75m, 3 pitches. Good short pitches, interspersed with large plateaus making the route escapable and suitable for parties of beginners. Well situated.

Ticklists: Climbing with kids, Kendal Wall's Best 100 climbs in Britain, Lakeland's Best Multi-pitch Routes up to HVS.

Hidden 30/May 2nd
MFB 29/May Solo
MFB 28/May Solo

And scramble

MFB 26/May Solo

Damp and scramble

MFB 24/May Solo


Lucylou19 22/May 2nd

First 2 pitches, escaped via abseil due to late start and wanting food

with eleanor
jonathan_doyle 22/May Solo rpt

Used this route to get up to Gimmer - good fun with the additional weight of out backpacks

Chris Oldfield 22/May Solo O/S

In approach shoes as a more interesting access to Gimmer

MFB 21/May Solo

Plus bottom pitch holly tree traverse, man finish up severe top pitch option

MFB 20/May Solo

And scramble

MFB 18/May Solo

and scramble

MFB 17/May Lead

And scramble

with James
MFB 16/May Solo

And scramble, slow

MFB 14/May Solo

And scramble

Hidden 14/May AltLd O/S
MFB 12/May Solo

And scramble, round trip 35mins

MFB 11/May Solo
MFB 10/May Solo

Severe finish upper wall, and scramble

cclason 10/May 2nd
Hidden 10/May Lead rpt
MFB 09/May Solo

And scramble

MFB 08/May Solo

And scramble, on way to Gimmer

lithos 08/May Solo

as a scramble, roped a bit of it for/with Karl, crossed over the gully on right to continue the fun.

with Gav, karl c
MFB 07/May Solo

And scramble towards Gimmer

David Kay 07/May AltLd rpt
Nathanhelstrip18 07/May Lead rpt
with Jordan carter
ChrisH89 07/May AltLd O/S

As more interesting approach route to Gimmer.

Hidden 07/May AltLd rpt
LivBarron 07/May AltLd O/S
with Robin Sillem
SomeClimbingGuy 07/May AltLd

Lead p1 & 2 as an approach to Gimmer

with Chris H (NMC)
MFB 06/May Solo

And scramble

Petarghh 06/May Solo

Up and down.

MFB 05/May Solo

And scramble

MFB 04/May Solo

Afternoon and scramble

MFB 04/May Solo

Evening and scramble

MFB 03/May Solo

And scramble

MFB 02/May Solo

And scramble

MFB 29/Apr Solo

Damp and scramble

MFB 28/Apr Solo

and scramble

MFB 27/Apr Solo

Wet and scramble

MFB 26/Apr Solo

And scramble

MFB 25/Apr Solo

Gully of death variation and scramble

Clay C 24/Apr AltLd rpt
with Steve C
Marktrin 24/Apr AltLd
SteveCarratt 24/Apr AltLd O/S
with Clay C
MFB 23/Apr Solo
kato'sdad 23/Apr Solo
Danm79 23/Apr Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Apr 2nd
Hidden 22/Apr 2nd
MFB 20/Apr Solo
MFB 19/Apr Solo

Steve photo And scramble

MFB 18/Apr Solo

And scramble-night

MFB 16/Apr Solo
ArranLaird 16/Apr Solo
Hidden 16/Apr Lead
MFB 15/Apr Solo

And scramble

MFB 14/Apr Solo
MFB 11/Apr Solo

And scramble

MFB 10/Apr Solo

and scramble

MFB 09/Apr Solo
MFB 08/Apr Solo

And scramble

DMiss 08/Apr 2nd O/S
with Cat
MFB 07/Apr Solo

And scramble

MFB 03/Apr Solo

And scramble

onlyfoddington 02/Apr Lead O/S

Good to be on the hill, despite the pissing rain.

with Yinners
Yinners 02/Apr 2nd O/S

Rain, did in walking shoes with broken toe and overly full backpack. Very nice mild route with good views of the valley. Nice spot for some ham and rye biscuits at the top. Rock was cold.

with David
sdavies141 ?/Apr Lead
with Jen Davies
MFB 30/Mar Solo

and scramble

MFB 28/Mar Solo

and scramble

MFB 25/Mar Solo

And scramble

ashleab 22/Mar Solo O/S
with Ben Roe
MFB 20/Mar Lead

And scramble

with Eddie
MFB 19/Mar Solo

And scramble

bullwinkle 19/Mar Solo rpt
with Amanda
cas smerdon 17/Mar AltLd
with Mark S
MFB 16/Mar Solo

And scramble

MFB 15/Mar Solo
dale.reynolds 15/Mar Lead O/S

Led 1, 2 & 3

with James
James_Kendal 15/Mar 2nd
with Dale
SWhite10 13/Mar Lead O/S
MFB 13/Mar Solo

And scramble

FDixon 13/Mar AltLd
JennyBroomby 13/Mar 2nd
Hidden 13/Mar AltLd
FDixon 12/Mar 2nd
Hidden 12/Mar AltLd rpt
Hidden 12/Mar AltLd dnf
Hidden 12/Mar 2nd
joermann 11/Mar Solo
MFB 10/Mar Solo

