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Topic - Pedals, lights & accessories

Indy - on 31 Mar 2013
I'm going to make this a separate post as I think it'll be of use to others rather than bury it in my original bike thread.

I've got to the point where I need to make a decision on the pedals that I want to put on my new bike which will *almost* certainly be a Moda Calore so I can get a final price. Theres been hints at some possible discounts depending on these choices.

I've decided to definitely go with clip in types but have no idea what the issues are and the choices are bewildering. Main use will be year round stop start city commuting so they need to be good and solid.

What sort of bike lock do people have and how do they carry it? Bike will be behind a security fence with key fob access and CCTV (almost certainly not recording) but visible to general public. Not too worried about people 'surfing' in but if somebody did want it..... :( Bikeparka?

As London never really gets dark I'm temped to just get a set of cheapish flashing bike lights of the 20 Argos variety more just to be noticed as theres no need to illuminate my path as such.

Looking more long term if I wanted to step up and get a more well specified set for illumination what would people suggest? bearing in mind see below and a budget that will almost certainly be much less than 100.


Was in the Lakes just before Christmas and ran from Bowness to Staveley and was nearly blinded by what I thought was a car driving on the pavement a mile or so short of Staveley. Turned out to be a bloke on a bicycle with really powerful cycle lights. Anti-social in my mind as you can't dip them.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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