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Topic - Ripped shoes - side rubber - resoling ?

tom.dodo - on 05 Apr 2013
I've got a pair of Boreal climbing shoes. The right one has a hole on the inside tip, between fabric and rubber.
See pictures here:
<a href="">

bought them April 2010, used them a little until 2012 (i.e. once a month or even less at times), then got serious and used them more (twice a month then even more than that since mid-2012).
I've mostly used them at the indoor wall, a few times on grit. I'd say 85% indoors, 15% outdoors.

I've looked after them, letting them air out after intensive use but always in the shade etc.
The bottom part of the sole and everything else still looks pretty solid, as does the left shoe, it's only the right one that has the problem (I always wear right shoes more).

I was wondering:
In your opinion, looking at the pics, is it worth having them resoled/repaired? (pics are not very good, taken them with the phone)
Or shall I just ditch them and go for a new pair?

Any recommendations on prices or places where to take them to if I go down the resoling route? I'm based in Leeds/Yorkshire but I move about over the North relatively often.

(from Horsforth, Leeds)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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