/ Relacement for Rab Generator Alpine?

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JJL - on 14:11 Wed
Mine has worn out - and I see it's no longer made.

Looking for primaloft 100/60, with a hood, sensible price. Could probably be talked out of the hood. Don't care about brand.

Euan Todd on 15:02 Wed
In reply to JJL:

I've got a generator as well, but a lot of my mates have ME Fitzroy - they seem pretty happy with them. You might be able to get last season's jacket a bit cheaper as well.

JJL - on 15:18 Wed
In reply to Euan Todd:

Thanks for that. I was hoping to squeeze in a bit cheaper (140 is cheapest I can find in stock; 130 at Needlesports, but out of stock...)
JayPee630 - on 15:49 Wed
In reply to JJL:

Isn't the direct replacement the Rab Photon X jacket, just improved with a new name?
rogerwebb - on 15:52 Wed
In reply to JJL:

Montane Flux, you can get it for less than 100 at the climbers shop amongst other places.
I can recommend it.
George Killaspy on 16:10 Wed
In reply to rogerwebb:

I'll second the Montane Flux. Mine has had similar usage to my climbing partner's Generator, but has fared much better; no delaminating at the velcro cuffs or stitching getting unpicked.
JJL - on 16:35 Wed
In reply to JayPee630:

> Isn't the direct replacement the Rab Photon X jacket, just improved with a new name?

It is, but it's 170
Mark Stevenson - on 16:46 Wed
In reply to JJL:

What size?

Thinking about replacing my RAB Generator (size small) with an ME Citadel or something else a bit warmer.
JJL - on 17:07 Wed
In reply to Mark Stevenson:

Thanks but L
dek - on 17:31 Wed
In reply to JJL:

> It is, but it's 170

I bought the Photon X thingy, last winter. Nicely made,two tone fabric, great hood,filled with fancy 'Gold' wadding....... ethically harvested from Reinhold Messners, pubic hairs i believe ;-).....Just not that brilliantly warm!
You can pick up a beefier looking,Montane Flux for about 120ish on sports shoes.co


Or even cheaper at OutdoorGB...http://www.outdoorgb.com/p/Montane_Flux_Jacket/?SelectedItem=654775
TomPR on 17:45 Wed
In reply to JJL:

Like you, I thought the original Generator was absolutely the business. I guess not surprisingly, I've tried out quite a lot of the different variants available these days (the privilege of being with Rab!) that are as close as possible to the original and I've come to the conclusion of:

1. If you have to get same (it's actually a bit warmer) then go for Photon. But yes, it costs more

2. If you want the same kind of performance (but slightly less warm) then the new Strata Hoodie is a beast. I've absolutely hammered the ones I have had on cold, wet, big walls, trad, out on hills etc etc.

I've tried all the other jackets out, which are great, but those two make me feel the closest to that original Alpine Generator feeling.

Hope that helps.

nathan79 - on 18:42 Wed
In reply to George Killaspy:

I had a flux. Thought it was a great jacket but the fit wasn't right for me.Would happily have kept it otherwise. Strangely enough I replaced it with a Rab Generator Alpine!

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