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Topic - BMG ski mountaineering requirements (Linked Days)

Mr-Cowdrey on 29 Jan 2014
I'm prepared to be shot down here, but here goes.

I've decided to go down the road of BMG and gain MIA/MIC on my way there and (as sad as it sounds) have set a timeline around the requirements and when I 'realistically' am ready to register etc.

A bit of background info:
I've started skiing but have only skied for a week in Austria to date. Out there, I could ski all pisted runs in relatively good style but only touched on some off piste I.e. going down 'off piste' down the side of a red before coming back on piste at times.

I'm heading out to Chamonix in March and want to do some easy tours to start gaining the touring requirements for BMG.

My question is: regarding the linked days (3 consecutive nights in huts) do these have to be 3 seperate huts that you tour between (eg the Haute route) or does it count if you spend 3 nights in the same hut and do tours starting from there (eg Argentiere hut and touring round the Argentiere basin for 4 days)

I know I shouldn't get hung up on requirements and just enjoy being in the mountains etc but this just gives me a goal to aim for each year and ideas when planning trips :)

Thanks in advance and all advice (helpful or other wise) is appreciated.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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