Hidden 28/May Sent dnf
Hidden 12/May Sent dnf
The old James turnbull 04/May Sent

Pleased to do this the none lanky way. high foot and first go. Then 4 more times

Hidden 24/Apr Sent rpt
jack89 17/Apr Sent dnf


bede.west 14/Apr Sent dnf

Opened an account here, amazing moves yet to finnish. Thank you to the locals i met who showed me the traverse in i was doing a dodgy dynamic direct start

Henry.Todman 10/Apr Sent dnf
Hidden 02/Apr Sent
nimajneb 01/Apr Sent x

Awesome Problem. 7a+ for me

samjenner 25/Mar Sent


Hidden 19/Mar Sent x
Ewano 16/Mar Sent

Long time in the making. One of those that feels nails, then piss when you do it.

raymondlinklater 13/Mar Sent dnf

Agonisingly close

Sam Hunt 13/Mar Sent dnf
Gus 12/Mar Sent
Alex Hallam 27/Feb Sent dnf

Good problem, conditions not great, got a LOT further than I thought I would! Everytime I looked up for the top I overbalanced and fell off! Balls!

jedster1111 27/Feb Sent
fennerz 24/Feb Sent rpt

Twice today.

with Various crew
Tez29 22/Feb Sent x

Tall man method. Class!

with Steve
NDD 18/Feb Sent
sev 16/Feb Sent x
M_Robinson 12/Feb Sent dnf
with Joe Mills
C coldwell-storry 16/Jan Sent x
with rob lay
Ed morris 29/Dec/15 Sent x

A few goes, has felt impossible in the past.

with Jade
BillyRidal 23/Dec/15 Sent x

Another peak right of passage finally ticked off. Feels so good when it works.

Simon_Letman 20/Dec/15 Sent x
with kermit_uk, Michelle, Mark gillanders
samrad 20/Dec/15 Sent x
with mike
Hidden 20/Dec/15 Sent
Dan Hostford 20/Dec/15 Sent dnf

Very additive problem. Got to the flake several times but couldn't get to the top. Worked out some different beta at the end of the session to try next time.

rubben 13/Dec/15 Sent x

So happy to tick this off the list! Great problem. Felt confident I could do this after doing harder and bigger jumps (dynos) in font on worse feet. Just had to try harder. JUMPING is the key - swinging the arm, loved it. As soon as I did it, I jumped back on it 4 more times!

with Elliot White
Alex moore 11/Dec/15 Sent

took twice as long as the joker to get this...

with Eli
max_dickens 05/Dec/15 Sent dnf
with Scot G, Cam p, Bow
radioshed 04/Dec/15 Sent x
eazyclimbing 25/Nov/15 Sent
JamesTurnbull97 25/Nov/15 Sent x

Was close about 2 years ago, went quickly today

Sam Lawson 23/Nov/15 Sent x
amccann 21/Nov/15 Sent x


AdamBrown 21/Nov/15 Sent x

One you feel you must tick. Very enjoyable.

with Chris O
Matt.c.Warner 16/Nov/15 Sent x

Quick repeat.

Jackwd 25/Oct/15 Sent dnf

Getting closer.

brices 25/Oct/15 Sent dnf

getting to the jump every time, just cant get the height

ollie_e 25/Oct/15 Sent dnf

Everything but the jump move done! Amazing problem, psyched to come back and latch the top.

with boulder crew
AWhalley 25/Oct/15 Sent
with Ged West
crimpthengaston 17/Oct/15 Sent rpt
Beastly Squirrel 11/Oct/15 Sent x

Finally! So satisfying!

with Crowd
stevedude888 19/Sep/15 Sent x

Pure class

crimpthengaston 13/Sep/15 Sent rpt
with James
jedster1111 11/Sep/15 -
drewish 10/Sep/15 Sent rpt

Repeat, just as satisfying as the first time though. 7a+ for us long limbed folk

with Emma, Tim
Hidden 04/Sep/15 Sent dnf
AJ374 ?/Sep/15 Sent dnf

Amazing start, hard finishing move!!

gregamuir 06/Jun/15 Sent dnf
Hidden 25/May/15 Sent x
Hidden 25/Apr/15 Sent dnf
BenjaminLinneRyn 25/Apr/15 Sent
AndrewJamesCherry 14/Apr/15 Sent

Finally got a plantation classic done! Felt like it was probably a little easier for me due to a large span, maybe not quite V8+...