And scramble

MFB 09/Mar Solo

Night and scramble

Sam P 07/Mar AltLd O/S

Lovely Warm Rock

Joshua05 07/Mar AltLd
with Sam P
MFB 07/Mar Solo

Night and scramble

MFB 29/Feb Solo

And scramble

MFB 28/Feb Solo


MFB 28/Feb Solo

Pm and scramble

el diablo 28/Feb AltLd
with Mick James, John Sanders, Al Sanders
MFB 23/Feb Solo


MFB 15/Feb Solo

and scramble

MFB 13/Feb Solo

and scramble

MFB 10/Feb Solo

Cracking day and scramble

JenShelley 31/Jan AltLd O/S

In the rain, in big boots. The start of a fab mountain day linking this route with Crescent Climb and Gwynne's Chimney, and visiting the tops of Pavey and Harrison Stickle. Lots of soft snow around. Great day!

with Tom
MFB 20/Jan Lead

beautiful day, good snow cover in valley but rock warm and dry, carried couple of axes and used em to get off the top

with tim corby
MFB 05/Jan -

wet and very slippy

MFB 01/Jan Solo
Phil Anderson ??/2016 Lead
Ric2ragas ??/2016 -
MFB ??/2016 Solo
Allanfairfechan ??/2016 -
adie84 ??/2016 -
MFB 31/Dec/15 Solo

Cold 4 degrees and very wet, via ferrata crux

TomGB 31/Dec/15 2nd O/S

Did something around here. First pitch was bloody hard in the wet with sack and big boots. Never Diff so not sure what we were on maybe the Severe start?

with Stewart Moody
MFB 29/Dec/15 Lead


with James
Hidden 29/Dec/15 AltLd O/S
MFB 28/Dec/15 Solo

and scramble

MFB 26/Dec/15 Solo

very wet - used a bit of gear on the harder bits and a via ferrate set - not sure its a great idea, probably more tricky than just soloing, and scramble

MFB 24/Dec/15 Solo

bottom half of the route now sports crampon scratches, they stop at some rap tat.

MFB 28/Nov/15 Lead dnf

Wet gale, first pitch only

with James
MFB 25/Nov/15 Solo

Damp, 2 stuck solo girls

MFB 25/Nov/15 -

Back with a rope to unstuck girls

xusa 22/Nov/15 2nd
Elastic Jones 22/Nov/15 Lead rpt
with Spanny
MFB 19/Nov/15 Lead


with tim corby
MFB 16/Nov/15 Solo


MFB 13/Nov/15 Solo

wet dry wet dry and scramble

MFB 01/Nov/15 AltLd

James led p2 and p4, severe start -damp

with James
Andrew Holden 01/Nov/15 Lead
Alpenglow 31/Oct/15 Lead rpt

Very wet, climbed in the rain

with Alice B, NUMC
Mike Turner 25/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with Joshua Turner
MFB 24/Oct/15 Lead

Wet and dark - a moment of confusion when we realised rope to short to rap gully - up and over to finish

with James
MFB 22/Oct/15 Solo


dkd 17/Oct/15 -
with Sue Fox, Trevor
j.buckley87 16/Oct/15 Lead O/S
MFB 14/Oct/15 Solo

Shooting star

MFB 13/Oct/15 AltLd dnf

James first lead placing own gear, dark, jk p1, James K p2, walked off after p2

with James
MFB 11/Oct/15 Lead

On way to gimmer

with James
MFB 10/Oct/15 Solo
dapperdan 03/Oct/15 Lead
Topsy Turvy 01/Oct/15 Solo

on the way to gimmer

Pero 01/Oct/15 Solo
MFB 28/Sep/15 Solo
MFB 25/Sep/15 Lead
with Arthur
Kitesurfer 23/Sep/15 Lead

Katie's first multi-pitch (my second!).

Max Clarke 23/Sep/15 AltLd O/S
Scooty 23/Sep/15 2nd
RM199 20/Sep/15 Lead rpt

In trainers

with Dad
schristophersmith 19/Sep/15 AltLd O/S
Chris the Tall 19/Sep/15 Solo
simon1965 19/Sep/15 Solo O/S

Awesome start to an immaculate day in the hills.

with Si Willshire, Scot slim boy, Tim, dom, paul, Chris Tall
MFB 18/Sep/15 Solo

12 mins

MFB 18/Sep/15 Solo
MFB 12/Sep/15 Solo

Wet - after rain, had to change into rock boots halfway up final pitch

MFB 08/Sep/15 Solo
DaveBentley 07/Sep/15 Solo

Climbed en-route to Gimmer from Raven. Rather polished, but a great route to get over to Gimmer

with Josh Smith
MFB 05/Sep/15 Solo
Paulo H 30/Aug/15 AltLd O/S
pob 30/Aug/15 Lead

Climbed as a three with Kyle Bishop on his first Multi Pitch experience....

with Pob
MFB 29/Aug/15 Solo
Hidden 27/Aug/15 TR O/S
MFB 24/Aug/15 Solo

Sore ribs

Hidden 23/Aug/15 AltLd O/S
chrisrogers 23/Aug/15 AltLd O/S

Climbed on fabulous sunny day (though very windy). I led the last pitch.

with Jim McAlpin
JulesClimbs 19/Aug/15 Lead O/S

Lead all 3 pitches, Adam's first multi-pitch

with Adam
MFB 18/Aug/15 Solo

And scramble

Hidden 17/Aug/15 AltLd
Robbie Blease 17/Aug/15 AltLd O/S
with Clare
Oli Beswick 15/Aug/15 AltLd
ajc255 14/Aug/15 2nd
MFB 13/Aug/15 Solo
Hidden 11/Aug/15 Solo
lanky and weak 08/Aug/15 Solo

In trainers.

thrutch 08/Aug/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/Aug/15 Lead O/S
ChelseyRoberts ?/Aug/15 AltLd O/S

lead all pitches. 1st pitch started on the severe crack to the left.

