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Topic - Lack of insulation measure of down jackets

henwardian - on 13 May 2014
I just spent a number of hours trying to find a replacement for my old dying downie. After a bit of googling around and comparing, it came to me that THE main purpose of a down jacket is to insulate; everything else is secondary.

This being the case, the most important measure should essentially be a volume of insulating air trapped by the down. I.e. fill power multiplied by mass of down in the jacket. Though I realise that the actual volume created by the down is going to be a lot less than this ideal, it is at least a start.
Comparing this measure to the overall weight of the jacket would also be useful; divide insulating volume by mass of jacket to get a measurement called somthing like "insulation power" (Yeah, alright, I'll leave the name with marketting!)

Now the gripe: Down jackets do not state this, you have to manually go through the specs with a calculator and work it out. Worse still, a great number of jackets will tell you nowhere on the internet what mass of down they actually have in them.

So, why are there no manufacturers using this information as a selling point?! I've read a thousand selling points today from velcroed sleeves to hydrophobic down to narrow gusseting but it is all secondary guff which (while it might be useful or neat little features) is collosally less important than the basic insulating properties of the jacket.

I'd be happy if someone pointed out something obvious that I'm missing here.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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