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Evolv News

Announcements direct from Evolv

thumb The Axiom is a technical all-rounder ideally suited to the trad climber looking to push into and through the 'E' numbers. [ full story ]

Evolv Nexxo Jun 2014

thumb The Nexxo represents for Evolv a new way of approaching how climbing shoes are buitle, how they engineer performance. It is soft... [ full story ]

thumb The Defy and Elektra models have received a facelift for 2014, while retaining all the great features that have made them so... [ full story ]

thumb An entry level shoe that does so much more; the comfort, fit and performance to take you through the grades in every form of... [ full story ]

thumb Upcoming Evolv Performance Events at Climbing Works, Sheffield; Manchester Climbing Centre; Harrogate Climbing Centre and... [ full story ]

thumb This autumn, Evolv are teaming up with Evolv Performance Retailers around the UK to offer a series of free events. These will... [ full story ]

thumb Mid-July saw the huge OutDoor Tradeshow descend upon the town of Friedrichshafen in Germany. This is the event of the year for... [ full story ]

thumb The Evolv Geshido SC (strap closure) is the latest high performance rock shoe in the Sharma Signature Series. [ full story ]

thumb The Shaman LV is the ultimate low volume shoe for steep to overhanging climbing. Designed by Chris Sharma with input from Daila... [ full story ]

thumb Valor is the new rock all round rock shoe from Evolv. Featuring the same comfort and fit as the popular Defy, but with increased... [ full story ]

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Evolv Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

thumb Rock shoes are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment you will ever buy. So to help you make the... [ full review ]

thumb This year Evolv launched the Geshido (lace up) and the Geshido SC (Velcro), two shoes built on the same last hand-carved by Chris... [ full review ]

thumb Toby Archer reviews some rough and tough approach shoes that are well-suited to UK terrain, with soles that grip both well on mud... [ full review ]

thumb Mark Glaister reviews the Evolv Shaman, the rock shoe with the 'love bump', developed with Chris Sharma. [ full review ]

thumb "I took them all out together in a sort of shoe orgy and became an Imelda Marcos figure at the local crag," explains Sarah Flint,... [ full review ]

thumb A true all rounder? asks Paul Lewis. Evolv say the Bandit is for sport, trad and wall use by beginner to advanced climbers... [ full review ]

thumb Being a Boreal devotee, it was with trepidation that Mike Kann pulled on some Evolv shoes for the first time... "With a name... [ full review ]

thumb "This short filmed review is based on my experience of climbing in the Evolv Defy. Having used it as my main shoe for the last... [ full review ]

thumb With heavy-weight names such as Chris Sharma and Lisa Rands backing the 'Team Evolv' brand, how could I resist trying a pair of... [ full review ]

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