VictoriaPancake ?/Aug/15 2nd
TGreen 30/Jul/15 AltLd rpt
with Martin G
shaun hunt 25/Jul/15 AltLd O/S
MFB 25/Jul/15 Solo

Off to Spain

Ste Ridd 25/Jul/15 AltLd

On the way to Gimmer Crag

with Shaun Hunt, Danny
Hidden 24/Jul/15 Lead
Hidden 24/Jul/15 2nd
BPaske 23/Jul/15 -
with Matt Morris
Dominic_H 19/Jul/15 Lead
with Steph Houseman
MFB 18/Jul/15 Solo
cas smerdon 16/Jul/15 AltLd
with Mark S
Hidden 16/Jul/15 AltLd
spotton 11/Jul/15 AltLd

Beautiful sunny day, climbed with Pete as belated birthday present. Lead pitches 1 and 3 :)

MFB 11/Jul/15 Solo
MFB 10/Jul/15 Solo
MFB 08/Jul/15 Lead
with Jane Saxon
Hidden 08/Jul/15 -
Peter Metcalfe 05/Jul/15 Solo

As an approach to Gimmer - highly recommended

MFB 04/Jul/15 AltLd

james leads parts of middlefell

with James
spenser 04/Jul/15 AltLd O/S

Got confused by the guidebook description for the first pitch and went completely the wrong way. Abbed off from the tree as the weather was threatening to turn. Led both pitches.

with Craig Harrison
MFB 03/Jul/15 Solo
petegunn 03/Jul/15 Lead
with Davina
Hidden 03/Jul/15 2nd rpt
MFB 30/Jun/15 Solo
blakey 28/Jun/15 Lead
mitch 27/Jun/15 AltLd

Did the open corner start intend of chimney (accidentally)

with Vicky Hoolohan
jonmurua 27/Jun/15 2nd O/S
Fellmonkey 27/Jun/15 Lead O/S
MFB 21/Jun/15 Lead

fathers day treat

with family
MFB 20/Jun/15 Solo

And scramble

Wayne S 20/Jun/15 AltLd O/S
Hidden 20/Jun/15 AltLd O/S
MitchdaWalla 20/Jun/15 Lead O/S
MFB 13/Jun/15 Lead
with James
Hidden 13/Jun/15 AltLd O/S
craig naylor 12/Jun/15 AltLd O/S
with nic b, Dervey
robhunt 12/Jun/15 Lead
mattskeet1982 12/Jun/15 2nd
with rob hunt
MFB 11/Jun/15 Solo
The Norris 08/Jun/15 AltLd O/S

Lovely day out

with Gem
MFB 07/Jun/15 Lead

Eddie (7) enters world of multi pitch trad

with Eddie
BRoe 07/Jun/15 Solo rpt
with Chris Ensoll
pob 07/Jun/15 Lead O/S

first 3 pitch multi pitch, the start up the chimney was tougher than expected... :-)

with Pob
lukerathmell 06/Jun/15 Lead
with Rachel Bennett
C Witter 05/Jun/15 2nd O/S

Went up in wind and rain to eat our lunch... Enjoyed my first abseil on the way down.

with Gwladys Govin, Pete R, Joe R
PeteVal 04/Jun/15 AltLd
jimmatthews 04/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with Elayna S
Hidden 03/Jun/15 Lead rpt
MFB 31/May/15 Solo
MFB 30/May/15 Solo
foostu4 30/May/15 Lead O/S
butleraj 26/May/15 2nd

2nd time outside, still finding my feet. Found the first pitch more difficult than subsequent pitches. This might just be down to my confidence increasing after initial nerves at being back out on rock again.

with Luke Barley
Tom McCabe 26/May/15 2nd O/S
Circus 26/May/15 Lead O/S

Finished up curtain wall en route to Gimmer.

with Seren
Henry Brett 26/May/15 Lead
MFB 24/May/15 Solo

and scramble

MFB 23/May/15 Solo

and scramble

MFB 22/May/15 Solo

and scramble

MFB 17/May/15 Solo

and scramble

piplarter 17/May/15 2nd O/S

First ever multi pitch route and loved every minute even if it was a tad chilly in the wind!

with Joe McNamee
MFB 16/May/15 Solo

and scramble

Wesley Orvis 16/May/15 Lead
robhunt 16/May/15 Lead
with Theresa
MFB 14/May/15 Solo

to gimmer

with james perkins
Hidden 14/May/15 AltLd
MFB 12/May/15 Solo
youwillfindjimbo 09/May/15 Solo O/S
John Kettle 09/May/15 Lead

Guiding, 3 ascents in 3 hours.