Emanmarshall 14/Apr/15 Sent x
mrteale 09/Apr/15 Sent x
dom94 04/Apr/15 Sent x
with Pete, Fran
Matthew Bennett 12/Mar/15 Sent

What a feeling reaching the top!!!

EBailey 22/Feb/15 Sent dnf
Hidden 22/Feb/15 Sent dnf
Haydn Jones 12/Feb/15 Sent x

Wooop, a long time coming this problem, used high right foot beta, double send too!

with dom bridgwood
quiffhanger 08/Feb/15 Sent x

Finally, probably 10 years since I first tried. Mainly due to some great observational beta from Andy.

hankyc 02/Feb/15 Sent dnf

getting those feet ups guna be hard!

lewisrichardson 17/Jan/15 Sent x


with dad
Adam Booth 04/Jan/15 Sent x
Hidden 04/Jan/15 Sent dnf
Hidden ??/2015 Sent
Jonny Slarke ??/2015 Sent
Hidden 08/Nov/14 Sent
tscoobydoo 03/Nov/14 Sent dnf

So close.. new shoes will get the tick next time..

with Emily
Laurence Everitt 03/Nov/14 Sent x
Hidden ?/Nov/14 Sent
Orrin Coley 28/Oct/14 Sent x
db79 26/Oct/14 Sent dnf
Hidden 25/Oct/14 Sent dnf
Nick1812P 20/Oct/14 Sent x
with India
Teappleby 20/Oct/14 Sent dnf

First night ses of the year. Closer, but still not enough.

JHC 19/Oct/14 Sent dnf

Got to the dyno. I think this is one I will be coming back to many times...

Hidden 12/Oct/14 Sent rpt
cjd91 05/Oct/14 Sent x

Made up for a poor effort at the British lead climbing championships earlier on the day! Happy

with phil blue
Teappleby 30/Aug/14 Sent dnf

about 2 inches off the dyno.

db79 16/Aug/14 Sent dnf
Alastair Brookes 23/Jun/14 Sent dnf

Climbed up until final dyno, will work on...

db79 17/May/14 Sent dnf
Hidden 03/May/14 Sent dnf
RossKirtley 18/Apr/14 Sent x

Done :) had the bottom section dialled in a few goes then nailed the pop.

bwestwood 14/Apr/14 -
Hidden 13/Apr/14 Sent dnf
jakk 12/Apr/14 Sent rpt
quiffhanger 12/Apr/14 Sent dnf

Got my bloody fingers over the top and forgot to hang on!

with Dan M
Hidden 09/Apr/14 Sent dnf
cpt_crunch 29/Mar/14 Sent dnf

An inch off the top, great fun

Hidden 16/Mar/14 Sent dnf
Matt.c.Warner 15/Mar/14 Sent x
Ewano 12/Mar/14 Sent dnf

Fingers over the top again, getting frustrating.

Matt88 23/Feb/14 Sent dnf

got the lower traverse to the side pull wired - just need the ability to fly now..

Dan_Carroll 01/Feb/14 Sent dnf

Tickled the top several times, hopefully next time

TGreen 11/Jan/14 Sent rpt
Hidden ?/Jan/14 -
aliblacky ??/2014 -
whereismymind321 30/Dec/13 Sent dnf

Got hand to right side pull

pie_eater_pete 29/Dec/13 Sent x
Jackwd 26/Dec/13 Sent dnf

Couple of moves higher, now to JUMP!

