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Topic - Vapour barrier socks

Garbhanach - on 18 Nov 2012
Vapour barrier sock system

Was thinking of doing some more bivying and camping this winter and in the past have had the pleasure of frozen boots in the morning, I don't want the expense and weight of double boots so was thinking of trying a vapour barrier sock system so I tried the poly bag between two socks however this made my foot slide about in the boot more, and on a down slope I was sliding to the front of the boot which I found uncomfortable. Some double sided tape might reduce this but haven't tried yet.
Another option Might be these thin rubber kayak socks
I am told the foot stops sweating at 100% saturation and I could change the inner sock during the day to try and stay warm.
There will also be a Yeti gaiter to stop the insulation and leather getting wet from the outside.

Neddlesports do a vapour barrier sock but they say that it is not suitable for single boots or Scottish conditions

From Needlesports

NB Please note that these socks are designed to be used in really cold places with double boots. Worn like this, the little sweat that is produced is kept warm and the feet likewise. Your feet stay warmer because the boot inners remain completely dry and stay so for days on end. With a single boot in milder conditions, your feet will sweat more and that sweat will chill as the boots will not insulate it enough. So, not suitable for Scotland in winter, but great for Alaska, Polar Regions, Himalayas, Alpine winter climbing etc.

So has anyone tried a vapour barrier sock system in British weather conditions and how did it work out for them?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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