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Topic - Beginner's days out in and around Vaud on crampons and snow/ice

neuromancer - on 19 Jan 2013
Hullo; this may be completely pitched wrongly or posted in the wrong place, so feel free to tell me to sling my hook! My girlfriend wants to strap on a set of crampons and go hike up some steepish things (nothing that involves anything above scottish I/II or requires two axes) and her parents live near Montreaux in Vaud.

I had a google, and couldn't find any websites dealing with such aspirations. She wants to get into more adventurous things, but starting small. Is there much walking, or climbing that can be done sans guide but with a bit of common sense and spikes for feet? She's a reasonably competent rock climber and hikes a lot, but just doesn't know the alps.

Maybe some day to couple-of-day glacier treks? Small summits? Ridgelines? Something that feels a little like an adventure but is reasonably safe and doesn't require an enormous amount of ropework.

Again, apologies for the bone question!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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