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The Lemming - on 09 Aug 2016
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Please support us

On the 25th September 2016 a team of ambulance staff from the North West will be embarking upon a 6 day walk from Scarborough RNLI to Blackpool RNLI. The walk is to raise awareness of mental health within the emergency services, a recent survey by Mind found that 1 in 4 emergency services staff has considered committing suicide.
The team plan to call in at Police, Fire, Ambulance and search & rescue establishments along to the way to spread the offer of support whilst also raising vital funds for the Mind Blue Light Programme.
You can join the team on the ‘First Steps’ on the 25/09 from Scarborough to Pickering, on ‘The Last Leg’ on the 30/09 from Broughton to Blackpool or at the Charity Ball which will be held at the brand new AFC Fylde football stadium near Blackpool. 

Visit http://www.bluelightwalk.com to see how you can join in and support the team.

We would be most grateful if you could visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bluelight
The Lemming - on 10 Aug 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

I tried to add a youtube link when I initially created this OP but for some reason it would not work

Here's hoping this link works

Dauphin on 14 Aug 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

Have a bump.

The Lemming - on 16 Aug 2016
In reply to Dauphin:

> Have a bump.

> D

Thank you sir.

Here is a quick interview I did at work explaining the merits of The Blue Light programme and how it could help emergency services staff cope with mental health issues.


And for anybody within the Emergency Services that would like help in general
Roadrunner5 - on 31 Aug 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

Wow, Lemmo has a face!

Well done, when I find my UK cards I'll throw you a few shillings... Good cause.

The Lemming - on 31 Aug 2016
In reply to Roadrunner5:

And you thought I was a spam-bot.

Our 'little team' would be grateful for any help you could offer.

Spreading the word that there is a 'Support Service' for people working in the Emergency Services who may be suffering with mental health issues caused by what they see and do 'day-to-day' is worth its weight in gold, and I would be grateful if you could share the links around to who ever you feel may want to see them.

There is a perception that people in the Emergency Services get special training on how to cope with being in either traumatic or emotional situations. It would be nice but that never happens.

We are ordinary people doing a job, to pay a mortgage, and trying our best to cope with what ever is in front of us.

Like everybody who is exposed to stress and trauma, it takes its toll on us as well. I am trying to promote a service people can contact, where the staff empathise because they do the same job and can offer help and advice to cope.

Mind, is a registered charity who help everybody in all walks of life cope with mental health issues.

As part of what Mind provide, they have created the 'Mind Blue Light Programme' which is specifically aimed at people working within emergency services.

Mind are excellent, in general, for anybody with mental health issues.

I'm just trying to promote something for people who may need help, in an area where I work.




BusyLizzie on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

Great interview, and a very good cause.

I have a very soft spot for ambulance teams: for the folk who took me to hospital when I was four; for the lovely calm ambulance men who took me to hospital 20 years ago when the baby was dying, walked with me to the ward, knew what was happening but very helpfully didn't make a fuss (but perhaps shed a tear afterwards); for the unfailingly cheerful teams who so often sort my mother out when she falls and get her back on her feet both physically and mentally.

I wish I was free to join the walk, but have sent you some shillings.

The Lemming - on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to BusyLizzie:

I've been sat here for a while, not knowing how to respond to that emotionally powerful posting, thinking of how to respond to it.

And, truthfully, I can't think of anything that would not sound OTT or such like, so I hope you will accept my gratitude for reading the subject matter and watching the short videos.

I would like to thank you for your kind donation, which will help my team mates promote metal health awareness for everybody who works in the emergency services.
The Lemming - on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to The Lemming:
There is only a week to go till the Charity Walk and my mates are beavering away promoting their cause, and in constant training for the proposed 150 mile walk.

Trust me, they are not walkers in any shape or form, so this will be exceptionally demanding for them.

Here are a few more videos which I hope will further promote their cause.





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Dave the Rave on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to Roadrunner5:

> Wow, Lemmo has a face!
I had him as hairier than that! Expected a tash at least!!
The Lemming - on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to Dave the Rave:
I'm not in any of the videos or photos.

Don't want to spoil my secret identity.


What did you think of the videos?

I'm hoping that they tell a story and promote the proposed walk which is due to start next week.
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Dave the Rave on 17 Sep 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

The videos were spot on. A worthy cause.
The Lemming - on 19 Sep 2016
In reply to The Lemming:

Just created this little, hopefully, humorous promotional video.

Its not exactly work safe as it has a few rude words.


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