MFB 04/May/15 Solo

and scramble

tomowen13 04/May/15 Lead
with Alice
XTRdigital 04/May/15 Lead O/S
jonathan_doyle 04/May/15 Lead O/S
with Catherine Rose
MFB 02/May/15 Solo

wet and scramble

MFB 01/May/15 Solo

and scramble

ruthea99 01/May/15 Lead O/S
with Peter
adambaker ?/May/15 Lead
Hidden ?/May/15 2nd
aljones91 29/Apr/15 Lead

Guiding day

MFB 26/Apr/15 Solo

round trip 1/2 hr from house, bike to middlefell farm

Pete Rigby 23/Apr/15 Solo
with Dave S
wheelo 23/Apr/15 AltLd
with foggy
Rog Wilko 23/Apr/15 Lead

Started via the Right Hand Wall variant (v2 in latest guide). Probably worth V Diff as it's steep and protection is sparse (even sparser if you're not carrying cams. Enjoyed making a re-acquaintance with this venerable old classic on a day of superb weather.

with Debbie Wilkinson
MFB 23/Apr/15 Solo
Simnel 23/Apr/15 AltLd

On the way to Gimmer

with Alan
Stephen Shaw 22/Apr/15 Lead

With Jen & Woden bumped into Leo Houlding half way up

cas smerdon 22/Apr/15 Lead
with Mark S
MFB 21/Apr/15 Solo
Hidden 19/Apr/15 -
MFB 18/Apr/15 Solo

and scramble

peteJ23 18/Apr/15 AltLd rpt
Deako 18/Apr/15 AltLd
with peteJ23
MFB 16/Apr/15 Solo

and scramble above

MFB 15/Apr/15 Solo

and scramble

bwestwood 15/Apr/15 -
George Milligan 14/Apr/15 2nd O/S
with Michael Haywood
MFB 10/Apr/15 Solo

night after building shed

MFB 09/Apr/15 Solo

first ring ouzel of this year

tommccluskey 09/Apr/15 Solo rpt

Up and down. Beautiful evening

with Jess
Calum Wadsworth 08/Apr/15 AltLd rpt
with Emma
Hidden 08/Apr/15 -
MFB 06/Apr/15 Solo
MFB 05/Apr/15 Solo
MeMeMe 05/Apr/15 Lead

Yes, 5 of us on Middlefell buttress on a bank holiday! Luckily it was strangely quiet and there was no queuing. Did 1st pitch only due to friends having to get off home.

with Joe, Alice, Aids, Ada
MFB 03/Apr/15 Solo

and scramble

Samuel Wainwright 30/Mar/15 Lead O/S

In B3s.. pretty chilly in those 80mph gusts!

Hidden 30/Mar/15 2nd O/S
MFB 30/Mar/15 Solo


Hidden 28/Mar/15 Lead
Joshcastril 22/Mar/15 Solo
MFB 22/Mar/15 Solo

and scramble above by end of day 3 three trips to raven crag and a romp around bottom of Band with boys

bobstones 22/Mar/15 Lead O/S

Started on the RHS sloping crack which is much harder the Diff and a bit rubbish. The rest is great and enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

MFB 21/Mar/15 Solo
Killianmurphy 20/Mar/15 Solo O/S
MFB 19/Mar/15 Solo
MFB 17/Mar/15 Solo
MFB 15/Mar/15 Solo
MFB 14/Mar/15 Solo
BenedictIEP 14/Mar/15 Lead
Mike Hewitt 14/Mar/15 AltLd O/S

Done in stiff boots, felt ok

with Phil Hewitt
Leleanor93 14/Mar/15 2nd O/S
MFB 13/Mar/15 Solo
Peter Metcalfe 08/Mar/15 Solo
Joshcastril 08/Feb/15 AltLd
Hidden 08/Feb/15 AltLd rpt
MFB 30/Jan/15 AltLd

bit snowy but enough rock to make ascent easy, descent was interesting - sunny - brilliant

with MB
MFB 19/Jan/15 Solo

sunny but snowy descent - up and over

MFB 15/Jan/15 Solo dnf


MFB 13/Jan/15 Solo
xusa 04/Jan/15 2nd O/S

-3C cold, very cold

Elastic Jones 04/Jan/15 Lead rpt

Very Cold....oh, and Spanny crapped herself.

with Spanny
MFB 03/Jan/15 Solo

snow on descent - date of this ascent is only approx

kn ??/2015 Lead
chris skipton ??/2015 AltLd
nathan.h90 ??/2015 Solo O/S
MFB 31/Dec/14 Solo

and scramble above

MFB 30/Dec/14 Solo

go pro!

MFB 14/Dec/14 Solo dnf

Very wet with gale force wind - self belay off lanyards but given the reasonable chance of testing the system because of the high winds and the high fall factor involved snuck off into Middlefell gully after 2nd pitch

MFB 07/Dec/14 Solo dnf

rescuing 2 stuck ropes. climbed the abseil decent with shunt wet (cold)

greylag ?/Dec/14 Lead
MFB 30/Nov/14 Solo

met (iron) Mike - he had done colton MacIntye in autumn

Matt Amos 29/Nov/14 Lead O/S
Dexter JW 29/Nov/14 2nd O/S
MFB 21/Nov/14 Lead

With Jame and Cameron random boulderers

s1362083 21/Nov/14 2nd
MFB 20/Nov/14 Solo
MFB 18/Nov/14 Solo
MFB 16/Nov/14 Solo
with MB
Hidden 16/Nov/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 16/Nov/14 Lead rpt
MFB 15/Nov/14 Solo

damp, busy

Roch 15/Nov/14 AltLd O/S
TacticalKnee 15/Nov/14 Lead
Hidden 15/Nov/14 AltLd O/S
ChrisRich 15/Nov/14 AltLd O/S
farmus21 09/Nov/14 Lead

