Coronation Street*** E1 5b
[Cha 'hanging around' on the shield on Coronation Street, Cheddar Gorge, 3 kb]Steeped in tradition. A big day out for most parties. E1 4c, 4b, 5b, 5a, 5b, 4c

Climbing is only permitted during the winter season, between 1st October and 15th March.

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Photo: Cha 'hanging around' on the shield on Coronation Street, Cheddar Gorge © Chris Sansum
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Led pitches 1, 3 and 5.
hutchay - AltLd O/S - 03/Oct/15 with Dave Clover

FlavioL1989 - AltLd O/S - 03/Oct/15 with Rob Edwards

Topped out as the sun dipped below the reservoir. Great climb.
Adam Hill - 2nd dog - 02/Oct/15 with Simon

Paul Baller - Lead O/S - 02/Oct/15 with matt stevens

Edd led everything other than the first pitch.
Gibbo - AltLd - 01/Oct/15 with Ed Wright

Absolutely fantastic. Led p2, 4&5 in one. p4 was tough! Mental exposure the whole way. Brilliant
Cheese Monkey - Lead O/S - 01/Oct/15 with Patrick

patrickcd - AltLd - 01/Oct/15 with Ben

Better than I expected. A quality route.
jackgriffiths - AltLd O/S - Oct/15

james1978 - AltLd - 14/Mar/15 with Justin

Jus - AltLd - 14/Mar/15

Had to delay our start by an hour so Tory MP could finish his photoshoot abseil which had cordoned off the entire area. Managed to complete second crux pitch with dying light, dan seconded in total darkness. About 4 hours total. Felt really tough but well protected.
Kemics - AltLd O/S - 12/Mar/15

Arrived to find some local MP had whole area shut off to do an abseil - to promote climbing in the gorge - doh! Waited over an hour and finally started 3.15pm Route was in great condition, just a couple of moist pockets. Alternated leads, I did the 1st, the Shield and the last. Topped out at 7.30pm Coming up as 2nd on penultimate pitch was by head torch which was super fun… leading last pitch in complete dark by head torch was fine as it's easy. My first E1… recommend it. Shield pitch was brilliant…. don't stop and faff putting in gear as you go across, the hand holds are superb so get round the corner and place gear. Will have to come back to do it on the alternate leads!
DanHB - AltLd O/S - 12/Mar/15 with Caleb

nickstephens - AltLd O/S - 08/Feb/15 with Darcan

darcan - AltLd - 08/Feb/15 with nick

Led p1 and 2 together then it all went downhill from there. Got pumped out on the polished hold on p3. Peter had to end up leading the rest of the pitches.
druss - AltLd dog - 24/Jan/15 with Peter Ocampo

One fall on the very last section of the second 5b pitch, miffed but had a cracking day out.
poeter210 - AltLd dog - 24/Jan/15 with adrian voss

I led from the first 5b pitch onwards. Absolutely absorbing climbing and exposure. As it was sunday the gorge was quiet and we enjoyed the route, and most of the gorge for sometime, all to ourselves. Brilliant brilliant route!!
Matt Amos - AltLd O/S - 04/Jan/15 with Martin P

EPIC of a climb! Led 1st 2 pitches in one (45m) Hard, exciting, exhilarating!
Deary65 - AltLd dog - 04/Jan/15 with Matt A

Hidden - 2015

Hidden - AltLd - 09/Nov/14

An impressive route on an impressive crag. Not quite alpine in status, but getting there! Led P 1+2 (together) and 4. Adam ran 5 + 6 together. Peg belays are dire, do not rely on them! Belay after the shield has a loose(ish) block which will take two wires at the top (might even help keep it locked in). Small wires will also go in the crack. Best E1 in England? Not by a long shot. The quality of the climbing just isn't there. A super classic morning out though.4h for the route. Bring belay jacket as it is N face, cold and damp.
Stuart Johnston - AltLd O/S - 09/Nov/14 with Adam Ryan

adam 24 - AltLd - 09/Nov/14 with Stuart Johnston

Finally THE south west classic ticked. Pitch 1 and the shield. Rich the other 2. 4 hours bottom to top. Marvellous.
shoulders - AltLd O/S - 01/Nov/14 with rich smith

