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Kevster - on 14 Mar 2014

I'm planning on going to Northern Spain climbing soon.
I would like to get to Riglos for a few days, and then maybe lleida or costa durada. Riglos is fairly definite. the other venues are less so simply because I know little about the area.

What guide books are reccomended for the area - I see there are several..
Are there any general area guides (I guess Lleida climbs2) and if so which is best for a non spanish speaking/reading person? So I can pick the 2nd venue, and use it whilst there?

I seem to come up a guide book blank on Riglos, though I'm sure a topo on line, or book sourced localy would be fine as I have a few route ideas. The general guides seem to miss it out.

Thanks for any advice.

Kevster - on 15 Mar 2014
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Any must do's? Or don'ts?

Pete O'Donovan - on 15 Mar 2014
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The guide for Riglos is called 'Riglos Vertical'. A quick search on google will show it's available in several UK climbing shops.

As for Catalunya, 'Lleida Climbs' (second edition) and 'Tarragona Climbs' are a good place to start and will give you access to thousands of climbs in these two provinces.

For Girona and Barcelona you'll need to buy one or more of the local guidebooks also available in the UK.

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Something else to put into the mix if you fancied heading a bit further west from Riglos:


Kevster - on 15 Mar 2014
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Thanks POD, and Chris.

We're flying into Zaragoza, so for this trip I'd say roca verde may be a little bit of a trip away. Though when I return, maybe with Picos as well, the area would be a good shout. Nice to go to new venues, and a fresh off the press book.

I'll try to find somewhere with the two volumes for a look before purchase.

Any other views out there?
Ken Applegate - on 15 Mar 2014
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Hi, the Roca Espana Guide to the Pyrenees & Aragon is a nice select guide for the region.


There's a lot of good climbing near Zaragoza, at Morata de Jalon, again, plenty of routes listed in the above guidebook.
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paco nacho - on 15 Mar 2014
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Morata is excellent. I have used the Roca Espana Sud and on the whole has a good selection of crags in this area. My recommendation would be to head to the Navarra region, slightly west. Very good guide available. Superb area including Etxaurri and others......

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As above the Morata de Jalon area is very close to where you land and has some great crags in a very pleasant part of the world. There is (or used to be) a local guidebook - one more for you to look out,

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Morgan Woods - on 16 Mar 2014
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cover shot looks awesome.....any idea which crag?

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