Wet. Very wet. Big boots. V2 start in frcc 2013 Castration Crack?

with Kathy
MFB 07/Nov/14 Solo
Dave 88 01/Nov/14 AltLd O/S

Raining sideways! Good fun though and a cracker at Diff. Would make a great solo or first multi-pitch. ODG after.

with Jack
MFB 28/Oct/14 Solo

wet and windy, death gully finish (raven gully) all scary

mksmith35 23/Oct/14 AltLd rpt
Hidden 20/Oct/14 2nd
MFB 14/Oct/14 Solo


MFB 11/Oct/14 Solo

first head torch of season

MFB 04/Oct/14 Solo


MFB 28/Sep/14 Solo
Adamski1986 27/Sep/14 Lead
Kathryn Clare 27/Sep/14 2nd
James_Kendal 22/Sep/14 Lead rpt
with Curon
wildbill 22/Sep/14 AltLd O/S

Skipped the first pitch. I lead the second pitch and Nathan led the third pitch.

with Nathan
curon 22/Sep/14 2nd O/S

First multipitch

with James
Captain America 22/Sep/14 AltLd
MFB 21/Sep/14 Solo

hot and sunny

Stephen Halliday 21/Sep/14 2nd
with Ralph Arrigoni, Neil Halliday
Hidden 20/Sep/14 2nd β
Roberttaylor 18/Sep/14 Solo O/S
with Mehmet Karatay
Michael.paparakis 13/Sep/14 2nd

with Max.

Michael.paparakis 13/Sep/14 Solo rpt
karlb 13/Sep/14 AltLd O/S
Smeghead 13/Sep/14 AltLd
with Karl bamford
MFB 07/Sep/14 Solo
Hidden 07/Sep/14 Solo O/S
MFB 05/Sep/14 Solo
Adrenalin360 05/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Sep/14 Lead
sophism 01/Sep/14 2nd O/S

Second ever outdoor route.

with Jo, Steveo87
Hidden ?/Sep/14 AltLd
Caitlin ?/Sep/14 AltLd
with Andy Mitchell
Marshall ?/Sep/14 AltLd
Wesley Orvis 30/Aug/14 Lead

With 7 year old Bruce and Sean.

Hidden 28/Aug/14 2nd O/S
MFB 25/Aug/14 Solo
with MB
Little B 18/Aug/14 Lead rpt

Isaac's first multi-pitch climb

with Isaac, Jane
paulh.0776 14/Aug/14 Solo
Simnel 05/Aug/14 Lead
with Sam, Hannah L
jacko120 04/Aug/14 AltLd
MFB 31/Jul/14 Lead
with max morch
Hidden 30/Jul/14 Solo
seanprendiville 29/Jul/14 AltLd
with Tessa
RLimmer 26/Jul/14 AltLd O/S
with Andrew Higgins
Hidden 26/Jul/14 AltLd O/S
Dave Richards 25/Jul/14 Lead O/S

Led with pack. Did right hand wall which felt a bit harder than Diff. Sarahs first multipitch.

with Sarah Rudge
Jimmy1976 24/Jul/14 AltLd rpt
with Simon
MFB 24/Jul/14 Solo


Simonj 24/Jul/14 AltLd O/S
with jim
jillb 23/Jul/14 AltLd

Mike Chambers and Dave Owen

JanBella 23/Jul/14 Lead rpt
bshill 23/Jul/14 AltLd O/S

With Severe Start (Lead with rest)

Wesley Orvis 20/Jul/14 Lead
Ste_b1978 13/Jul/14 Lead
with Darren
Gareth Waite 11/Jul/14 2nd
Alex 74 11/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Gareth
Hidden 09/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Binder 09/Jul/14 Solo O/S

Solo in big boots, except for the final pitch which we roped (Tom led). Very nice.

with Tom S
mauritanianpixie 09/Jul/14 2nd
with Conrad
MFB 08/Jul/14 Solo
MFB 07/Jul/14 Solo

Bad knee

MFB 05/Jul/14 Solo
Hidden ?/Jul/14 AltLd O/S
Hidden 30/Jun/14 Solo rpt
fall-line 29/Jun/14 AltLd O/S
with The General
ajt68 29/Jun/14 AltLd O/S
Hidden 29/Jun/14 AltLd O/S
Hidden 28/Jun/14 AltLd
riff156 23/Jun/14 AltLd O/S
with Jo Smith
MFB 21/Jun/14 Solo
Hidden 21/Jun/14 2nd
James_Kendal 14/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden 14/Jun/14 Lead rpt
Hidden 13/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 10/Jun/14 Solo
Hidden 08/Jun/14 Lead rpt
MFB 06/Jun/14 Solo
dodders 03/Jun/14 Lead
with Sandra
Topsy Turvy ?/Jun/14 Solo O/S
MFB 31/May/14 Solo

hot and sunny

paulh.0776 29/May/14 2nd
with PC
HelenWilson 28/May/14 AltLd
with Mark Eddy
MFB 27/May/14 Solo
with MB
gr385 27/May/14 -
Hidden 21/May/14 2nd
MFB 19/May/14 Lead

threat of rain and lightening - jamies first climb

with jamie beecham
MFB 17/May/14 Solo


Hidden 17/May/14 2nd β
Chris Huntington 17/May/14 Lead O/S
Al Aston 17/May/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/May/14 Solo O/S
MFB 05/May/14 Solo
gav 05/May/14 Lead O/S
with Anna
mjackson 05/May/14 Lead
amaciejk 05/May/14 2nd
with Gavin
Happy Haggis ?/May/14 2nd

First time trying the full body "over the bump" harness. Rather wet conditions!