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 01/Nov/14

PalfreyN - AltLd O/S - 28/Oct/14

Richezzz - AltLd - 26/Oct/14

quiffhanger - Lead O/S - 25/Oct/14

Good climbing in a great position. Better than I had expected - all dry, no mud and hardly any vegetation en route, even on the first pitch, which looks grotty but is actually fine and quite fun. Ed led P1 (45m as described in the new guide - two pitches in the old), I led P2 and P3 in one and Ed finished by leading P4 and P5 in one. That was a good way of doing it with long pitches, except that the hanging belay at the top of P3 isn't very comfortable and I ended up hanging there for a while (the old pegs and tat definitely need backing up but there aren't many good options apart from the block which feels solid but looks like it's about to fall out - had a nut at the top of it but didn't dare put anything else in around it, definitely no cams! green BD micro cam useful as one of the better back up pieces). There are two cruxes - getting over the bulge a third of the way up P2 and getting over the bulge on P4. There are a few other tricky bits as well but on the whole it isn't particularly sustained at the grade, especially if you can jam! Tried to jam as much as possible to get some practice in before Indian Creek but it was child's play really... Overall, this lacks three star quality for me but it's still a good route. Took about 4.5 hours. The Slowworm Gully descent wasn't too bad in approach shoes but certainly far from pleasant. Would be worth checking out the main path descent to the Visitor Centre.
Misha - AltLd O/S - 05/Oct/14 with Ed

Led P1 (45m) and P4/P5 as single pitch. Misha ran P2&3 together. This worked well, 4hrs 30mins or so for the ascent. I was prepared for an epic, but it seemed straightforward for the grade - except for dropping my belay device at the first belay. Fortunately Misha retreived it and I brought him up on Italian hitches. Bottom pitch was nowhere near as goppingly horrible as I had expected (mostly rock, not much mud/soil/rampant vegetation), crux on P2 was hard 5b, traverse pitch was a little pumpy for a couple of moves with polished smears for footholds, P4 wasn't desperately hard (decent gear, good rests between sequences) and P5 was generally solid rock. Very nice routes, great exposure, varied climbing for what is generally a corner crack.
eduardo - AltLd O/S - 05/Oct/14 with Misha

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 03/Oct/14

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 03/Oct/14

Ollie B - AltLd O/S - 03/Oct/14 with B.Brewer

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 02/Oct/14

kennythescot - Lead O/S - 02/Oct/14 with Luke Robinson

I lead p3,4,6. Bit of cleaning required but what a route! Amazing exposure but never too desperate. Everyone should do this route!
felixizzy - AltLd O/S - 01/Oct/14 with Mike

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 15/Mar/14

A mere 8 hours surely sets us up for the speed record ascent? WHAT A CLIMB. The longest route I've ever done and it really does just keep on coming! Life affirming expedition of adventure! Many thanks to Deepstar for meeting us at the top with tea and flapjack AAGGGGhhhhh…..
Stanners - AltLd O/S - 10/Mar/14 with Kyle Williamson

fell off, just means I have more of a reason to go back and try again!
Kyle87 - AltLd dog - 10/Mar/14

Much easier than I expected the shield is a riot.
wilkinscl - AltLd - 09/Mar/14 with Ned

There's only one way to describe this monster of a route!! amazing!! Every climber needs to climb this. It's the best route I've done in ten years. The climbing is sustained on the upper sections but never desperately so and the exposure and positions are out of this world. I took a little fall on the shield pitch but wasn't to disappointed as it just added a little more spice! Go climb it everybody!! We're going back ;)
gazfellows - AltLd - 08/Mar/14 with Billy

Wow what an amazing day out! Wet first two pitches bravely led by Gaz, then wonderful climbing to the top. Lead the two 5b pitches. The penultimate pitch up the groove is one of the best pitches I've done - sustained, varied and interesting but with plenty of gear and plenty of rests if you can find them. Also seems to be plenty of insitu gear - at least 2 pegs and 4 jammed wires in that pitch alone! 7 hours total. All made more epic by the time pressure of having to get back to Mansfield in time to pack and head down to Stansted airport for a trip to the Alps :)
madasten - AltLd O/S - 08/Mar/14 with Gaz

jcw - 2014

ejected - 2014

mike mo - 2014

Hidden - 2014

I led pitches 1,2 and 4. Bottom was soaked but main pitches were dry. Great day out. The shield put a big smile on my face.
R2B - AltLd O/S - 08/Dec/13 with Luke

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 24/Nov/13

Excellent climbing ... I need to go to jamming school!
Dizz - AltLd - 23/Nov/13 with Tom

