Zippy's Traverse* f7B / V8
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Ticklists: The Black Circuit - Stanage, Ticklish.

Photo: Zippy's Traverse © tlr
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crimpthengaston - Sent - 26/Sep/15

Four days of trying. First f7B. Get in!
Mutl3y - Sent - 05/Sep/15 with Ada, Clog

Arisdad - Sent x - 15/Aug/15

jiles - Sent - 30/May/15

Dave-Westlake - 17/May/15

adam 24 - Sent dnf - 03/May/15

Hidden - Sent rpt - 07/Mar/15

1st go after working it a session a few months ago woop woop woop
ChrisCon1991 - Sent x - 06/Mar/15

Hidden - Sent rpt - 25/Feb/15

Hidden - Sent rpt - 04/Jan/15

Love Gleisner - 2015

CosmicHobo - Sent x - 05/Nov/14

Matthew Bennett - 04/Nov/14

Hidden - Sent - Nov/14

Hidden - Sent x - 25/Oct/14

Nowhere near today, funny, cos conditions felt ok.
Teappleby - Sent dnf - 20/Oct/14 with Chris Smith, Nick Priestley, Calum Wadsworth, Alex McCann, Matt Ferrier

Luke Dawson - Sent - 19/Oct/14 with Ed Mabon, James Mabon, Peter Dawson

whitehouse_rhys - Sent - 19/Oct/14

andy jennings - Sent x - 11/Oct/14

Simon Green - Sent - 07/Oct/14

Jordan4D - Sent - 25/Sep/14

DaveFidler - Sent x - 31/Aug/14 with Tom Welch

Nick1812P - Sent x - 30/Aug/14 with Tom A, India

much closer than when I first tried at the start of the year and this time was only 1 or so moves off the jugs. felt really good...until Clem badly twisted his ankle and we had to leave.
Teappleby - Sent dnf - 30/Aug/14 with India Nunan, Nick Priestley

Bit warm but went in a few goes.
Richard Hession - Sent x - 19/Aug/14 with Greg C

Finally after trying this for about 10 years!
dannyboy83 - Sent x - 16/Aug/14 with Kamil, Lena, Ben Ochner

Felt so much harder than trying it in the winter but it went!
CallumC - Sent - 09/Aug/14

2nd go, 2nd session. What was I doing on the 1st session!
marcduhig - Sent x - 04/May/14

Too greasy, no skin, still good. Dabbed the pad but taking it anyway.
EdGS - Sent x - 12/Apr/14

retroflash, good fun
jakk - Sent rpt - 12/Apr/14

Don Jebus - Sent x - 09/Apr/14

_m.cox_ - Sent x - 15/Mar/14 with Al Sarhan, Jason Williams, Ben West

Indy92 - Sent x - 15/Mar/14

tim newton - Sent x - 12/Mar/14

Bigfoot89 - 08/Mar/14

marcduhig - Sent dnf - 08/Mar/14 with Iain Grey, Bob, Owen, Kwan

tedswag - Sent dnf - 23/Feb/14

Hidden - 22/Feb/14

Simon_Letman - Sent x - 22/Feb/14

dale 42 - Sent x - 22/Feb/14

Hidden - Sent dnf - 22/Feb/14

birdie1989 - Sent - 02/Feb/14 with masonwoods101

Retro flash
masonwoods101 - Sent rpt - 02/Feb/14 with danjimwill

maddy.c - 2014

maddy.c - 2014

Dave Mayes - 15/Dec/13

just needed to tweak my beta
Nathanie1 - Sent x - 23/Nov/13 with Ben, Louise Hall

Hidden - Sent x - 23/Nov/13

Ethan - Sent β - 16/Nov/13 with Don Walker

Sidekick - Sent - 10/Nov/13

kieran_lowe - Sent x - 07/Nov/13

NDD - Sent - 17/Oct/13

Hidden - Sent - 07/Oct/13

Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing - Solo - Oct/13 with James Turnbull

BillyRidal - Sent x - 06/Aug/13

Excellent glad to finally get this, and it was in July, not the most ideal conditions!
Haydn Jones - Sent x - 03/Jul/13 with luke inch