MFB 27/Apr/14 Solo
swmackey 25/Apr/14 Lead O/S
MFB 21/Apr/14 Solo
Dave192939 20/Apr/14 Lead O/S
tommccluskey 20/Apr/14 AltLd rpt
with Dave
Fentonio 20/Apr/14 AltLd O/S
with Frazer Burley, Ben Brady
MFB 19/Apr/14 Solo
djking1983 19/Apr/14 AltLd O/S

Kirsten, Rosemary

Marmoset 18/Apr/14 2nd O/S
darrencabowabo 18/Apr/14 Lead O/S
lloydellis93 18/Apr/14 Lead O/S
MFB 17/Apr/14 Solo
Hidden 15/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/Apr/14 Lead
Hidden 13/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Wesley Orvis 13/Apr/14 Lead
Suzygirl 13/Apr/14 2nd
farmus21 04/Apr/14 Solo
Goose4 30/Mar/14 Solo O/S
MFB 29/Mar/14 Solo

death gully finish

Hidden 29/Mar/14 AltLd
Stephen Shaw 28/Mar/14 Lead
with Jen
lynn 28/Mar/14 2nd O/S
with mark eddy
lynn 28/Mar/14 2nd O/S
with mark eddy
Hidden 24/Mar/14 Lead O/S
BStar 23/Mar/14 Lead O/S

After rain but the rock was fast drying. Very easy climb, more of a scramble at the top which was good as there wasn't any great gear. Abseiled off at the tree, good tat already around the tree which saves leaving any behind. Did it in two pitches, almost short of rope at the top which left my options for setting up a belay quite narrow!

with Rachael
Rachael88 23/Mar/14 2nd
with Adam
tom.n.walker 23/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Kelly Mason
Hidden 17/Mar/14 Lead O/S
MFB 15/Mar/14 Solo

passed wesley and his mate

Wesley Orvis 15/Mar/14 Lead
Wesley Orvis 09/Mar/14 AltLd
MFB 09/Mar/14 Lead
with Isobel and James
ldgarrison 08/Mar/14 AltLd O/S
JanBella 07/Mar/14 Solo rpt
mrj_langley ?/Mar/14 Lead O/S
MFB 28/Feb/14 Solo
with MB
AnnaHeslop 22/Feb/14 2nd O/S
peter.ravenscroft27 04/Feb/14 Solo

cheeky cycle down langdale and a evening solo. lovely.

MFB 03/Feb/14 Solo
Dervey 30/Jan/14 Lead
with Rich
MFB 25/Jan/14 Solo

damp, very windy, hail squalls, scary

with MB
Danny Crump 24/Jan/14 AltLd
with Joe Redhead
jordan taylor 19/Jan/14 AltLd rpt

wet and big boots

Clay C 19/Jan/14 AltLd O/S
with George
67hours 18/Jan/14 AltLd O/S

Bit damp. In approach shoes. P2 & 3

with Clay
OliBangbala 14/Jan/14 Solo

Did the Severe start (not bad) then took the crack at the top rather than traversing left past it for a little spice.. makes a great solo

MFB 12/Jan/14 Solo
MFB 11/Jan/14 Solo
with MB
MFB 03/Jan/14 Lead


with tim corby
MFB 02/Jan/14 Solo


with MB
domhowell ??/2014 AltLd
with Danny
domhowell ??/2014 AltLd
with Danny
Hidden ??/2014 Lead
Alfie Conn ??/2014 -
winter hill1 ??/2014 AltLd
mileshill540 ??/2014 Solo
Hidden ??/2014 AltLd
Hidden ??/2014 2nd
MFB 31/Dec/13 Solo


JanBella 29/Dec/13 Solo rpt
MFB 25/Dec/13 Solo


with MB
MFB 24/Dec/13 Solo


MFB 17/Dec/13 Solo
with MB
Marti999 17/Dec/13 Solo O/S
MFB 11/Dec/13 Solo
MFB 10/Dec/13 Solo
with MB
Stuart Hurworth 30/Nov/13 2nd rpt

Climbed in big boots as a four at 10pm after a few in the pub! Excellent fun.

with Manchester Climbing Club
J.Atkins 30/Nov/13 AltLd
t8t9t8 30/Nov/13 2nd
MFB 28/Nov/13 Solo
MFB 24/Nov/13 Solo
MFB 19/Nov/13 Solo


Hidden 17/Nov/13 AltLd O/S
Oo 17/Nov/13 2nd

walking boots. wet. moved together over most of it.

