/ the rain in spain falls mainly on... me!

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derryclimbs - on 22 Apr 2013
HELP!!! Have been planning a trip to Montserrat for the last two months, got cheap flights, care hire, accom and everything, only to find out that its gonna rain for pretty much the whole time we are there! absolutely gutted!
Does anyone have any info as to where is close by that remains pretty much sheltered and is pretty close by?
abseil on 22 Apr 2013
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Sorry can't answer your question, but you have the best thread title for a little while!

Hope you have a good trip anyway.
John_Hat - on 22 Apr 2013
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No help I'm afraid but we were out there in early March and it rained every day. Not what we were planning at all..
derryclimbs - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to John_Hat:

Yeah, what a pain in the arse! cant help the weather obviously, but it is sun sun sun everyday before we arrive, and then on the day; boom, rain for the next week. Doesnt help that I've been looking at pictures of glorious sun soaked ascents on the net for the last 4 weeks to get amped for it!
silhouette - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: All I can say is keep looking at localised forecasts, for example Balaguer, Oliana, Cornudella. I have no idea of the prevailing weather systems but conceivably there could be a difference sometimes depending on distance from the sea.
Pete O'Donovan - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to derryclimbs:

That's pretty awful luck.

In general, the late winter/early spring weather hasn't been anything to shout about in Catalunya compared to some of the years I've been here, but all that changed a couple of weeks ago and since then it's been wall-to-wall sunshine — actually hot enough to send people scurrying at times.

You don't specify the dates of your forthcoming trip, but looking at the local forecast from this Thursday onwards, covering the first half of next week, presumably you're arriving this weekend?

As you've already booked accommodation near Montserrat, the (generally) drier western side of Catalunya is unfortunately out the equation unless you're prepared to add a 3-4 hour round-trip drive to your day.

The only positive advice I can give is to look to the southern aspect of Montserrat rather than the northern. Many of the sectors on that side are lower-lying, sunnier (obviously) and therefore much quicker to dry out.


Jonas Wiklund - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: Ouch

Sant Llorenc del Munt might be possible on thursday.

derryclimbs - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to Pete O'Donovan:

cheers Pete, thats some really good advice. Spotted some nice routes on those southern aspects but had disregarded them in favour of some of the routes higher up. Hopefully something will be dry enough for a climb or two!
Yeah we arrive on thursday actually! bringing the weather with us is the appropriate cliche I believe.
In reply to derryclimbs:

There are several low lying quick drying crags in the Barca MiniGuide.


Generally they aren't top quality crags, but them might give you the chance to get something done.

Have a good trip

Jonas Wiklund - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: The right side of Vermell del Xincarró stays dry for a while
Morgan Woods - on 22 Apr 2013
ark05 - on 22 Apr 2013
not much help, but I have been on holiday many times when the forecast has said rain all week.. and found it only thunder stormed a bit in the evening.. and cause the weather is so warm the rock is dry in the morning. good luck
Dan Arkle - on 22 Apr 2013
Masriudoms is another great crag that stays dry. 6c+ and up.
derryclimbs - on 23 Apr 2013
Well, it turns out the thought of looking at wet rock for days on end got the better of me and I cancelled the flights.
However, booked onto new flights and accom for next week where the weather looks a whole lot better! Amped again!

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