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Topic - How useful would it be to develop ski touring skills?

drolex - on 15 Aug 2013
hi all,

I am trying to get a little bit more into winter mountaineering from this winter on, something I have not done a lot before. My experience for the moment is only a few days out with snow shoes, nothing really serious yet.

I have a bit of experience in alpine (skied each year between 6 and 20 yo) and XC (less experience) skiing, but I developed a consistent hatred/fear towards alpine due to a lot of bad experiences (different people broke different limbs of mine). On the other hand I feel quite comfortable with XC or snow shoes.

Generally speaking I am not a lover of speed/extreme stuff, so don't care about adrenalin.

I wondered how useful and easy it would be to start with ski touring. Is it something you definitely need to know at least a little bit to access some places? Given my bad experience with alpine skiing, do you think it is sufficiently dissimilar to allow me to overtake this hatred of alpine?

I have no definite goals but I guess I would be mostly looking for stuff in the Pyrénées with a hint of travel over the world. So that could be anywhere, really. I am just trying to develop general skills.

Any comment on the question very welcome!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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