Premier Classifieds

Premier Classifieds are enhanced listings in the UKC Classifieds pages that offer prominant coverage in our extensive and sophisticated listing system. We have listings for over 2,000 Walls, Shops, Clubs, Guides, Manufacturers, Companies and Accommodation suppliers. The listings pages on have been viewed over 2 million times in total and register over 70,000 views in an average month. Some individual listings have been viewed over 6,000 times.

How the Classified System Works

  • Enter a search on the main Classified page using the search boxes, or the map, to pin point precise results.
  • example classifiedThe results are displayed on a single page with Premier Classifieds at the top in prominent coloured boxes, and other standard listings in smaller boxes below. An example of a Premier Listing box is shown to the right.
  • These boxes link through to full pages for each listing which contain extensive editable information including a map and a photo (Premier Classifieds only) plus web links and contact information. Example of a full Premier Listing.

What are the Benefits of a Premier Classified?

  • sidebar advertHighlighted Search Results - Premier Classified listings appear in a large highlighted boxes, with editable text and a prominent pin on the map.
  • Include a Photograph - Premier Classifieds can submit a photograph to their listing. This appears as a thumbnail in the Premier Classified boxes, and in full size on the main listing page.
  • Competitors Hidden - The locator map automatically removes your direct competitors (e.g. other Shops) when zooming in.
  • Featured on the main Classified Page - All Premier Classifieds are featured in sampled rotation on the main Classifieds page, which is the first port of call for anyone searching. This sampled listing updates as the searcher refines their search.
  • Always at the top - Premier Classifieds will always feature at the top of any Classifieds returned from a search.
  • Cross-site Advertising - Premier Classifieds appear in sampled rotation on's cross-site advertising in a side-bar button tens of thousands of times each month. An example of such a button is shown to the right.
  • Click-throughs Recorded - Premier Classified listings record click-throughs so that you can easily see how many people are using the UKClimbing Classified system to reach your web site.
  • Choose User Comments - Inaccurate or abusive User Comments can be removed at your own discretion.
Classified Category Cost
Premier - 12 months £150
Special Guide and Instructor rate for 12 months £75
Premier - 6 months £90
Premier Advertiser (more info) Contact
Standard FREE
Prices exclude VAT

How do I set up a Premier Classified?

Stage 1 - Claim the Classified
Each Classified, standard or premier, is assigned to a single UKC User Profile. Make sure you are logged on to and go to the individual Classified Listing page. Click on the 'Update this Classified' link under the map. One the next page click the option under Listing Owner which states 'Yes, I'm employed or involved with this Classified'. This will assign your profile to the Classified so that all future updates are directed to you. Once you own a Classified, you will be able to update and maintain the information instantly without it having to be approved by a moderator.

Stage 2 - Create Premier Classified
As the Classified Owner you will get extra options on the 'Update this Classified' page. You can select betwen 6 months and 12 months Premier Listing and upload a photo. This procedure is fully automatic and you will need a Credit/Debit Card ready to go through the payment system.

That's it! Once your listing subscription is close to running out you will be emailed and given the option to renew it for a further 6 or 12 months.

Where is my Premier Classified listing?
Each Classified listing has its own dedicated page. You can locate it by using the search function on the main Classifieds page. Just search using the name, the post code, or the type of business. As your search is refined, the listings below will change and your Premier Classified box listing will appear below. Click on the box to get the full listing. You can then bookmark this page so that you can go back an edit it at any time.

Do I need to have a Premier Classified in order to claim a listing?
No. All Classified listings can be claimed by a person associated with the listing, including the standard listings which are free.

I am not given the option to Claim a Classified listing but it is my company/business/club/etc ?
Only one registered user can be assigned to a Classified listing. If you wish to be that person but are not given the option then that means someone else has claimed it and their name will be displayed on the 'Update this Classified' page. If this User Profile is not familiar to you (an associate or an old profile) then contact the Classified manager.

How do I include a photo in my Classified listing?
Only Premier Classifieds are allowed to upload photos. This option is offered during the process when you set up a Premier Classified listing. Have your photo ready beforehand - the photo file should be JPEG format and under 1Mb in size. Use the 'Choose File' button to navigate to your JPEG image to upload it. Once the photo is uploaded it will appear in the top right-hand corner of your Premier Classified listing. You may change this photo at any time simply by uploading a new one.

Do I need a special User Profile to set up a Premier Classified listing?
No, you just need a User Profile. Please avoid using company names in your User Profile unless you take out a Commercial Profile. Your profile name will only appear on the 'Update this Classified' page so there is little to be gained by including your company name as your profile name.

How do I pay for a Premier Classified listing?
You will need to use a credit or debit card through our WorldPay system. Have your card ready when you start to update your Premier Classified listing.

Can I remove negative User Comments from my listing
UKC Users are able to submit comments to all listings and these comments will automatically appear without being moderated. The owner of a Premier Classified listings is able to remove any comments they wish and is given this option on the 'Update this Classified' page. Standard Classified listing owners are not given this option, however we will consider removing comments at the request of the Classified owner but it will be done at our discretion.

Can I edit my Premier Classified listing?
Yes. You can edit it at any time and the updates will take effect immediately.

  1. Classified Listings must not contain any of the following
    - Sexual or pornographic products or services
    - Anything illegal under UK or EU law
  2. Once you pay for your Classified listing we are unable to give any refund. If we deem your listing to be unsuitable we will contact you and suggest a more suitable advertising method. Your payment may be used towards an alternative advertising method but not refunded.
  3. Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss or injury incurred as a result of placing a Premier Classified.
  4. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management.