Red Rocks - A Climber's Guide

Red Rocks - A Climber's Guide cover photo, 4 kb
Author Jerry Handren
Published Handbook Publishing (2007)


Published in 2007 this is widely thought to be the best ever guide book to Red Rocks Nevada. It makes good use of maps in the text as well as both alphabetical and graded lists of routes, to get you to your chosen climb. The usual star system is adopted for quality recommendations. The author is a Brit now resident in USA.

Crags covered by this Guide
NV Red Rocks crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Pine Creek Canyon43Sandstone (hard)?
Black Velvet Canyon36Sandstone (hard)E
Calico Basin, Kraft Mountain28Sandstone (hard)NE
Calico Hills, First Pullout66Sandstone (hard)SW
Calico Hills, Sandstone Quarry200Sandstone (hard)all
Calico Hills, Second Pullout143Sandstone (hard)?
First Creek Canyon & Mount Wilson17Sandstone (hard)N
Icebox Canyon17Sandstone (hard)?
Juniper Canyon19Sandstone (hard)?
Oak Creek Canyon18Sandstone (hard)S
The Southern Outcrops & Mud Springs Canyon15Sandstone (hard)?
White Rock Springs3Sandstone (hard)NE
Willow Springs38Sandstone (hard)NE