Hidden - Sent - 16/Jun/13

fyfee8a - May/13 with alexmannionclimbing

masonwoods101 - Sent x - 30/Apr/13 with birdie1989, danjimwill

Climbs nicely once you get a sequence, cold conditions helped a lot.
AlistairB - Sent x - 25/Apr/13

realbobsmith - Sent - 23/Apr/13 with mia stacey

terrible conditions and it still felt soft...
BRoe - Sent x - 20/Apr/13 with whitehouse_rhys

jonny north - 14/Mar/13

Hidden - Sent x - 03/Mar/13

grey wolf - 02/Mar/13

V.good... 2nd go... soft 7b
wolf.leeb - Sent x - 01/Mar/13 with jo

munch88 - Sent dnf - 27/Feb/13 with rob

xican - 24/Feb/13

Hidden - Sent dnf - 24/Feb/13

jake_haddock - 30/Jan/13

mark20 - Sent x - 13/Jan/13

cool problem, destroys your skin!
Alex Norman - Sent x - 02/Dec/12

jussyrockstar - 01/Dec/12

Lantern. Good conditions make a differance. Too arse draggy for liking
al123 - Sent - 29/Nov/12

tchallen99 - 27/Nov/12

highrepute - Sent - 24/Nov/12

Hidden - Sent - 11/Nov/12

angus - Sent x - 03/Nov/12

3rd go - excellent conditions, seemed quite soft.
GPN - Sent - 03/Nov/12 with Annette

Hidden - Sent - 01/Nov/12

Hidden - Sent dnf - 30/Oct/12

is good... 7b maybe a tad soft?
adam cooper*super* - Sent x - 27/Oct/12

Been on this quite a lot before, good to get it done
willsm11 - Sent x - 27/Oct/12

Daniel_Boocock - Sent x - 21/Oct/12

lukeh - Sent - 20/Oct/12 with Ben Vowles, Jamie Lewin, jack folkes

Harry Chaplin - Sent x - 14/Oct/12

Urrgh, grit rash all over the left arm. Oww.
archiecb - Sent x - 07/Oct/12 with Anthony Moore

first go this session. swung around on the jug. fun!
Timothy Graham Peck - Sent x - 06/Oct/12 with Luke, kieran

Hidden - Sent x - 29/Sep/12

Tophe - Sent - 16/Sep/12

munch88 - Sent dnf - 15/Sep/12 with rob

kieranrex - 01/Sep/12 with luke, Tim Peck

Wicked climb. Got 3rd go of second session.
PowerPigtails - Sent x - 03/Aug/12 with Lorraine Pope

Returned to it after years away having failed before. Third attempt.. Much easier now.
Castleclimber - Sent x - 29/Jul/12

Hidden - Sent - 29/Jul/12

Kyle Rance - Sent x - 10/Jun/12

Rain stopped play great problem.
Ricky Rocks - Sent dnf - 07/May/12 with steve_yo

Bit sweaty, but ok when cool breeze came.
akhughes - Sent - 02/May/12 with Emma Hughes

eazyclimbing - Sent - 10/Apr/12 with hoppo

Tried this a year ago, it's still hard. felt like a better sequence this time though.
Callum_Johnson - Sent dnf - 18/Mar/12 with Paul Kinnaird

Hidden - Sent dnf - 18/Mar/12

Amazing problem but leaves you with no fingetips! I think one solid heel hook from the starting hold to the next mono pocket to it's right will see me finish the problem.
Nickfoulds - Sent dnf - 17/Mar/12

Hidden - Sent x - 13/Jan/12

Hidden - Sent x - 12/Jan/12

Hidden - 02/Jan/12

dyno_king - 2012

Hidden - Sent x - 2012

sgl0jd - 28/Dec/11

Hidden - Sent - 28/Nov/11

Amazing what good conditions will do!!
con321 - Sent x - 26/Nov/11 with simon crisp

3rd go today, tried twice before
peaches69 - Sent x - 26/Nov/11

peterbull - Sent - 17/Nov/11

at last
leon - Sent x - 06/Nov/11

Sam Simpson - Sent dnf - 06/Nov/11 with georgenvk

Good problem. Shame about the crux being not dabbing at the end. So many goes wasted flicking blades of grass...
nathanlee - Sent x - 26/Oct/11 with Jess Horton, Joel Brown, Ewan Prior

finally did the crux. now to link the first half and the second half together...........
leon - Sent dnf - 22/Oct/11

dav - Sent x - 19/Oct/11 with Gill B

Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - Sent - 15/Oct/11 with Rach and Leo

Not to difficult.
Ellis Butler-Barker - Sent x - 24/Sep/11 with Justin Barker

5th attempt?
AshWH - Sent x - 17/Aug/11 with Roz F

After seeing the big lad Lee cooper crush it I jumped on the send train and smashed it's back doors in.
loonyclimber - Sent x - 05/Jun/11 with Lee

only a couple of goes before skin wore out. cannot hold the swing.
leon - Sent dnf - 30/May/11

got to the final sloper before you cut lose & go for the jug. couldn't work out the move before my skin gave up the ghost.
leon - Sent dnf - 24/May/11

that bouldering guy - Sent x - 05/May/11

sam_cox - Sent x - 06/Apr/11 with Mark

nice. few goes.
Matt Reid - Sent x - 27/Mar/11 with mike, Chi Cheng

Hidden - Sent dnf - 20/Mar/11

Worked it yesterday then nipped up to the plantation on the way back from soloing at windgather to get it done today. Went second go today.
Somerset swede basher - Sent x - 18/Mar/11 with Katharine