Tubs - AltLd O/S - 23/Nov/13 with Liz F

Jevans - AltLd - Nov/13

Hidden - Lead dog - Nov/13

Brilliant! Led P1+2 (45m) together, and final pitch. 6.5 hrs in a three.
mes32 - AltLd - 30/Oct/13 with Simon Allcock, Wilki

led pitch 4 (shield)
Simon Allcock - AltLd O/S - 30/Oct/13 with Mary, Wilki

7 hours 30 mins, long hard and sustained, what a battle, epic day out, terrific exposure, classic climb but was pleased to pull the final few moves over the top!
Matthew Martin Wsm - 2nd - 09/Oct/13 with dave kenyon

A big exciting day. 6 hours and exposed the whole way. Base jumper opened up right in front of me and landed in the road. Made Chris lead the two 5b pitches, and I did the rest. P1 was filthy, made it pretty tough for 4c. Shield pitch was scary, feet popped just before the shield but I clung on and wriggled onto the top, no points for style. Chris took a good fall on the second 5b, I found it very strenuous even on 2nd.
Hooo - AltLd O/S - 06/Oct/13 with Chris Sieradzki

Led P3 and P5. One proper fall. P3 is a bit polished and I found it as a crux of the whole route. SHIELD pitch is overrated, P5 top class climb. Tough in grade - hard 5b moves on both pitches. Gear placement is good but definitely E1 for steepness and exposure and poor belays.
Chris Sieradzki - AltLd - 06/Oct/13 with Hooo

Epic adventure... linked pitches 1 & 2, hanging belay, difficult roof with little gear on pitch 3, the Shield was terrifying but one cam in crack, and good nut at the top of the crack, one large nut in the roof on the right hand side and large cam on the left hand side before good hands but smears for feet to belay. Pitch 5 was technical but good bridging, 2 in situe runners, final pitch some high steps but good gear and holds.
red_rhodesha - 2nd - 05/Oct/13 with Matt Elphick

What a route, 1st October its gotta be done! Blissful exposure and really continuously good climbing, technical grooves, roofs, cracks, amazing exposed traverse, bit of everything, just an epic route! About 3 hours I think (quite pleased with that since reading some of the other ascents...)
Mike Goldthorp - AltLd O/S - 01/Oct/13 with Gav Sitlaw

Led pitch 1&2, 4, and 6. Totally draining! A battle to get to the top but very memorable. Amazing climbing - just a bit too terrifying to enjoy properly at the time!
BeccaSnowden - AltLd O/S - 09/Mar/13 with Tom

Awesome route. Pitch 3 still felt hard, if only for a few moves. Pitch 5 steady and sustained with very good jamming. Tip - get some sleep the night before!
thomasadixon - AltLd rpt - 09/Mar/13 with Becca

Climbed the whole route in the dark, topped out around midnight.
Aaron Lines - AltLd O/S - Mar/13 with frank

stuart34 - 2nd - 16/Feb/13 with duncan

A proper trad route - a great day out.
sparkass - AltLd O/S - 16/Feb/13 with Stuart Inchly

Will Sheaff - 2nd - 2013 with Martin

It took quite a bit of arm twisting before I agreed to climb this on a cold December day, but glad I did. Russ ran the wet and muddy P1 & P2 together, I got P3, Russ the Shield, and then I ran P5 & P6 together. Just over 5 hrs.
kingholmesy - 2013

tskelhon - Lead O/S - 2013

Lead 1,3. My best climbing experience to date! Exactly what it says on the tin, exciting, exposed, steep and jam-tastic! Thrilling belays too. Drifting cars, dive-bombing birds and screaming goats adding to the fun.
Albachoss - AltLd O/S - 01/Dec/12 with Ben

Scary, tough, cold, great positions and boy racers to cheer you on. Brilliant.
Luxulyan - Lead O/S - 18/Nov/12 with Tess Lyons, Tom Murrell

Pitches 2,3 & 5
danJBA - AltLd O/S - 29/Oct/12 with James HoarMaster

P1 + 4
Kayan - AltLd O/S - 29/Oct/12 with Dan Abbatt

Hidden - 2nd dnf - 20/Oct/12

fantastic old-school adventure. Passed a slower party by joining pitches 1+2 and 4+5.
Neil Morbey - Lead O/S - 20/Oct/12 with Simon Clarke

Hidden - AltLd dnf - 14/Oct/12

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 13/Oct/12

Absolute epic. Best part of 5 hours worth of fannying around. Lead Pitches 2,3 and 4. What a route!
Jack_F - AltLd O/S - 07/Oct/12 with Dave Clover

The first pitch (as in the Cheddar gorge guide) was a bit of a jungle - a wet jungle - but it was dry higher up despite heavy rain the previous night (and week, and "summer"). I found every pitch hard for the given grade and the whole thing pretty serious for E1. Still, a great adventure! Highlights were multiple instances of faffing for hours in a strenuous position only to do a few more moves to a rest, and swinging a leg up onto a jug at the end of the traverse - in Steve's words "the least elegant climbing I've seen you do for a while"
Nick Russell - Lead O/S - 06/Oct/12 with Steve Shenton

