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Topic - Your climbing product of the year - 2012

wilkie14c - on 14 Dec 2012
Here it is - the annual gear tarts and shamless 'oh look what I've got' smugness thread.

The items don't have to be new products that hit the shops in 2012 just what you have bought and impressed with this year.

2011 for me was the Mammut Serenity rope, light, handles beautifully, knots easily, remains kink-free and water tight. It still does, great single rope, not cheap but quality never is. I've not bought much rock gear during 2012 but I have got some Vipers, BD seem to have hit the axe sweet spot with the Vipers. Nothing new in terms on innovation but they encompass all the features everyone wants - top and bottom rests, different adze/hammer size options and B or T rated picks, have em leashed - clipper or standard, with springers or just leashless, and for the weight savers and super rich they have a carbon shafted version - the Cobra Even though DMM have revamped the Fly I think we'll see Vipers dominate the tool market for a few years. Impressive kit but an axe is an axe right? and with no innovative features it can hardly be called 'new'.
So, my product of the year are the Grivel G20 crampons. Only worn them once so far but I'm mightly impressed. At first they seemed like they'd fall to bits as they seemed too light and not beefy enough to do the job but I was wrong, very wrong. These are super light mono pointed, mono railed, true climbing cramps and they front point up steep ice brilliantly. I'm convinced they made my feet feel warmer with no straps over the upper foot to restrict blood flow. They clip in with a toe bail and heel clip and remained rock sold on the boot. Walking was I found easier than traditional designs as the traditional types can unbalance you if you step awkwardly on a stone/edge with the side of the foot, the mono rails keep the centre of balance in the centre of the foot. Best crampons I've ever owned bar none. Only downside is that a full front end is needed if you wear the mono point away but there has to be a price to pay to make the weight savings.
Over to the floor then....
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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