Dave Mayes 17/Dec/13 -


Matt Cooke 14/Dec/13 Sent x
shed_hed 30/Nov/13 Sent dnf

Couldn't get enough height from the dyno and couldn't get my feet to stick if tried placing them higher.

with Alex Twist
jacobjacob 23/Nov/13 Sent

Right hand only, plus top out this time!

Will Hunt 23/Nov/13 Sent dnf

Sidepull felt rubbish today!

with Ben Finley, Tom Nichols
Don Jebus 12/Nov/13 Sent x
Hidden 10/Nov/13 Sent dnf
Hidden ?/Nov/13 Sent dnf
crimpthengaston ?/Nov/13 Sent

Epic line. Epic moves

liambriddon1991 ?/Nov/13 Sent

Psyched to finally get this done

Hidden 24/Oct/13 Sent dnf
Hidden 24/Oct/13 Sent dnf
db79 06/Oct/13 Sent dnf
littleluke ?/Oct/13 -
pymn nice but dim ?/Sep/13 Sent dnf

2" short of the final Dyno move

BRoe 13/Aug/13 Sent x

knackered today, small persons beta

whitehouse_rhys 02/Jul/13 Sent rpt
Joe Casserley 24/Jun/13 Sent x

fells good when you slap the top

fyfee8a ?/May/13 -
Hidden 27/Apr/13 Sent dnf
Laurence Everitt 06/Apr/13 Sent rpt
Ewano 31/Mar/13 Sent dnf

So close!! Fingertips over the hold. Definitely go down next time. Amazing move, so knacky.

Shea 03/Mar/13 Sent x

Amazing line

grey wolf 02/Mar/13 -
whitehouse_rhys 01/Mar/13 Sent x

second quick session on it ... grit stone royalty!

with heather osborn
Hidden 15/Feb/13 Sent dnf
bornconfused ?/Feb/13 Sent dnf

so close yet so far

Laurence Everitt 12/Jan/13 Sent x
chiverstom 12/Jan/13 Sent dnf
Hidden ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 -
Gus 30/Dec/12 Sent rpt

Lap minister.

Gus 25/Nov/12 Sent x
al123 11/Nov/12 Sent
JamieSparkes 10/Nov/12 Sent dnf

getting there, can set up every time now, but still need another 3-4 inches of height on the jump. :(

GPN 03/Nov/12 Sent

Boom! 3 sessions over about 5 years.

with Annette
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing ?/Nov/12 Sent
with Steve Sylvester
mark20 16/Oct/12 Sent x
Matt JM Stevens 14/Oct/12 Sent x
markalmack 14/Oct/12 Sent x
with Nicolas Duboust
Hidden 08/Oct/12 Sent
Hidden 05/Oct/12 Sent dnf
munch88 15/Sep/12 Sent dnf

dyno was massive next time defiantly

with rob
robblowen 15/Sep/12 Sent dnf

Huge, huge dyno!!!

with Munch
ducko 30/Jul/12 -

Classic! Hot day accent

Jack Flynn 05/Jul/12 Sent dnf
Hidden ?/Jul/12 Sent dnf
Hidden 05/May/12 Sent dnf
al123 28/Apr/12 Sent

X2. first go the first time then came back later and did it second go, strangely nacky

Danny_boulders 24/Mar/12 Sent dnf
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Sent dnf
al123 17/Mar/12 Sent

2nd go today. Also tried the running and jumping for the top version, got the hold quite a few times just didnt hold it, another day, great fun

Callum_Johnson 17/Mar/12 Sent dnf

in the rain - well that's the excuse!

aretherenoneleft 16/Mar/12 Sent x

First go today. Felt easier than previous attempts.

efrance24234 16/Mar/12 Sent x
Hidden 03/Mar/12 Sent dnf
oliver.ghill91 26/Feb/12 Sent
jmjames22 23/Feb/12 Sent x

Smearing... oh so much smearing

Hidden 19/Feb/12 Sent
nathanlee 15/Jan/12 Sent rpt

twice. beautiful day.

with Dave Mayes, Adam Jennings
Twisty ??/2012 Sent x

3rd go. Left foot on the crystals, right foot in the dish. Much more stable, drive with both.