Adam Lincoln - Sent - 04/Mar/11

Jethro - Sent - Mar/11 with Richard Sharpe

Hidden - Sent x - 29/Jan/11

Hidden - Sent x - 19/Jan/11

infected mushroom - 2011

Chris_barr - Sent x - 14/Nov/10 with Dan, Chris Lockyer, Bob

really good conditions finally allowed me to tick this, first effort today. Just held the swing on the slopers much to my surprise.
Ram MkiV - Sent - 14/Nov/10 with Guy + BUMS

3rd go after gettin all the beta off some friendly chaps, cheers guys! Body tension felt solid to bring heels up which seems to be what stops most people.
Mike Goldthorp - Sent x - 14/Nov/10 with Dave Smith

1.5 hours. couldn't work the crux.
leon - Sent dnf - 13/Nov/10

jowgli - Sent x - 10/Nov/10 with rich buckley

Hidden - Sent x - Nov/10

3rd or 4th go, didnt feel too bad once beta was wired, good conditions though!
BenNorman - Sent x - Nov/10

Did it 3 times with a heel dab before the final clean ascent... quite frustrating for the tall. Had to have someone remove the mat to get more legroom for the swing.
jacobjacob - Sent x - 17/Oct/10

jakk - 17/Oct/10

siwid - 04/Sep/10

Hidden - Sent x - 12/May/10

Fun slopers
Oliver - Sent - 07/Apr/10

Done after lots of attempts
charlescooper - Sent x - 2010

JM - Sent x - 12/Dec/09

nai - Sent x - 04/Dec/09 with Tom

Hidden - Dec/09

Hidden - Sent - 08/Nov/09

cool didn't feel too bad, had a dab but i certainly don't think it made it any easier after snatching the jug.
fennerz - Sent x - 12/Oct/09 with Ed Booth

Hidden - Sent dnf - 18/Apr/09

stuartmunn - Sent dnf - 18/Apr/09 with Meg

dmoir - Sent - 15/Mar/09

Finally done properly. "Did" it a couple of years ago but foot dabbed on the last move so couldn't count it.
Andrew Barker - Sent x - 06/Mar/09 with Chris Taylor

I think I've spent more time on this problem, than I have on anything I've ever done. Finally found a sequence that really worked, and after a few heel-poppings, it finally went, just glad its finally over. Felt very hard for 7B.
Liam Copley - Sent x - 24/Feb/09 with brother - brandon

Dan 85 - Sent x - 22/Feb/09 with Pete

Highlight of a day off the revision!
Toby - Sent - 24/Jan/09 with Rich

Hidden - Sent dnf - 18/Jan/09

Nik Jennings - Sent x - 03/Jan/09

TomBoulderer - 2009

sparkass - Sent x - 31/Dec/08

Brandon Copley - Sent x - 27/Dec/08 with other dudes,josh,laney

Pura Vida - Sent - 16/Nov/08

TomHaigh - Sent x - 16/Nov/08

tlr - Sent - 27/Oct/08 with Tom and James

Don't think I had ever done this before. Brill!
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - Sent - 22/Oct/08 with Eric Hildrew

Hidden - Sent - 10/Oct/08

Pura Vida - Sent - 05/Oct/08

a fustrating little problem but ace when u get to top
andy gravestock - Sent x - 27/Apr/08 with random climber

Hidden - Sent rpt - 09/Mar/08

JPGR - Sent x - 15/Feb/08

Hidden - Sent - 08/Feb/08

Pura Vida - 2008

Hidden - 2008

Hidden - Sent x - 20/Dec/07

Chazz - Sent x - 12/Dec/07

Hidden - Sent - 20/Oct/07

Hidden - Sent x - 02/Oct/07

Very wet
AirAshby - Sent x - Mar/07

Hidden - Sent x - 2007

lx - Sent - 20/Nov/06 with rupert

Boy - 2006

Andrew Jennings - Sent - 20/Feb/05

oldcheese - 2005

willackers - Sent x - 2004 with Rob Napier

+4apeindex - 2002

sadams - Sent - Nov/98

Hidden - 1997

Dave Douglas - Oct/93

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