Morocco Rock

Morocco Rock, 5 kb
Author Emma Alsford and Paul Donnithorne
Published Crack Addicts (2012)
ISBN 978-0-9573666-0-2


The most recent definitive rock climbing guidebook to the Anti-Atlas - Covering the north side of the Jebel el Kest and Jebel Taskra massifs, areas not far from the busy market town of Tafraoute. It contains a comprehensive index and crag contents, accurate colour photo diagrams/topos, detailed maps and overviews, full route descriptions and plenty of inspiring action shots. Well laid out and easy to use, with colour coded topo lines for grade reference, and area coloured header bars with map references on most pages. See the destination article here.

Crags covered by this Guide
Aouguenz Province crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Azumer Crag21QuartziteN
Hairpin Slabs2Quartzite?
Temple Slabs6QuartziteNW
Jebel el Kest crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
'M' Joe Brown Crag6QuartziteSE
Adrar Aiyur7QuartziteNW
Adrar Asmit7QuartziteNW
Adrar Iffran26Quartziteall
Adrar Umlil78QuartziteW
Afantinzar Peak / Akida16Quartziteall
Agadir Tower1QuartziteSE
Aguerd Cioch7QuartziteSW
Aktil Edge21QuartziteE
Aktil Slabs1QuartziteNE
All Relative Gorge12Quartziteall
Almond Grove Wall1QuartziteNW
Amelu - Main Wall7QuartziteN
Amelu East - Black Wall4QuartziteN
Amelu East - Golden Wall4QuartziteW
Amelu Wall15QuartziteNE
Amzkhssan Wall9QuartziteS
Anammer Crags126QuartziteS
Anti Ksar2QuartziteS
Arched Wall (Crag ND)9QuartziteE
Arrow Rock8QuartziteNW
Babatangi Buttresses2QuartziteN
Babouche Buttress4QuartziteS
Back Buzzard1Quartzite?
Big Willy Gulch1QuartziteS
Black and Tan Cliff (Crag NA)4QuartziteN
Bon Courage Wall8QuartziteN
Brokeback Mountain7QuartziteNW
Brussels Cliff1QuartziteW
Buff Buttress3QuartziteN
Col Crags23QuartziteSW
Crystal Walls4QuartziteW
Dotinzar Towers7Quartzite?
Dotinzar Towers6QuartziteE
Dragon Buttress28QuartziteNW
Dwawj Slabs37QuartziteNW
Dwawj Wall5QuartziteW
Eeyore Buttress1QuartziteNE
Far East Buzzard Crag3QuartziteNE
Fever Canyon3QuartziteN
Fig Tree Wall9QuartziteW
Flake Wall2QuartziteN
Foussaoun Wall1Quartzite?
Fylde Crag8Quartzite?
Gintrap Wall1QuartziteNW
Gravel Pit Outcrops8QuartziteS
Greek Buttress (Crag NC)10QuartziteE
Griffin Rock51Quartziteall
Griffon Rock51Quartziteall
Harram Peak3QuartziteW
Hidden Arete Area3QuartziteN
Hidden Spur1QuartziteSE
Icebox Canyon23QuartziteN
Ida Ougnidif Peaks6QuartziteW
Into Buttress4QuartziteS
Ksar Rock80Quartziteall
Little John Rocks13QuartziteNW
Lower Agouti8QuartziteS
Lower Arched Wall5QuartziteE
Lower Buzzard2QuartziteNE
Lower Eagle19QuartziteW
Lower Injan Crag4QuartziteNE
Maison Rouge2QuartziteN
Middle Eagle11Quartziteall
Octet Cliff4QuartziteE
Prickly Pear Gorge5QuartziteE
Roadside Crags (Samazar)3QuartziteN
Schoolhouse Buttress4QuartziteN
Sermon Slabs3QuartziteN
Soverzene Buttress1QuartziteN
Striped Walls (Crag NB)6QuartziteN
Tagzene Gorge27Quartziteall
Tamza River Slabs2QuartziteN
Tamza Walls East12QuartziteN
Tangerine Buttress2QuartziteN
Tarikit Crag6QuartziteW
Tassila Gorge2Quartziteall
The Accessible Pinnacle2QuartziteN
The All Relative Gorge14QuartziteSW
The Bastion6Quartzite?
The Black Pyramid2QuartziteN
The Boar Walls7QuartziteN
The Chicken1QuartziteN
The Crevasse5QuartziteN
The Cromlech13QuartziteN
The Crystal Palace2QuartziteS
The Deep Well Pinnacles5QuartziteE
The Flat Iron15QuartziteNW
The Fortress3QuartziteS
The Golden Cirque25QuartziteW
The Great Rock (Aylim)16QuartziteNE
The Lekst Tower1QuartziteS
The Lost World1QuartziteW
The Orange Wall21QuartziteS
The Pimple12QuartziteN
The Sanctuary11Quartziteall
The Thumb17QuartziteN
The White Dome - Tower 132QuartziteNW
The White Dome - Tower 27QuartziteW
The White Dome - Tower 321QuartziteW
The White Dome - Tower 410QuartziteNW
Tizim Waylim10QuartziteSW
Twin Crags1QuartziteE
Twin Towers8QuartziteN
Upper Eagle20QuartziteN
Valhalla Wall3QuartziteNW
Waterfall Walls16QuartziteN
Jebel Taskra crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Antelope Buttress3QuartziteNW
Douar Imifasn Tower2QuartziteNE
Doudad Walls6QuartziteNE
Imrir Village Crags - Seamed Wall4QuartziteE
Imrir Village Crags - Teapot Crag2QuartziteNE
Imrir Village Crags - The White Tower11QuartziteN
Imrir Village Crags - Titan's Wall7QuartziteNE
Imrir Village Crags - Upper Buttress11QuartziteE
Optical Illusion Cliff1QuartziteE
Tagadirte Crag1QuartziteN
Taskra Bastion6QuartziteW
Taskra East Pillars4QuartziteNE
Taskra Gorge6Quartziteall
Tassguint Crag1QuartziteW
The Lizard7Quartzite?
The Lost Valley6Quartziteall
The Narrow Slit (Imrir)11QuartziteE
The Turtle2QuartziteN
Tifghelt Col43QuartziteN
Tramline Slabs12QuartziteN
Tafraoute crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Between Poles Cliff1QuartziteNW
Crag ND14QuartziteE
Finger & Thumb4QuartziteN
Foussaoun Riverside8QuartziteS
Good Book Buttress5QuartziteS
Orange Wall19QuartziteS
Rainbow Buttress11QuartziteS
Roadside Crag (Idaougnidif)6QuartziteS
The Sphinx1QuartziteSW
The White Dome - Tower 513QuartziteNW
Tizi Gzaouine34QuartziteSE