Nice wee route

Hidden 24/Apr 2nd
Darren Smith 24/Apr Lead
with alex
Hidden 03/Apr Lead rpt
Chris Dickinson 22/Oct/15 2nd O/S
alice_loudon 13/Sep/15 Lead
with Catie, Dave, Ailie, Donald
Hidden 29/Aug/15 Lead
Darren Smith 29/Aug/15 2nd
with alex
abbeywall 22/Aug/15 2nd
with RL
ross83 16/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Jul/15 Lead O/S
crombie 10/Jul/15 Lead rpt
with Helen
ross83 ?/Jul/15 Lead O/S
HaddRoots 29/Jun/15 Solo rpt
robahalliday 20/Jun/15 2nd O/S

Very nice, some delicate climbing on the slab but backed up by excellent gear options

Hidden 09/Jun/15 Lead O/S
ClimbingGlen 08/Jun/15 Lead rpt
with Kai Liebold, Teresa Torrents
Hidden 07/Jun/15 Lead O/S
westleas 05/Jun/15 Lead O/S
martinh13 13/May/15 2nd
with Keith
Hidden 22/Apr/15 Solo
happymarmot 19/Apr/15 2nd O/S
calum404 15/Apr/15 Lead O/S
ClareM.123 04/Apr/15 Lead rpt
with Josh Brammer, Rhys HW
Gordie 20/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with Kevin Mclure
Elsier 05/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with Adrian
Hidden 02/Oct/14 2nd rpt
Hidden 02/Oct/14 Lead O/S
David Woods 24/Sep/14 2nd O/S
with Louise Kernaghan
DougMac 10/Sep/14 Lead rpt
Hidden 07/Sep/14 2nd O/S
DougMac 23/Aug/14 Lead O/S
Jen Crook 23/Aug/14 2nd
with Doug MacDonald
tronardcohen 10/Aug/14 -
hedgehog_john 17/Jul/14 2nd
with David F
Hidden ?/Jul/14 Lead
patricia 26/Jun/14 2nd
with Alan
AGilmour 23/Jun/14 Lead O/S
martinh13 18/Jun/14 2nd
with Keith
redbass 31/May/14 2nd O/S
with Tommy
tom.dodo 31/May/14 Lead O/S
with Luca
Hidden 26/May/14 2nd
daWalt 06/May/14 Lead rpt
with Lisa
ClimbingGlen 09/Apr/14 Lead rpt
PittPauly 08/Apr/14 Lead β
Hidden 29/Mar/14 2nd O/S
Hidden ??/2014 Solo
sarah hawker 16/Nov/13 2nd O/S
with bob
Hidden 28/Sep/13 Lead O/S
darunniff ?/Aug/13 Lead
PittPauly 15/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Gordon McAllan
hedgehog_john 27/Jun/13 2nd
with David F
Hidden 27/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Jun/13 Lead O/S
c4tch 20/Jun/13 Solo O/S
Gabe Oliver 13/Jun/13 Solo O/S
hedgehog_john 06/Jun/13 2nd
with David F
Hidden ?/Jun/13 2nd
Hidden ?/Jun/13 2nd
mhamiltonj 26/May/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 25/May/13 2nd
Quad 20/Apr/13 Lead rpt
with Jayne
JFort 20/Apr/13 2nd O/S
with Geoff
Chris(cface!) 13/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with Andy Arnott
ClimbingGlen 12/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with Teresa Torrents
Hidden 02/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Hjbvet 03/Mar/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Nov/12 Lead O/S
ClareM.123 18/Nov/12 Lead
Quad 10/Nov/12 Lead rpt
with Jayne
JFort 10/Nov/12 2nd O/S
with Geoff
steve7734 27/Oct/12 Lead O/S
romatou18 27/Oct/12 Lead
skirton 15/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with Sarah Collins
warrygallace ?/Sep/12 Lead
with duggie, Maria Bechaalani
Hidden 08/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Aug/12 TR
Hidden 06/Aug/12 2nd rpt
rob10150 01/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with craig cameron, Claire Meichan
Hidden 31/Jul/12 Lead O/S
son of thor 25/Jul/12 Lead O/S

Done with keystone variation makes it a lot more interesting to finish

mwicks1968 19/Jun/12 Lead
martinh13 19/Jun/12 2nd
with Digby
hedgehog_john 14/Jun/12 Lead
with David F
Hidden 14/Jun/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 14/Jun/12 2nd
mwicks1968 12/Jun/12 Lead
Hidden 12/Jun/12 Lead
horsefeathers 07/Jun/12 2nd O/S
with Matt
mattking_109 07/Jun/12 Lead