MFB 16/Nov/13 Solo
Chubbs 16/Nov/13 -
MFB 13/Nov/13 Solo

wet DRY wet

Dawn_K_B 10/Nov/13 AltLd O/S

Did the Severe start, looked nicer than the chimney

Dan Geh 10/Nov/13 Lead rpt
with Freshers
JHiley 10/Nov/13 Lead

Climbed Middlefell Buttress with the v1 'right hand crack' start in the new guide.

with Josh, Sarah
sdixon 10/Nov/13 2nd
Lizzie B 10/Nov/13 Lead O/S
with UBMC
Hidden 09/Nov/13 Lead O/S
MFB 05/Nov/13 Lead rpt


with tim corby
HelenWilson 29/Oct/13 TR dnf

Freezing cold and wet. Rowan so cold she could barely speak. Did 1st two pitches from the right hand start and then I top-roped the (S) start of pitch 1. Lovely climbing...want to go back in warmer weather!!!

with Mark Eddy, Rowan Wilson
JamieSparkes 13/Oct/13 Solo O/S

Right wall start, on the way up to Gimmer. took the outside lane all the way to avoid congestion. Busy, polished, but definitely the best approach to gimmer - 35 minutes from base of middlefell to gearing up spot below bracket and slab.

MFB 01/Oct/13 Lead
with lucie
Wizzy ?/Oct/13 Solo O/S
paul birch 29/Sep/13 -
MFB 29/Sep/13 Solo
chris74 28/Sep/13 2nd O/S

Tom lead all pitches

with sean, Tom
Purely 28/Sep/13 AltLd O/S

Led 2nd and 4th pitches

with Rubisco
Elastic Jones 24/Sep/13 AltLd rpt
with Spanny
Andysomething 23/Sep/13 Lead rpt

Severe start up the left slanting crack

with Norman Bennett
Hidden 20/Sep/13 Lead O/S
Raggar 14/Sep/13 AltLd
with Bob s, Jon B
Stephen Shaw 13/Sep/13 AltLd
with Nick, Ian
MFB 12/Sep/13 Lead
with lucie
Hidden 10/Sep/13 Solo rpt
lanky and weak 10/Sep/13 Solo O/S
Jimbo C 01/Sep/13 AltLd O/S

The initial chimney was very polished and tricky. The rest is a very pleasant romp, made more fun by the fact that we were 'racing' a pair of mates to the top.

with Spiros
MFB 31/Aug/13 Solo
with MB
JanBella 28/Aug/13 Solo rpt
anaesthetic 26/Aug/13 AltLd O/S

Led 1st and last pitch this time. In approach shoes.

with Danny
Hidden 25/Aug/13 Lead O/S
rambler_gary 25/Aug/13 AltLd O/S

Nice! We turned the 1.25 hour guide time into more like 6 hours though.

with John W, Thomas
Hidden 25/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 25/Aug/13 Lead O/S
ElBarto 24/Aug/13 Solo dnf

Vicky wasn't able to lead the first pitch so came back down, I top roped up then soloed back down to retrieve gear.

with Vicky Hayes
ejellard 23/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
with Dave
dknibb 23/Aug/13 AltLd
with Ed
dmetcalfe 23/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with claire
tim exley 23/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 20/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 20/Aug/13 AltLd
Hidden 20/Aug/13 AltLd
Adi Hooper 19/Aug/13 Solo
with Jacek
hornbywill 16/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Moritz L 10/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
David Kay 09/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 08/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Lolly26 08/Aug/13 2nd O/S
MMarsden 07/Aug/13 2nd O/S
MFB 06/Aug/13 Solo
with MB
Simnel 04/Aug/13 Lead
with Hannah L
talldick 04/Aug/13 AltLd
Simonj 03/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
with jim
Jimmy1976 03/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
with Simon
Foghbags ?/Aug/13 Lead
Petarghh ?/Aug/13 -
cteakle ?/Aug/13 2nd
with Danny
CameronH ?/Aug/13 AltLd O/S

Led P2 and P4

with Carrie Holloway
Hidden 31/Jul/13 Lead O/S
MFB 27/Jul/13 Solo
jvarmstrong 27/Jul/13 AltLd
with Chris
Chris Manasseh 27/Jul/13 AltLd

On the way to Gimmer. Missed pitch 1

with John Armstrong
MFB 26/Jul/13 Solo
paulerussell 18/Jul/13 AltLd O/S
with Jason
MFB 14/Jul/13 Solo


Simnel 14/Jul/13 AltLd
with Ian, Hannah L
Rob84 13/Jul/13 AltLd O/S

Moving together en-route to Gimmer - fun little route

with Mason
Phil373 10/Jul/13 Lead O/S
DonkeyKong 10/Jul/13 Lead O/S

Lead the first pitch up the chimney. Found this VERY hard for a Diff. Not 100% sure I was in the right place.

with Mike O'Sullivan
iskra2000 10/Jul/13 Lead
with Clare Downie
MFB 09/Jul/13 Solo
MFB 08/Jul/13 Solo
MFB 07/Jul/13 Solo
Wesley Orvis 07/Jul/13 Lead

very busy and hot

Hidden 07/Jul/13 2nd
MFB 06/Jul/13 Solo
Hidden 06/Jul/13 Solo O/S
MFB 04/Jul/13 Solo
Wesley Orvis 03/Jul/13 Lead

started right slightly from the normal start due to rock fall around the pinnacle on the left and looked slightly dodgey.

