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Topic - Buffalo sleeping bag?

Woodman - on 18 Nov 2012
I've never actually heard of anyone that uses them. So, anyone on this forum ever use(d) one of these?

I was looking at one the other day and wondered how they'd perform when snow-holing, winter biviing etc. The 4 season version has 2 parts, an inner and an outer.

I've signed up for my winter ML assesment in the new year and thought it may be more practical than my down sleeping bag (you know, sharp pointy things/crampons, confined spaces, down sleeping bag - ok you get the idea!). Also, there's been a few on fleabay recently and they seem to go for about 50.00

I guess the advantages could be:
- Robust, unlike down, they can put up with lots abuse with any rips, holes etc. being easily repaired with gaffer tape.
- I could possibly just use the outer and sleep wearing all/most of my (Paramo) clothing, even if it's damp (within reason). This could also mean much less faff getting into and out of the sleeping bag (getting undressed, dressed etc.)

I guess the disadvantages could be:
- Bulky, though this would probably prevent me from overloading my rucksack!
- Would it be warm enough if using outer only and wearing clothes (as suggested above)?
- Heavier than a down bag (certainly).

I know there are debates on here from time to time about the merits of Buffalo clothing, so it seems they're a bit like marmite; you either love it, or hate it!

Or I could just stick with my down bag + gortex bivvi bag...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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