crombie 01/Jun/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 01/Jun/12 2nd O/S
Baggie 28/May/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/May/12 Lead O/S
abbeywall 23/May/12 Lead
Mike-W-99 24/Apr/12 2nd
with Fiona
Fiona Reid 24/Apr/12 Lead β
with Mike
jacobfinn 15/Apr/12 Lead rpt
with Alan, jjax
hedgehog_john 15/Apr/12 Lead
with David F
jjax 15/Apr/12 2nd rpt
with jason
daWalt 01/Apr/12 Lead O/S
with Lisa
pielander 25/Mar/12 Lead
with derek
Hidden 25/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Neil Mackenzie 18/Mar/12 2nd rpt
with Fox Lu
Hidden 25/Sep/11 Lead
Ross Young 31/Aug/11 2nd rpt
David Stevens 31/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Aug/11 Lead
Hidden 09/Aug/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Jul/11 Lead O/S
mwicks1968 26/Jul/11 Lead
Hidden 26/Jul/11 2nd
Plungeman 21/Jul/11 2nd rpt
with Reuben
Harry Holmes 26/Jun/11 Solo O/S
with Morgan Trigg
Tom Baird 23/Jun/11 2nd O/S
with Bee
fall-line 01/Jun/11 Lead O/S
with James Fathers, Alistair Black
guyscott 01/Jun/11 Lead O/S
with Dave Morris, Josh
james.fathers 01/Jun/11 2nd
with Alistair Black, Donald Slater
Porridge the climber 30/May/11 2nd rpt

Keystone variation.

crombie 10/May/11 Lead rpt
brucestevenson916 30/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with steven hope
mwicks1968 12/Apr/11 Lead
ewanmcdowall 12/Apr/11 2nd
with mwicks1968
JP78 10/Apr/11 Lead
cpforbes ?/Apr/11 -
Gavin L 25/Mar/11 Lead O/S
with Mairi
crombie 06/Mar/11 2nd rpt
with Lee
Hidden 06/Mar/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 06/Mar/11 -
Quad 05/Mar/11 Lead

Went off route to the right, had to cross M.S and finish up Pinch. An interesting new line?

with Jayne
JFort 05/Mar/11 2nd O/S

Geoff went off route

with Geoff
Plungeman 02/Mar/11 Lead rpt

Aimed for The M.S. Route without more than a cursory glance at a guide. Clumb, read guide properly, swore a bit, went up M.S...

with Dave S
radioshed 02/Mar/11 2nd rpt
with emma t
brucestevenson916 ?/Mar/11 Lead O/S
with steven hope
AG ??/2011 -
lisafer ??/2011 -
ed woods 30/Oct/10 Lead O/S
with Adam
markhammonds 24/Oct/10 Lead rpt

Found this one a bit tricky (climbed badly and wasn't sure about the gear). May have used a hold on Vertical Ladder.

with Emily Raemaekers, Khalid Abdulla
Pat-H 16/Oct/10 Lead O/S
Quad 16/Oct/10 Lead O/S
with Ross
Craig Rayner 10/Sep/10 2nd O/S
henning82 21/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Ann Nicoll 21/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with BILLY
Hidden 15/Aug/10 Lead O/S
ckmoffat 08/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Stef, Graeme
glenngordon 13/Jul/10 Lead O/S
with riccardo
Ewanski 30/Jun/10 2nd O/S
with Nigel S
nich0las 19/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Ewan P
Ewanski 19/Jun/10 2nd O/S
with Nick B
Cacyn 18/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Nigel
jjax 12/Jun/10 Lead rpt
with jason
melville18 12/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with claire melville
jacobfinn 12/Jun/10 2nd
with jjax
Porridge the climber 03/Jun/10 Lead O/S

key stone variation

PaulMurphy1989 02/Jun/10 Lead O/S
mastiffmat ?/Jun/10 Lead
jjax 27/May/10 Lead rpt

nice climb. tricky bit about 3/4 way up as couldnt find gear and calves got massivly pumped.

with alan
crombie 27/May/10 Lead
with jjax
Badam 23/May/10 2nd O/S

Crag dried off nicley, John continued leading as my head still not there

climbfan 23/May/10 Lead O/S
abbeywall 19/May/10 2nd
Ice Spider 17/May/10 Lead
Bob.allan 17/May/10 2nd
make 05/May/10 2nd
mwicks1968 04/May/10 Lead
Ross Young 02/May/10 Lead O/S
niallk 17/Apr/10 Lead O/S
climberuk 17/Apr/10 2nd β

Good but not as straightforward as i'd expected it to be.

with Niall
Hidden 13/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 13/Apr/10 2nd
Hidden 11/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Apr/10 Lead O/S
jameslord 04/Apr/10 2nd
with chris
J Brown 01/Apr/10 Lead O/S

Took the Keystone Variation (HS). Nice route.

williamkenny820 01/Apr/10 2nd O/S
with Jamie Brown
Plungeman 10/Mar/10 Lead O/S
with Matt
radioshed 10/Mar/10 2nd O/S
Pete23 ?/Mar/10 Lead
with Neil Robb
dcgb ??/2010 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2010 2nd
Porridge the climber 31/Oct/09 Lead
Hidden 29/Oct/09 Lead O/S
JdotP 03/Oct/09 Lead O/S
with Andy Mitchell
ged123 ?/Oct/09 2nd rpt
LittleLuka 26/Sep/09 Lead
with Jen
Benjamin the Rescuer 26/Sep/09 Lead O/S
jjax 30/Aug/09 TR rpt

nice wee route. had a look as climbing and couldnt see much protection low down.

