139** V6 / f7A
0P"0o"0c"0k"0e"0t"0s"0 "0V"06"0 "06"0b"0."0 "0A"0 "0f"0i"0n"0e"0 "0e"0x"0a"0m"0p"0l"0e"0 "0o"0f"0 "0t"0h"0e"0 "0p"0o"0t"0e"0n"0t"0i"0a"0l"0 "0f"0o"0r"0 "0h"0a"0r"0d"0e"0r"0 "0e"0l"0i"0m"0i"0n"0a"0t"0e"0s"0 "0t"0h"0a"0t"0 "0t"0h"0i"0s"0 "0w"0a"0l"0l"0 "0h"0a"0s"0."0 "0S"0i"0t"0 "0s"0t"0a"0r"0t"0 "0o"0n"0 "0t"0w"0o"0 "0g"0o"0o"0d"0 "0h"0o"0l"0d"0s"0 "0j"0u"0s"0t"0 "0l"0e"0f"0t"0 "0o"0f"0 "0a"0 "0b"0u"0r"0n"0 "0m"0a"0r"0k"0."0 "0M"0o"0v"0e"0 "0u"0p"0 "0a"0n"0d"0 "0l"0e"0f"0t"0
0 0c"0l"0i"0m"0b"0 "0t"0h"0e"0 "0b"0l"0a"0n"0k"0 "0s"0e"0c"0t"0i"0o"0n"0 "0o"0f"0 "0w"0a"0l"0l"0 "0o"0n"0 "0t"0h"0r"0e"0e"0 "0s"0m"0a"0l"0l"0 "0c"0r"0i"0m"0p"0s"0 "0a"0n"0d"0 "0a"0 "0d"0i"0m"0p"0l"0e"0 "0t"0o"0 "0a"0 "0d"0i"0a"0g"0o"0n"0a"0l"0 "0c"0r"0a"0
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