SJS - 2nd - 06/Oct/12 with Nick

damp conditions made it a bit of an epic adventure! glad i had a mate with me to support through the harder sections as my head was out of its comfort zone. left a hex by accident like a noob but well worth the adventure
David Clover - Lead O/S - 01/Oct/12

Thanks Iain. P1, 2, 3 + 5. Great fun.
Ed Babs - AltLd O/S - 15/Mar/12 with Iain Moodie

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 15/Mar/12

Very traditional climbing, steep and strenuous, a bit of mud and damp. Fantastic adventure. Disconcertingly discovered that one rope only threaded through leg loops - half way up pitch 4! Check, check and check again!
Tim Sparrow - AltLd - 11/Mar/12 with Piers Nesbitt

as good as the first time round, if not better! in 4 pitches, lead pitches 3,5,6, having lead the other pitches 5 years ago. p5 definitely felt like a technical pump fest this early in the season.
msoldn - AltLd O/S - 26/Feb/12 with Ceri

Tremendous route, even better than I was anticipating. A bit muddy lower down. I led pitches 2 and 4. I thought shield traverse was tough, more like 5b.Did as 5 pitches, last 2 done as 1. Took 5 hours.
Andrew Sloan - AltLd O/S - 26/Feb/12 with Martin Haworth

Absolute classic, fantastic route.
Martin Haworth - AltLd O/S - 26/Feb/12 with Andy

me P1and 2 together, and P4 . Amazing route! Got to go back and lead the other pitches. I thought this was hard for E1, sustained climbing towards the top. Don't underestimate the start either! People round these parts are obviously tough as old boots!
Ceridwen - AltLd O/S - 26/Feb/12 with Uber Mike

Lead all pitches. Eight hours total. Descent in darkness. Second took a swing toward the end of the traverse... anchor held :) Awesome climbing throughout.
lewiz - Lead O/S - 19/Feb/12 with Vlad Vishnyakov

mattshort - AltLd O/S - 18/Feb/12 with Alan Murray

Wet cold and totaly awsome
Andy Peak 1 - Lead - 13/Jan/12 with Scott Bentley

Led P1/3/5 (as five pitches, first two strung). great fun, steep and pumpy in places. p1 is a bit minging.
jon_ridley - AltLd O/S - 08/Jan/12 with Geoff Pyatt

grp - AltLd rpt - 08/Jan/12 with jon_ridley

Hidden - AltLd - Jan/12

matt perks - 2012

matt perks - 2012

peterbeaumont - 2012

cool autumn day
Tony Kartawick - 2012 with James Thomas

Tony Kartawick - 2012

Tony Kartawick - 2012

Tony Kartawick - 2012

DanH9883 - Lead - 2012 with Lee, Ed

Tophe - AltLd O/S - 27/Nov/11

Led P2,4,6. Ollie Led P1,3,5. Fantastic day out. Not sure I did pitch 3 using the standard moves!
Darrell Read - AltLd O/S - 27/Nov/11 with Oliver Mentz

31770 - AltLd O/S - 27/Nov/11 with Darrell Read

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 20/Nov/11

grp - AltLd O/S - 13/Nov/11 with mungo nash

5 pitches, I took 2 and 4. Great day.
Cornish Cream - AltLd - 13/Nov/11 with Geoff

Amazing climb! 5th pitch felt hard as it was still wet from heavy rain the previous day - slimy hand jams! We had the route to ourselves! 4.5 hours.
Graham Westbrook - AltLd O/S - 12/Nov/11

JRae - AltLd - 05/Nov/11 with Arthur

Nick1812P - AltLd O/S - 05/Nov/11 with Jem, Jake

Hidden - 2nd - 05/Nov/11

Awesome Day
Jake Young - AltLd O/S - 05/Nov/11 with Jem, Nick

LLed all pitches, bottom was damp, but gleaming all the way up. Fantastic climbing.
M_W_Court - Lead O/S - 05/Nov/11

Awesome climb that feels really exposed! I lead P1,3 and 5. Francois lead P2 and 4.
BelayBunney - AltLd O/S - 23/Oct/11 with Francois

