/ The Loafstone access, Curbar.

boulderholder on 12 Sep 2016
Hi, I tried looking for the Loafstone at Curbar and there's what looks like a new large barbed wire fence surrounding the land below and possibly belonging to the recently renovated lodge. Is this where the boulder is located? I couldn't see it because the bracken was so think.

Adam Long - on 12 Sep 2016
In reply to boulderholder:

Were you trying to approach from above? Approach I've always used is: from the bend in the road by trackside, walk back down - stile on right - leads downhill - gate to path on right which (start of access land) goes north through the woods below edge - after fifty yards or so strike uphill.

On the OS map on Bing, bizarrely enough, this area is marked as access land but the crag and trackside etc are not. This was due to be dedicated at the decadal review but afaik it was kicked into the long grass by the tories so may not have happened.

Either way the Loafstone is on access land so you are free to thrash about off path. I'll email the Eastern moors partnership and check on any new fences.
Adam Long - on 15 Sep 2016
In reply to boulderholder:

Bump. Be good if you could clarify, I've spoken to the EMP and we are confused as to where the problem is.
Offwidth - on 16 Sep 2016
In reply to Adam Long:

I think its likely the approach information has just been a bit vague for first-time visitors. It's one of the few approaches where I wish we had been a tad clearer in Froggatt.
boulderholder on 16 Sep 2016
In reply to Adam Long:
Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I approached as my guidebook described. Walked down the road past the lodge and entered the first small gate on the right. Walked about 100m and noticed that there was a large new fence, so I followed the path down and through the next gate on the right, I walked for another 100 or so metres to a fork in the path - I think I should have taken this path north, back towards the crag. I couldn't see anything because the bracken was so high.

I'll have another look this weekend..
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