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Topic - Rock shoe stretch (RC Spirit and 5.10 Spire)

martinph78 on 03 Jul 2013
I'm not one to blame my shoes or gear, but I have a pair of Red Chili Spirits that have stretched a lot (half a size or maybe more). I can get a finger in behind the heel, that's how much room there is in them now. The toe is bunching, I can't use pockets very well (just starting to tackle E1/E2 5b/5c grades a bit more and am doing ok with my technique but struggling with small pockets). I'm beginning to think they may have had their day on anything other than V Diffs...

I do have a pair of 5.10 spires that I purchased for a good price but then decided that they were too small so put them up for sale. However, I've been thinking about it some more and reading a few reviews and wondering if I should give them a go. Some reviews reckon they stretch half a size (same as my RC's have). I've heard of folk wetting then and wearing them to get them to stretch. They are tight, really tight in the toe but maybe bearable if they'll stretch lengthways a touch. Should I wet them and stretch them or sell them and get some new RC Spirits?

Any thoughts on the 5.10 Spire appreciated also. It seems a lot stiffer shoe than the RC Spirit.

Thanks, Martin

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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