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Topic - An appeal to the road bikers

Paul Atkinson - on 24 Mar 2014

I would like to pick the brains of the numerous UKC road bikers please. Im a keen fell runner and have contrived to acquire a nasty spiral fracture of the fibula with a lot of ligament damage. The bone was pinned and plated 3 weeks ago and I'm still early in the recovery and rehab process with no weight bearing. Both orthopod and sports physio anticipate it being months until I run and climb again and maybe a year for fells/ultras. Needless to say what little was left of my sanity is fast disappearing due to lack of exercise.

My physio says I could potentially get in to road biking in a few weeks time and push fitness this way for months before I can run properly so it's obviously a no brainer to go ahead and get a road bike - not something that's ever really appealed to me much but I have often contemplated it over the years as a low impact way to work on fitness (I turn 50 this year) and I guess I'll probably turn out to really enjoy it once I get used to the whole thing.

So I need to buy a road bike suitable for a relative novice (used to commute 20 miles a day on a hybrid town bike but have never been on a "proper" bike as an adult) but that will not end up needing upgrading in a year's time if I get really in to it. Budget is not too much of an issue and I presume a certain amount of getting what you pay for applies but equally I don't want to plunge for an "all the gear but no idea" ridiculously over spec'd machine beyond my needs. Something user friendly and not too hard to maintain would be nice. I would anticipate hills being my thing. Also it would be nice to know what other peripherals to get.

Over to you...... any and all advice very gratefully received

Cheers, Paul

edit - PS I'm Manchester based if you have any specialist shop recommendations and 6'5" if that makes much difference model wise
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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