Amazing climb with great positions and varied moves: bridging,jamming and laybacking. I led P2-4 (crux) and Chris led P1-3-5. Chris cut loose with his feet on the shield traverse and did with a nice leg throw onto the shield to gain an "a cheval" position on the block!
francois - AltLd O/S - 23/Oct/11 with Chris

we had 3 showers which made it scairy. Belay pegs are all in bad cond after the sheild, I had to go up into the corner- climbing as a team of 3 would be a nightmare!
dan ely - Lead dog - 19/Oct/11 with jim

Wet, scared.
J1_TOV - Lead - 19/Oct/11

INSANE!! Awesome route, great moves, great pitches! Solid climb Ed, nice one buddy :D
Goose4 - AltLd - 15/Oct/11 with Ed (Andrew Adwards)

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 15/Oct/11

2nd ever trad lead! had a very persuasive partner. led pitches 1,3,6
A-dog - Lead O/S - 08/Oct/11 with max b

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 08/Oct/11

cat22 - 2nd - 03/Oct/11 with Mike

Glorious weather. I led 1st, 3rd, 5th pitches. Took 6.5 hours. Apologies if we put off the pair waiting below. 1st pitch is very vegetated. I cleaned what I could, but didn't fancy pulling out huge clumps of nettles (they mostly don't sting by October anyway). Some good Samaritan with secateurs is needed! Pitches 2-4 were already in pristine condition. Cleaned out placements on 5th pitch, which full of mud. Oh yes, and the route is awesome!
crossdressingrodney - AltLd O/S - 02/Oct/11 with alex malins

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 02/Oct/11

j miller - AltLd O/S - 01/Oct/11 with duncan

Climbed with 3 friends in 2 pairs as the first ascent of the new season. Extremely lucky to have the hottest October day on record and no other parties on the route! Bone dry, if a little vegetated in places (did a bit of gardening). What a route! Chakrit did a direct finish up a crack rather than doing the normal rightward finish up broken rock (which seemed less good quality). Seemed harder than the rest of the route - quite physical laybacking. Chakrit P1 & 2 linked, Chris P3 & 4, Chakrit P5 & 6 linked.
Chris Sansum - AltLd O/S - 01/Oct/11 with Chakrit Suriyo

chakrit - Lead O/S - 01/Oct/11 with Chris

Dont know why i didnt do it sooner!
Howard Lawledge - Oct/11 with Pete Graham

Sandy pitch 1 and 2. Me pitch 3 through 6
Anthony Allsopp - AltLd O/S - 06/Mar/11 with Sandy Holford

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 06/Mar/11

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 06/Mar/11

Sandy Holford - AltLd O/S - 06/Mar/11 with Anthony Allsopp

Emmabush - 2nd - 05/Mar/11

Hidden - Lead - 05/Mar/11

Hidden - Lead O/S - Mar/11

Led p1. Gary backed off p2 roof due to a crucial foothold being too wet, and we were also freezing, so abbed down. We'll be back! Not too bothered as it doesn't look like the route gets many Jan ascents. PS if anyone fancies reuniteing us with the nut & quickdraw he left up there we'd be very grateful. Think he left a snapgate on a peg too.
Chris Sansum - AltLd dnf - 22/Jan/11 with Gary Lewin

Chubbard - AltLd rpt - 02/Jan/11 with Ray

Glenn Sutcliffe - 2011

Hidden - 2011

Hidden - AltLd - 06/Nov/10

Started at 9am (in the cold), finished at 15:30 (in the sun). Chris led the first two pitches as one (150 ft). I led the next (5b) pitch and then the shield pitch (5a). Chris lead the following monster pitch (5b) - exhausting all body jamming for what felt like 100 ft. I led the final pitch into the sun.
petecallaghan - AltLd O/S - 17/Oct/10 with Chris Ebbutt

chris ebbutt - AltLd - 17/Oct/10 with Pete

Kevster - Lead O/S - 16/Oct/10

Nel Tindale - 2nd dog - 16/Oct/10 with Jim Jarvis

Lead P 2&4 (in new guide)
andy dunn - AltLd O/S - 16/Oct/10 with J

Lead Pitches two four and five. great gear except at the belay stations. Traverse pitch was awesome!! such a great position from the pedestal onwards, first pitch a little disappointing. 4th pitch felt steeper than it should have done. Biggest trad route I've done so far.
benkelsey - AltLd O/S - 11/Oct/10 with Chris Kelsey

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 10/Oct/10

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 10/Oct/10

Not as good as it's reputation, solid enough E1
irish paul - AltLd O/S - 10/Oct/10 with Dave Ripley

8.15am start, led p1 & p5. First was damp muddy and unpleasant, rest much better. Tat and pegs on the belay stations have all seen better days. 6 hrs, very memorable.
Jon Didymus - AltLd O/S - 09/Oct/10 with Rich

