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Topic - Boiled feet and a helicopter ride

kean - on 27 Apr 2013
You couldn't make it up. Last Wednesday, with Guido the scientist I skinned up to the Mittelaletschbiwak beneath the Aletschhorn in Switzerland, 3000m. 6hr slog. This is a bivvy with 13 beds. But it was a clusterf*ck cos there were over 24 people turned up. So we're all crammed in, all trying to rehydrate and cook stuff. There is was, snoozing, when somebody f*cked up and dumped a pan of boiling water on my socked feet. 2nd degree burns. When I ripped my socks off, I ripped the skin right off. Indescribable pain. Game over. We had to call the helicopter in & they were awesome.
He had been cooking on the dining table, not in the "kitchen area". But there was no room in the kitchen area so there you have it.

Telling the tale to a number of people, there seem to be two camps: non-climbers are of the "sue his arse!" persuasion and immediately start talking about lawyers & compensation claims and the like.
My climbing buddies on the other hand generally have not adopted such an extreme view.
My take on it is that it's all part of the inherent risk. I wouldn't sue a rugby player who tackles me and breaks my leg, and in the mountains, if you go up to a bivvy there's a risk it'll be full. It's the risk we take, and in my case the result was 24 people, more or less strung out, crammed in, all trying to melt snow and cook. A recipe for disaster. Nobody wanted to be in that situation, but there it was, and the subsequent increased risk for all of us was the result.
In all likelihood I'll be covered for all costs by my insurance. If I have to pay something I'll contact the guy and ask him to pay. Other than that I don't really blame him...
So what do you think?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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