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Topic - Belay device for sport climbing

mattrm - on 25 Apr 2014
I'm looking for a belay device for sport climbing. I've got a decent selection of devices for trad (Bug and Reverso 3) and I'm looking for a sport device which will be easier to use while mates redpoint routes and fall off loads. Also something that I can give to my experienced trad climbing mates (but some don't sport climb much/at all) and they'll get on ok with it. Not fussed about the autolocking, but want something that it's easy to pay out rope on and once you've caught the fall, you don't have to hang on in the way that you do with a normal device. It must be easy to lower.

I've used a Gri-Gri before, but didn't like the faff with the lever when lowering. Should I persevere with that?

The click-up seems like it's simple and probably ticks the boxes, is lowering and holding folk easy enough? Smart the same?

I suspect that the Eddy and Cinch are going to be similar to a Gri-Gri when lowering off in terms off faff?

Or any other suggestions as I know that's not all the devices out there.

I know this has been done a lot recently, but I'm not a beginner looking for a fool proof device, I'm a reasonably experienced climber who's getting tired of hanging onto his Bug for ages when someone's taking a rest on a route.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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