Sustained and enjoyabal the whole way. came accros the jamed nut from the previous asent its definatly in situe now! the travers pitch was a litle disapionting to be honest dunno what evryone raves on about it for?
Tom D - Lead O/S - 09/Oct/10

richiebongo - AltLd O/S - 09/Oct/10 with Jon Didymus

Lead pitches 1, 3, 4 and 5. Quite a nice route, a little overgrown but not too bad.
ian d f - AltLd O/S - 07/Oct/10 with Mark

markfromstoke - AltLd - 07/Oct/10 with Ian

Hidden - Lead β - 16/May/10

thomb - AltLd O/S - 13/Mar/10 with David Coley, Darren

Lead on the traverse (famous pitch). Exposed stance (hanging belay) at the end of the third pitch. More quality climbing in an exposed position above pitch 3. Take trainers for the descent next time!!!
Ben Vieyra - 13/Mar/10 with Dan Walker

Cold - long and hard
pedropierre - Lead O/S - 12/Mar/10 with Rob the Doc

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 12/Mar/10

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 20/Feb/10

Icicles on the first pitch!
Bobby Gilbert - Lead O/S - 20/Feb/10 with Gary Burgess

owenrhyswilliams - 2nd O/S - 13/Feb/10 with Jhonny, Mathew Maynard

1st pitch only - out of time and capacity
mattyork2 - 2nd - 13/Feb/10 with Owen Williams, Johnny Richard

Ken Taylor - 2010

tom harrison - 2010

Aaron Lines - 2010

Only got up to the shield then abbed off as it was getting late. Very cold day.
Bobby Gilbert - Lead dnf - 28/Dec/09 with Katherine Sydney

oh my goodness it was cold! retreated from the pedestal belay before hypothermia / darkness set in... will be back...
katherinesydney - 2nd dnf - 28/Dec/09 with bobby gilbert

very nice route, mud and polish all part of the fun. groove above the shield has soem lovely steep jamming, top pitch a little dissapointing but the appearance of the view acroos the levels makes up for it.took about 3hrs.
w.pettet-smith - AltLd O/S - 25/Oct/09 with steve

chris j - AltLd - 19/Oct/09 with Ben Bradford

sparbus - AltLd - 19/Oct/09 with mike b

timharrison - AltLd - 17/Oct/09 with Iain Moodie

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 17/Oct/09

Lead P1&2 linked, then the shield and the final slab. Great effort from Byron on the crux pitches. Funny because we spent the whole ascent making up songs to the theme tune of what we thought was Coronation Street, but found out (on the last pitch) was the Eastenders theme! Classic!
Twisty - AltLd O/S - 10/Oct/09 with Byron Buck

Led pitches 3,4,5,6. Best pitch was the traverse, didn't really rate the rest of it though, a little dissapointed but glad we did it.
Mr Tickle - AltLd - 10/Oct/09 with davenev

What an incredible route! Lead crux pitches by accident in a way, and was quite glad I didn't have to lead the shield pitch.
Byronius Maximus - AltLd - 10/Oct/09 with Alex Twist

Led p1 & p2 linked, then got pumped on p3, scared on p4 and just about survived through p5. Once again awesome effort Luke.
davenev - AltLd - 10/Oct/09 with luke

Led 2nd and 4/5th pitches.
gripped01 - AltLd O/S - Oct/09 with Rimon Than, Alex Tomczynski, Dave Tait

Steerpike - AltLd O/S - Oct/09 with Tommo

Hidden - Lead O/S - Oct/09

Hidden - Lead O/S - 05/Jul/09

jon thompson27 - AltLd O/S - 04/Jul/09 with simon mayell

Hidden - 2009

Led pitch 1+2 run together, 3, 5.
ericinbristol - AltLd O/S - 2009 with Barry Durston

Led first two pitches as one and the shield pitch. Awesome route. Even the lower sections had good climbing despite being a little vegetated.
adamscottthomas - AltLd O/S - 18/Oct/08 with Kafoozalem

TonyF - AltLd O/S - 11/Oct/08 with Paul Threthewey

eddy-on-the-rocks - Lead O/S - Oct/08 with Rich

really really nice route, special :)
sebrider - AltLd O/S - Oct/08 with Roby Rodolf

For me it was the best route I have done in England, the bus tours with commentary about your climbing is a bit off putting though!
Shaw Brown - AltLd - 24/Feb/08 with Loz