Hidden ??/2012 Sent
Mr Wild ??/2012 -
al123 22/Dec/11 Sent

YYYEESSS!! 2nd go today!! yeahhh!

Hidden 12/Dec/11 Sent dnf
nathanlee 28/Nov/11 Sent x

20+ sessions over 2 years. Tried all day and sent in the dark. One of the essential Peak classics.

Daniel_Boocock 27/Nov/11 Sent x
jack1996 21/Nov/11 Sent dnf

Love the route will go back to do it soon !

maybe_si 18/Nov/11 Sent x
peterbull 17/Nov/11 Sent
kermit_uk 06/Nov/11 Sent x
hilty 06/Nov/11 Sent

Got it second go this session, good to have it in the bag!!

S Smith 30/Oct/11 Sent
cliffrad 28/Oct/11 Sent rpt
fennerz 19/Oct/11 Sent x

very pleased with myself.

with Josh
The Big Sender 15/Oct/11 Sent x
Dirk Uhlig 04/Oct/11 Sent β
Ben Harper 18/Sep/11 Sent x
TGreen 13/Sep/11 Sent x
al123 11/Sep/11 Sent dnf

no real progress, just as close, just still not quite getting the hold. one day.....

with alex
Hidden 11/Sep/11 Sent dnf
danJBA ?/Sep/11 Sent x
Hidden 19/Aug/11 Sent dnf
Hidden 14/Aug/11 Sent dnf
Kelly D 06/Aug/11 Sent dnf

Made it to the big flake, grabbed it learn on it and fell off trying to work out what to do next

al123 19/May/11 Sent dnf

closest yet, held it for a split second on my second go, lost it after that. next time hopefully

al123 02/May/11 Sent dnf

sssssoooooooo close, got some beta for next time.

tombeasley 26/Apr/11 Sent dnf
Hidden 10/Apr/11 Sent x
lrandall 09/Apr/11 Sent dnf

Was determined to make it to the side pull but couldn't levtate my way across. Such nice moves tho, will definately be back to fail another day.

al123 08/Apr/11 Sent dnf

brushed the hold a few time.... too hot... another one put down to the conditions....

Hidden 26/Mar/11 Sent dnf
Hidden 19/Mar/11 Sent dnf
dswansonlow 19/Mar/11 Sent x

Suited me perfectly. Such an appealing and satisfying line.

with joe premier
cliffrad 19/Mar/11 Sent rpt
Kyle Rance 12/Mar/11 Sent x
with Frank Castillo, Alissa Bray
Adam Lincoln 04/Mar/11 Sent


with Jim Hilliard
highrepute 14/Feb/11 Sent
jacobjacob 14/Feb/11 Sent x

Right hand only! except topping out which is "still a project..."

Sam Simpson 30/Jan/11 Sent dnf
archiecb 29/Jan/11 Sent rpt

Second time I have done it, third attempt of the trip.

Aaron Hauptmann 29/Jan/11 Sent dnf

first moves felt impossible at first, then once they went got about a finger tip from the jug at the top. Next Trip!

harvie 24/Jan/11 Sent
andybfreeman 23/Jan/11 Sent x

awesome problem - i had to use the short person beta rocking up on the high right but what a move!

Hidden 22/Jan/11 -
BenNorman 22/Jan/11 Sent x

Tried many times but first session ive really comitted to the high foot, amazing problem and physched to get it. Almost too dark to see footholds.

con321 17/Jan/11 Sent dnf

actually got to the flake and attempted the jump

peewee2008 09/Jan/11 Sent x

7 goes, awsome problem.

