Stretchman Jacket from Marmot
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reviewed by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor
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+Jack Geldard climbing a classic 7a+ in the Stretchman Jacket at a windy Freyr, Belgium, 187 kb
Jack Geldard climbing a classic 7a+ in the Stretchman Jacket at a windy Freyr, Belgium
UKC Gear, May 2010
© Alan James
+Marmot Stretch Man Jacket (Ultramarine colour) , 84 kb The Stretchman Jacket from Marmot is a lightweight (360 grams) softshell style jacket. I have been testing it for the last few months.

Like a typical man, I opened the packet, put the jacket on and started wearing it, without knowing anything about its features or properties.

A bouldering trip down the Lleyn Peninsula in March saw me getting rained on pretty heavily. The jacket beaded really well. "Flippin 'eck" I thought, "this softshell is as waterproof as all my hardshells." It was a few weeks later when I started to research the technical features of the jacket that I realised it is fully waterproof.

That I had been wearing this jacket for several weeks, and had experienced the fact that it was waterproof, but still not realised it was a full 'waterproof shell' speaks volumes - and is a very good thng. It doesn't feel like a bin-liner, it feels comfortable. The super stretchy (it's not called the Stretchman for nothing) fabric, the ergonomic cut, the softshell feel, all add up to a very wearable garment.

The waterproof fabric is called Membrain 2.5 and is Marmot's own waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric.

+Jack Geldard guiding at Tremadog in poor weather, 170 kb
Jack Geldard guiding at Tremadog in poor weather
Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC, Mar 2010
© Jack Geldard

+The seams are taped and you can see the alien like pattern of the MemBrain 2.5 fabric, 218 kb
The seams are taped and you can see the alien like pattern of the MemBrain 2.5 fabric
© UKC Gear, May 2010
What Marmot say about the Membrain 2.5 Fabric:

Marmot's own lightweight waterproof / breathable technology. A lamination technology that rates a whopping 20,000mm in waterproof performance and 20,000 gr in breathability.

Requiring neither lining nor 3-layer construction like many similar lamination processes, MemBrain® Strata™ products are by far the lightest, most breathable garments in their categories.

Marmot's proprietary 2.5 layer MemBrain® Strata uses micro non-organic particles on the inside of the lamination to increase durability and provide a dry touch instead of that clammy feeling you get from some other products.

The back print pattern is carefully designed to achieve the maximum durability and breathability. Abrasion tests rate 4-5 times better than regular MemBrain® (which is why regular MemBrain, as well as all 2-layer laminates require a separate lining).

Compared to 2.5 layer coatings in the market, our 2.5 layer lamination is about 100% more breathable. In addition, laminated stretch fabrics stretch more and have a softer hand than 2.5 layer coated fabrics.

The jacket has reflective logos. You can see rain beading on the fabric.
© UKC Gear, May 2010

+Jack Geldard resting at the base of St Victoire in France, 131 kb
Jack Geldard resting at the base of St Victoire in France
UKC Gear, May 2010
© Alan James
The jacket is light. It feels lightweight. It isn't a full weight, Scottish winter gnarling jacket. It's comfortable and it packs down tiny. I have climbed some winter routes in Wales in the jacket a few months ago and it held up fine, but it wouldn't be my first choice, I would prefer something a bit more beefy. Sunny Alpine icefall climbing would be another matter and the stretchy nature of the fabric plus the waterproof membrane would make it a good bet.

No alpine icefall cragging for me unfortunately, but as I have switched from winter climbing to rock climbing as the weather has improved, the Stretchman has taken over as my jacket of choice. I have worn it for cragging, guiding, hill walking and to the pub of course.

I have been out doing a few rock climbing guiding days in North Wales in less than ideal weather and where I would usually be fully togged up in a hard shell, I have been more than happy with the Stretchman.

The Cut/Fit:

The jacket is tailored to fit well when climbing. The 'angel wing movement' design from Marmot means the sleeves don't ride down too much when you reach high, and the back of the jacket stays put in your harness too.

The Stretch:

This is a stretchy jacket. Really stretchy. It's hard to describe, but when I pull the jacket apart sideways it stretches over 5cm.

The Build Quality:

Is high. The seams are taped, the zips are bomber and everything looks, feels and handles like it is well made. The jacket is made in China.


I have had the jacket for around four months and used it continuously. I have no doubt that the stitching and zips are well up to the job and will last well. As with all lightweight fabrics, I think it won't last as long as a full-on heavy softshell top.

Water/Wind Proof:

Spot on. The jacket is still beading water well and is water and windproof.

The Hood:

Well designed. Fits well, adjusts snugly and goes over a helmet. The brim isn't wired, but is pretty stiff and works well. A good compromise between light-weight and usability.

+The hood of the Stretchman jacket is a full size, peaked hood, 156 kb
The hood of the Stretchman jacket is a full size, peaked hood
© UKC Gear, May 2010
+All zips are water resistant and have neat zip garages., 113 kb
All zips are water resistant and have neat zip garages.
© UKC Gear, May 2010
+Finishing touches like this cord fastening are standard from a high quality brand like Marmot, 123 kb
Finishing touches like this cord fastening are standard from a high quality brand like Marmot
© UKC Gear, May 2010

In Brief:

A lightweight, waterproof and windproof stretchy jacket. Great for UK cragging and icefall climbing. It looks good, fits well and is very comfortable. A recommended cragging jacket.


  • Ergonomic hood adjustment system
  • Angel wing arm movement
  • X2 outer pockets and x1 internal pocket
  • Gale force hood with reinforced laminated brim (helmet compatible)
  • Extended underarm venting zippers
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Colours: Vapour Blue/ Ultramarine, Thyme/Lime, Black
  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Price: £150


More info and a list of stockists in this UKC Product News

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