/ Kalymnos trip

TheBigFactHunt - on 12 Oct 2016
Hi, I'm free the whole of November and really want to get a good climbing trip in...my friends are all working during that month so I'm thinking of going to kalymnos and picking up climbing partners there.
It would be the first time I've gone abroad totally independently so I'm not sure about where would be best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
snoop6060 - on 12 Oct 2016
In reply to TheBigFactHunt:

Kalymnos is great but if I was going climbing on my own for a month in November i'd probably go to spain, Suirana and margalef most likely. November might be a little quiet on Kalymnos. Its been pretty quiet in October so far (though ive now left). Spain will be cheaper as well i'd imagine.
TheBigFactHunt - on 12 Oct 2016
In reply to snoop6060:

Okay I'll check them out , how easy is it to find climbing partners out there? I climb about 7b indoors consistently, I've not been outdoors a massive amount so am at about 6b+ :/
Dandan82 - on 12 Oct 2016
In reply to TheBigFactHunt:

I'd agree with Snoop about Spain over Kaly for that time of year, it will be cheaper, more predictable weather and more chance of finding a partner.
There is a campsite at the top of the hill in Siurana and a coffee shop in Cornudella that would be good places to find a partner, there is also a campsite in Margalef (for vans only?) and I think the Margalef Refugio has a partner wanted board in the entrance hall, basically there's no reason not to give it a try

There's loads of options between 6b and 7b in that part of Spain, but if you go to Margalef, give yourself a couple of days to get used to the pockets and don't be put off by sandbag 6b 'warmups'!