Hidden 09/Jan/11 Sent dnf
infected mushroom ??/2011 -
Scottish78 ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 Sent
jake_haddock ??/2011 Sent
Ram MkiV 19/Dec/10 Sent

after a few years of trying. Short man's method - finally felt the move work today. satisfying.

with guy, tom, liz
Hidden 19/Dec/10 Solo dnf
jh123 ?/Dec/10 Sent dnf
Chris_barr 14/Nov/10 Sent x
with Bob
Mike Goldthorp 14/Nov/10 Sent x

Repeat send 2nd go. Swinging the left arm up from right behind you properly generates a load more height!

with George Ulrich
mark_wellin 12/Nov/10 Sent x

Awesome! Took bout 12 goes. After working the foot movements 3 goes to get the dyno. That flake is so greasy! Easy for me but don't know about the grade.

with justin feltham
Hidden 12/Nov/10 Sent x
tebs 24/Oct/10 Sent dnf

With loads of Michael's friends. Good fun. Could get set for the dyno but that's about it.

with Mike
Hidden 24/Oct/10 Sent dnf
Byronius Maximus 24/Oct/10 Sent dnf
with Duncan Botteril, Mary Goad
i_a_coops 18/Oct/10 Sent
Hidden 17/Oct/10 Sent x
jakk 17/Oct/10 -
AndyJBooth 16/Oct/10 Sent x
AlexDexter 16/Oct/10 Sent x

Absolutely awesome problem

with Jay_Kay
Hidden 10/Oct/10 Sent dnf
Oliver 02/Oct/10 -

Took ages

angus ?/Oct/10 Sent x

first 7b+

Hidden ?/Oct/10 Sent dnf
cliffrad 30/Aug/10 Sent x

At long last!!!!!

David Bulley 01/Aug/10 Sent dnf

So fun to work, can't wait to get back!

with Jay
y2keable 01/Aug/10 Sent dnf

Can just about get on and make the first few holds.

with Bulley
jowgli 18/Jul/10 Sent
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe 14/May/10 Sent
Hidden 02/May/10 Sent dnf
DaveFidler 12/Apr/10 Sent dnf

so close, next time.

Harry Holmes 11/Apr/10 Sent dnf
with Rob Tebay
Dave Mason 17/Mar/10 Sent dnf
Mike Goldthorp 14/Mar/10 Sent x

epic. caught it by the fingertips

with miles, andy marshall
Thony 13/Mar/10 Sent x

On the afternoon of the BUCS competition. Fantastic tick

with Team Keen
archiecb 13/Mar/10 Sent x

Felt easy to me but then again it is a super morpho problem and I am relatively tall.

Hidden 14/Feb/10 Sent x
Hidden 18/Dec/09 Sent
Hidden 04/Dec/09 Sent
Hidden ?/Dec/09 -
Chazz 30/Nov/09 Sent x
with Dave Naylor, Tom Butterworth, Roy Prestwich
Hidden 30/Nov/09 Sent O/S
mattcyp88 15/Nov/09 Sent dnf
with Jacob Cook, Jenni Stephens
Hidden 07/Nov/09 Sent
Dan Jenkin 07/Nov/09 Sent x
with Matt Bennett
jacobjacob ?/Nov/09 Sent
Hidden 31/Oct/09 Sent
drewish 31/Oct/09 Sent
with SteveE9
Hidden 25/Oct/09 Sent
dswansonlow 18/Oct/09 Sent dnf
with sarp
andy gravestock 10/Oct/09 Sent x

best tick of the year waited so long to do that not tried much though found the jordey lads tall mans method proved to work really well latching that jug is was a great feeling.

with darren brandon, liam and loads off jordey lads
Hidden 10/Oct/09 Sent
DaveFidler ?/Oct/09 Sent dnf
The Mountain Goat 06/Sep/09 Sent dnf
dj_brigham05 27/May/09 Sent x

2nd proper session! Must have tried it 50 times! Amazing!

nai 07/May/09 Sent x
with many over the months of trying it
stuartmunn 18/Apr/09 Sent dnf
with Meg
jbird 04/Apr/09 Sent x


with Tom Burrows, James Garden
Maxim2023 ?/Apr/09 Sent dnf
sparkass 21/Mar/09 Sent x

Short mans beta this time, aka the full tick!

tweedcore 15/Mar/09 Sent dnf
AndyM-LVB 07/Mar/09 Sent dnf

So close! Next time...

with Nicolas Tardy
Hidden 02/Mar/09 Sent
Chad123 01/Mar/09 Sent dnf

Getting closer, found some good feetholds to jump off - next time! (maybe....)

with Jo, Will and Emily
Twisty 31/Jan/09 Sent x

Wicked, stayed in the "poised" position for longer than on other trys and judged the dyno right!