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 2008

Led the easy pitches 1,2 and the Shield pitch 4. Cool climb. Exciting exposure. Nice lead from Neil.
Tom Last - AltLd O/S - 15/Dec/07 with Neil Adams

Great day out - had the gorge to ourselves.
Neil Adams - AltLd O/S - 15/Dec/07 with Tom L

Lead P1,2,3 & 5. Greasy.
Bristoldave - AltLd O/S - 27/Nov/07 with Joe

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 17/Nov/07

DannyK - AltLd O/S - 16/Nov/07 with pep

Lead pitches 1, 3 and 5.
Somerset swede basher - AltLd O/S - 15/Nov/07 with Tom Dixon

So cold! Did the easy pitches (2,4,6), thought the 3rd pitch was the hardest. The traverse out was awesome (as was the rest of the climb!).
thomasadixon - AltLd O/S - 15/Nov/07 with Dom Sellers

P3&5. Monster!
Justin T - AltLd O/S - 29/Oct/07 with Crispin

Long but happy 1 day return mission, drizzly but had crag to ourselves. Jim not done trad for 2ys so I led all pitches, altogether v butch. 5hs up incl buggreing about switching ropes at belays.
Owen W-G - Lead O/S - 25/Oct/07 with Jim

Hidden - 2nd - 25/Oct/07

Best lead to-date. Led first 2 pitches in one (bit slippery and muddy). First 5b pich has small overhang, then its ok. The 5a pitch has an scary leftward traverse with not much for feet. Pitch no 5 (5b) is quite solid, but no great difficulty. Last pitch is of a different character up a slabby finish.
TimPerkin - Lead O/S - 14/Oct/07 with Dave Gale

led all the way so difficult changeovers. Height got to me a bit.
thrutch - Lead O/S - 07/Oct/07 with mel and chris

Struggled on P5&6,knackered, but one of the best days ever.Thank goodness for Tim the patient one !!!
upontop - 2nd - Oct/07 with Tim

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 13/Jul/07

the start of 5 looong weeks
Rich Mayfield - AltLd - 13/Jul/07 with Mark Stevenson

TonyF - Lead O/S - May/07 with Paul Threthewey

It was a bit damp, so the first two pitches were mainly chimneying up mud slopes...
RedFox - AltLd O/S - 08/Mar/07 with Tom I

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 08/Mar/07

Phil PBC - AltLd O/S - Mar/07

Brian Rodgers - AltLd O/S - 2007 with Phil Leng

Hidden - Lead O/S - 2007

Hidden - AltLd - 18/Nov/06

Took my first proper lead fall on the traverse to land back at the belay. Turned out I'd actually broken my wrist in the process. Still finished it and will be back to do it clean once I heal.
maresia - AltLd dog - 14/Oct/06 with Rob Scheichl

gonggashan - AltLd - 01/Oct/06

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Oct/06

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Oct/06

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Sep/06

beardy mike - AltLd O/S - 2006 with Dan Arkle

Bern - 2006

oldmanrivers - AltLd - 2006 with Al

Marti999 - Lead - 2006

chris wyatt - AltLd O/S - 2006 with PAul O'neal

Mickdenali - Lead - 2006 with Clare Girling

Spacetourist - 2nd O/S - 2006 with Ed Heslam

simon kimber - AltLd - 2006 with Nick Ingram

Hidden - Lead O/S - 27/Nov/05

Hidden - AltLd dog - 20/Nov/05

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 03/Sep/05

mike lawrence? - 01/Jun/05

Mark Kemball - AltLd - Feb/05 with Nic Dill

Night, Hypothermia
Jason Gotel - Lead - Feb/05 with Pippa Lansdown

with Alys best route in england?
alasdair19 - Feb/05

last pitch led in dark with no head torch
Urgles - AltLd O/S - Dec/03 with David Elder

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 01/Oct/03

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 12/Mar/03

just one more - Lead - 05/Oct/02 with Svenn G

7 hours. Topped out to see the sun go down - not quite a benightment.
Paz - Lead O/S - Mar/02 with CC

jemma had a migraine - abbed off after pitch 3
simon kimber - Lead dnf - 2002 with Jemma Berry

dan gibson - Lead O/S - Nov/01 with anthony prior

markpollak - 2001

Stone Muppet - 2001

philhilo - AltLd O/S - 2001 with brian rodgers

Epic, had to go off route due to slow party moved onto Sceptre - V loose
climbtim - AltLd - Nov/00 with ghost

Good route steeped in tradition. Requires a degree of stamina
KRB - Lead O/S - 05/Oct/00 with Ken Padgett

