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Topic - La Sportiva Katanas

Zumoid on 18 Feb 2013
Not sure where the best place to post this is, but I thought I'd try here.

I bought brand new La Sportiva Katanas in November, used them a couple of times indoors before Christmas and once outdoors on sandstone. Since January, I've climbed about twice a week for a couple of hours each session, but I wouldn't say it's been particularly intensive (I consistently climb 6Bs and the odd 6B+).

Anyway, the other day I noticed a small (about 1mm) perfectly circular hole on the seam just below the toe. I've worn through toes in the past and they've always appeared much higher up, i.e. more directly over my big toe as opposed to on the seam. Has anyone had this happen to them with such a new pair of shoes or is it just my appalling technique?

I've brought them back to the shop where I bought them and they've sent them off to La Sportiva for an "investigation", but either way I'm not too impressed to have this happen so soon to a 100 pair of shoes.

Another interesting thing to note is that I've spoken to people who love using them for smearing. I've found them to be positively rubbish at smearing compared to my last shoes (plain old Evolvs) and I was wondering if it's possibly some sort of defect in the rubber?

I'd be grateful for your thoughts as poor students don't like throwing 100 down the drain!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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