Nicos 20/Jan/09 Sent rpt
Hidden 10/Jan/09 Sent
Thomas Martin ??/2009 Sent x
Hidden ??/2009 Sent x
Jack00 20/Nov/08 Sent x

Must be a lot easier for the tall. Took about 6 tries. Great problem.

Hidden 19/Nov/08 Sent
Hidden 16/Nov/08 Sent x
Hidden 13/Nov/08 Sent x
Hidden 12/Nov/08 Sent
Hidden 12/Nov/08 Sent
Hidden 01/Nov/08 Sent x
Hidden 31/Oct/08 Sent
Franco Cookson OLD 29/Oct/08 Sent dnf

A couple of inches from top, looks like a nice problem to try. :-)

with Ed
Toby 24/Oct/08 Sent


with Alex and Ben
Hidden 18/Oct/08 Sent
Castleclimber 12/Oct/08 Sent x
Hidden 09/Oct/08 Sent
Gus ?/Oct/08 Sent x

short smeary beta

jamiefoxen 20/Sep/08 Sent dnf
Hidden 25/Aug/08 Sent
Peakpdr ?/Jul/08 Sent x

when i say clean after practice the practice did last around 6 yrs plus

with some unknown people
Hidden 07/Jun/08 Sent
Hidden 17/Apr/08 Sent x
Richard Hession 23/Mar/08 Sent x

Beautiful day, great problem.

Hidden 18/Mar/08 Sent
Andrew Jennings 13/Mar/08 Sent
with Rob Smith
Hidden 09/Mar/08 Sent rpt
Hidden 05/Jan/08 Sent
The old James turnbull ??/2008 Lead
Hidden ??/2008 Sent x
Nicos ??/2008 Sent
Hidden ??/2008 -
Hidden ??/2008 -
Mike W 15/Dec/07 Sent x
whistler 13/Dec/07 Sent dnf

got really close!

with Dangerous Dave, Angus Clark, Luke
whistler 11/Dec/07 Sent dnf

didn't really get close

with Dangerous Dave, Angus Clark, Luke
Hidden 01/Dec/07 Sent
tom.e 24/Oct/07 Sent x

In 1 session, with useful beta.

Hidden 20/Oct/07 Sent rpt
sparkass ?/Oct/07 Sent x
Hidden ?/Feb/07 Sent
mshorter ??/2007 Sent x
with dunc
jamiefoxen ??/2007 Sent dnf

a little further

Hidden 03/Dec/06 Sent x
Hidden 26/Nov/06 Sent
ewen 07/Oct/06 Sent
Tom Purnell ?/Oct/06 Sent x
A Longleat Boulderer 18/Sep/06 Sent x
with Oli
Jon Barton 30/Mar/06 Sent
Boy ??/2006 -
ewen ??/2006 -
Paz 24/Dec/05 Sent dnf
with DP, AL, D, J
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe ??/2005 -
rice boy ??/2005 Sent
willackers ??/2005 Sent x
with Rob Napier
jamiefoxen ??/2005 Sent dnf
Hidden ?/Dec/04 Sent x
Hidden ?/Oct/04 Sent x
Hidden ??/2004 Sent x
Hidden 18/Jan/03 Sent
mark s ??/2003 Sent
kristian ??/2001 -
Craig Barton ??/2001 Sent
bigphil ??/1998 Sent
sadams ?/Feb/97 Sent
with Team Midlands
Hidden ?/Jul/96 Sent x
Hidden 01/Jan/96 Sent x
peterbull ??/1996 Sent
Laramadness 10/Sep/95 Sent
Davros the Psyched ??/1995 Sent rpt
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