Hidden - 2000

Tim M - Lead O/S - 2000

Hidden - Lead O/S - 23/Oct/99

Roget - Lead O/S - 16/Oct/99 with jon

Hidden - AltLd - Oct/99

Hidden - AltLd - Nov/98

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 11/Oct/98

Classic big route with lots of airy pitches. Lard took a nice swinger on the traverse pitch which made it all the more exciting!
Chad123 - AltLd O/S - Mar/98 with Lard

Dave Musgrove Jnr - AltLd O/S - 07/Feb/98 with Muir Morton

markpollak - Lead O/S - 1998 with suzanne mcfadzean

mikej - AltLd dnf - 19/Oct/97 with Nick Salmon

babymoac - AltLd - 18/Oct/97 with graham d

phardman - 20/Jul/97

i lead the shield pitch, eric did the 5b
colin milton - AltLd - 06/Oct/96 with eric milton
Mathias Willerup - AltLd O/S - 15/Oct/95 with Fred Willerup

Quite vegetated in lower parts
phardman - AltLd - 14/Oct/95 with Guy Maddox

ChrisJD - AltLd - 1995 with rc

leadmat - Lead O/S - Nov/93 with Graham Fleury

And again 25/10/03 with Ian Haigh.
charlesmfrench - Lead O/S - 27/Oct/92

Hidden - Lead O/S - 14/Oct/92

Alternate leads. I did the odds, Mark did the evens, which mean't I got to do the shield and Mark had to do the hard ones.
AndySL - AltLd O/S - 12/Oct/92 with Mark

Good job I had a gritstone jamming apprenticeship! Fabulous route and company !
rogerskews - 27/Oct/91 with Bryn Roberts & Chris Schiller

Hidden - Lead rpt - 24/Mar/91

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 12/Jan/91

Hidden - AltLd - 1991

MikeYouCanClimb - AltLd - 11/Nov/90 with Rod

mark-abz - AltLd - 04/Nov/90 with Dan W

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 25/Mar/90

RichardMc - AltLd O/S - 17/Mar/90 with Dayle Millcott

Hidden - 1990

At night
frank ramsay - AltLd - Nov/89 with Dave Turnbull

michael burrows - AltLd O/S - 07/Oct/89 with brian jones

Hidden - AltLd - 22/Dec/88

Hidden - Lead - 11/Oct/86

scree - Oct/86 with Dave H

DDDD - AltLd O/S - 1986 with Chris Brown

William Robertson - Lead O/S - 1986 with Emily, Steve, Shaun etc

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 31/Oct/85

Awesome experience for me. Struggled with the 5b pitch but so what.
Simon2005 - 2nd - 1985 with JimB

guy xavier percival - AltLd O/S - 1985 with graham

Backed off the pull over the first roof the weekend before. Spent hte whole week back in London psyching myself up for it. Returned and cruised up.
Richard Weller - AltLd - 13/Oct/84 with Rory O'Connor

Hidden - AltLd - 1984

Mart led both crux pitches
Ena - AltLd O/S - Oct/83 with Martin Trouse

Completely unaware of ban we bunked out of Glastonbury to do the route from memory after having seen photo in Hard Rock
steveboote - AltLd - Aug/83

Nigel Bond - AltLd - 28/Oct/82 with Charlie Leverton

Mike Owen - 07/Apr/82 with Phil Ralph

Brian Wilderspin - AltLd - 27/Mar/82 with Steve Clegg

Steve Bell - 1982

Hidden - AltLd - 22/Oct/81

Hidden - Lead - 1981

tapley - AltLd - 11/Oct/80 with John Sumner

Steve did pitch across the shield and took an intermediate belay.I did all the other pitches including crux. Whilst I was on top pitch it started to rain and I finished in cloudburst. Mates below abd off.
uphillnow - AltLd - Oct/80 with Steve Beever

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Mar/80

Hidden - AltLd - Mar/80

robinsi197 - 1980 with Barbara

Chris Craggs - Lead - 1980

Andy Edgar - Lead - 1980

Chris Terrey - AltLd - 29/Sep/79 with Pete Hevezi, Mike O'Brien

GeoffG - AltLd - Jun/78 with tony bowker

Andy Chubb - AltLd - 06/May/76 with Pete Coghill

Marcus - 1976

A classic route, and hardest where we didn't expect it.
petemeads - AltLd O/S - 11/Dec/75

Have marked my 30p 'Climbers Guide to Cheddar Gorge' (Dearman & Riley 1970) with the comment 'Absolutely brilliant'.
Falko - AltLd O/S - 17/Nov/74 with Peter Brashaw

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