with alan
crombie 30/Aug/09 TR
with jjax
gregoldridge 13/Aug/09 Lead O/S
with Jaco
Fiona Reid 06/Aug/09 2nd

Lead by Mike Wicks

Mike-W-99 06/Aug/09 Lead
with Fiona
chris.mcmorris 05/Aug/09 Lead
with Emily McMorris
Aziraphael 01/Aug/09 2nd O/S

Partner placed runners unnecesssarily wide right just to make it interesting to follow.

with Pat T
mus2ma 26/Jun/09 Lead O/S

can't remember

Hidden 04/Jun/09 2nd O/S
Stephen18 02/Jun/09 Lead O/S
jacobfinn 29/May/09 Lead O/S
with jjax
jjax 29/May/09 2nd
with jason
daWalt 28/May/09 Lead O/S
with Lisa
oliverk 12/May/09 Lead
Paulshipman 11/May/09 Lead O/S
with Ayumi Gallagher
Fiona Reid 11/May/09 2nd
with Mike
Mike-W-99 11/May/09 Lead
with Fiona
stuaart 26/Apr/09 2nd
markhammonds 25/Apr/09 2nd
with Khalid Abdulla
dan.hobley 13/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Jen
mazza1987 27/Mar/09 TR rpt
lightbeam 22/Mar/09 Lead O/S
with Niove
ropeaccessryan 24/Feb/09 -
with sean
Sean Bell 24/Feb/09 Lead
with Ryan
Hidden ??/2009 Lead
hedgehog_john ??/2009 -
John Roe 18/Oct/08 Lead O/S

Ran away soon afterwards due to heavy rain when starting the next climb

konna 18/Oct/08 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/Sep/08 Lead O/S
lelaitcondense 28/Aug/08 Lead
Stuart Macfarlane 24/Aug/08 2nd
with Jeanie
Hay ?/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with Lewis
Ian Jones 08/Jul/08 Solo O/S
gordon henderson 12/May/08 Lead O/S
KatieLowe 12/May/08 2nd
Hidden ??/2008 -
Hidden 15/Aug/07 2nd
Hidden 11/Aug/07 2nd O/S
oliverk 17/Jul/07 Lead
BelleVedere 15/Jul/07 2nd
with Mike Lauder
beegsyboy 28/May/07 Lead O/S
with Sam
samanson 28/May/07 2nd
with Tim Cross
Fiona Reid 26/Apr/07 2nd
with Mike
Mike-W-99 26/Apr/07 Lead
with Fiona
Hidden 06/Apr/07 Lead O/S
ligaya ?/Mar/07 Lead
with Al
paradigm_tee 03/Feb/07 Lead O/S
with Calum
mgg ??/2007 AltLd
with PG, KW
lazybones 10/Sep/06 Solo O/S
beegsyboy 11/Aug/06 Lead O/S
with Eccie
Neil Mackenzie 11/Aug/06 2nd O/S
with Tim
the abmmc 16/Jul/06 Lead
with Nico Echallier
calumalien ?/Jul/06 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/May/06 2nd
Hidden ?/May/06 Lead O/S
thebat ?/May/06 Lead O/S
with Fraserhughes
Sean Bell ??/2006 Lead O/S
sneaks ??/2006 -
Ice Spider 21/Aug/05 Lead
with Rew
Rog Wilko ?/Apr/05 Lead
with Debbie Wilkinson
Roch 20/Mar/05 Lead
hedgehog77 14/Aug/04 Lead
Brian Dalrymple 28/May/04 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/May/04 Lead
alan moore ??/2004 Solo
hedgehog77 14/Aug/03 Lead
hedgehog77 20/Jul/03 Lead
barney_edin ?/Jul/03 Lead
Old_Nick_S 14/Jun/03 Lead
with Irene
220bpm ?/Jun/02 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/02 Solo
snowboarder ?/Jun/02 2nd
with Mark
mav ?/Aug/01 -
G0WEN5Y ??/2000 -
Hidden ??/1999 Lead
babymoac 06/Sep/98 Lead
with Liz
puddingstone 06/Sep/98 2nd
with Andy
Fraser 25/May/98 Lead β
with Anna
IanMcC ??/1997 2nd
with Jimbo
Fraser 27/Jul/96 2nd
with Anna
Hidden 07/May/96 Lead
greenroom ??/1996 -
keith hal ??/1995 Lead O/S
with Iain Mckenzie
CMacD ??/1992 -
Iain Thow 09/Jun/91 Solo
Yourlead 25/Jun/90 2nd
with Donald Williamson
amcleish ??/1987 -
auldscotal ??/1986 Lead O/S
mark-abz 01/Jul/84 Solo
Martin Bennett 02/Jun/80 Solo
Bruce Kerr 04/Nov/78 Lead
with Sandy Moncur
neil3965 ??/1978 -
George Elliott 13/May/76 Lead rpt
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