Nothing remotely fitted. But then I am a normal size, not a teletubby or anorexic.
Rant over.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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