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Topic - Kalymnos- when the festival is on

sammiKrogers - on 31 Aug 2014

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of being in kalymnos when the festival is on/around that time.

I'm thinking of going there either flying on 27th september for a week or preferably the 4th october for a week. (The festival is 9th-12th)

Obviously it gets busy with the festival but is it unbearably so?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
GridNorth - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers:

I was there last year a day or two after. Getting accomommodation was a problem as was hiring scooters. I'm going this year but I've delayed until after the festival. It's crowded enough at the best of times.
marky - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers:

9 - 12th October according to
Dave Musgrove - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers:

Yes it will be busy but the bustle and vibrancy of the occasion is all part of the experience. If you want to hire a bike any time in October its best to reserve one before you go but there are still plenty of other options for getting around and away from the crowds if you want to. I was there throughout the festival period last year and even entered the open 2 day competition, all great fun, and for the 20 euro entry fee we got a goody bag with around 60 euro's worth of tee shirts, hats, chalk bags etc, plus a free meal and several free beers. If you want total peace and mountain solitude Kalymnos won't be for you at this time of year.
kipper12 - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers:

I was there for 2 weeks over the festival last year and the routs were were after were fine, little crowding. Eating out was a bit crowded at times, all told I enjoyed it. I've been there 3 times in 3 years and being there for the festival wasn't a great disadvantage
Wiley Coyote - on 31 Aug 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers:

We were there last year and frankly it was hellish. The place was weighed out so unless you want to be part of the festival (and I can't imagine why you would) I'd say steer clear. When we booked we had no idea there even was a festival. Most places use events like festivals to encourage people to come and fill accommodation during slack periods. Why the hell Kalymnos has one at a time when it would be busy anyway is quite beyond me.
Never again!
sammiKrogers - on 01 Sep 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers:

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies!

We have decided to leave kalymnos until next spring when we can get a bit more time off work to make it a longer break.

all the advise is much appreciated :)
whenry on 01 Sep 2014
In reply to Wiley Coyote: I guess it depends on what you like - I was there last year for the festival, and with the exception of Odyssey, it wasn't too busy - we rather enjoyed the atmosphere. You couldn't hire a scooter for a few days, as they had all been pre-booked, but that was the only negative.
DundeeDave - on 09 Sep 2014
In reply to whenry:

I would agree with whenry. The only downside I found last year was scooter availability. Even then we only went one day without and managed to get one from Panormos.
Frank the Husky - on 09 Sep 2014
In reply to sammiKrogers: God, avoid it when that's on. Too many people, and it's verging on chaos at times! Unless you're taking part or are desperate to see sport climbing stars then it will be a waste of time for you.

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