MFB 01/Jul/13 Solo
Hidden ?/Jul/13 Solo
Hidden ?/Jul/13 Lead
jpd80 ?/Jul/13 AltLd
with Ashley
magik_bob ?/Jul/13 Lead
MFB 30/Jun/13 Solo


MFB 26/Jun/13 Solo
MFB 24/Jun/13 Solo
with solo
Kat4kgb 23/Jun/13 2nd
with Paul Mckenzie
Josh Hoyle 22/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
Paul_scott89 22/Jun/13 AltLd rpt

Adam lead first with alt leads leading ones we didnt lead last time! Did with another couple of lads! Good fun even with weather conditions that were not ideal!

bgreen3761 21/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
Hammy 20/Jun/13 Lead
with Sylvia Kiralyhazi
Szki 20/Jun/13 2nd
with Hammy
Hidden 19/Jun/13 2nd
MFB 18/Jun/13 Solo
MarkRoe 18/Jun/13 Solo rpt

As an approach to Gimmer Crag.

MFB 17/Jun/13 Solo
spadge 16/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Malcolm Brentwood
MFB 15/Jun/13 Solo
MFB 13/Jun/13 Solo
MFB 10/Jun/13 Solo
dodders 10/Jun/13 Lead
with Abi
Hidden 09/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
lcullum7 09/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
jonnysims 08/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Jun/13 TR dog
Thatcherite 08/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with James, Sarah Clarke
MFB 07/Jun/13 Solo
Adi Hooper 07/Jun/13 Lead
with Sarah
smithjmw46 07/Jun/13 Solo O/S

With full packs on our backs.

Wesley Orvis 07/Jun/13 Lead


Harry Shuell 05/Jun/13 Solo
MFB 05/Jun/13 Solo
MFB 04/Jun/13 Solo
Albanian 04/Jun/13 Solo O/S

solo with heavy rucksacks and trainers on route to gimmer

with Norman
Burty21 02/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/13 Lead
Hidden 31/May/13 Solo rpt
MFB 30/May/13 Solo
Bowzle 30/May/13 AltLd O/S
freemanTom 27/May/13 2nd

Just last pitch after climbing Lenses on way to Gimmer.

with Normal Steve, Roger Lord
alaster tonge 26/May/13 Lead O/S

no runners, on way to Gimmer

with Assad Lahlou
FrJ 25/May/13 AltLd
with Tim Hunting
albt 25/May/13 AltLd O/S
MFB 22/May/13 Solo
sims 21/May/13 AltLd O/S
with Fran and Jonno
shaun walby 19/May/13 AltLd O/S
with al Jackson
Greza 16/May/13 AltLd
with Sam
sjbrook 15/May/13 AltLd O/S
with Graham
mattking_109 14/May/13 AltLd
with Phil, Lizzie
Mickdenali 10/May/13 Lead O/S
with Sarah Walker, Pete Goble
MFB 07/May/13 Solo
Darrell Read 06/May/13 AltLd

Led 2&3, Ian led 1

with Rebecca Pollard, Ian Johnson
MFB 06/May/13 Solo
with john hempston
Paul_scott89 04/May/13 AltLd

First multipitch climb. Lead in 4 pitches I lead odds Adam lead evens. Has large belay ledges.

Adam Ake 04/May/13 AltLd O/S

Nice easy climbing, large belay ledges. Great first multi pitch

Hidden ?/May/13 Lead
Hidden ?/May/13 2nd
Hidden ?/May/13 Lead O/S
Tilt ?/May/13 Lead

first time moving 'alpine style' yike

with Gary Baines, Steve Watts
Marshall ?/May/13 2nd
with Dan Wiseman
Hidden 29/Apr/13 2nd rpt
Finn Curry 29/Apr/13 AltLd
Stephen Halliday 29/Apr/13 AltLd β
Rhian Kenny 27/Apr/13 2nd dog

Skipped the first pitch after a mare standing on top of the column. Really enjoyed the rest of the climb though. Unpleasant descent.

rem12112122 27/Apr/13 2nd

1 houre run

TallPaulT 27/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Willy Beman 27/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
fooforever 20/Apr/13 Lead O/S
spadum 13/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 13/Apr/13 2nd
Donald Kelly 07/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
with Andy PMC
Simonfarfaraway 04/Apr/13 Solo rpt
Little B 04/Apr/13 Solo rpt
with Simon
MFB 04/Apr/13 Solo

and scramble

with MB
Hidden 03/Apr/13 Lead dog
Hidden 30/Mar/13 Solo O/S
emmahanlon 30/Mar/13 2nd O/S
dainbramaged999 16/Mar/13 Lead

Stopped raining just as we started, the sun even came out half way up! Great climb apart from chimney start. Easy even when wet, would be good for taking beginners up

with Tara O'Neill
MFB 12/Mar/13 Lead
with lucie
Dan Geh 09/Mar/13 Lead O/S
with Freshers
MFB 06/Mar/13 Lead
with tony draper
tmawer 03/Mar/13 Solo rpt
with Jaime Robertson
Hidden 03/Mar/13 2nd O/S
Matt_Hardy 02/Mar/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 02/Mar/13 AltLd rpt
JohnBear 02/Mar/13 Solo
with Francis
Hidden 02/Mar/13 Solo O/S
91dave 02/Mar/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 02/Mar/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 02/Mar/13 2nd
Hidden 27/Feb/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Feb/13 Solo
aljones91 21/Feb/13 Lead
Chelsey Robinson 19/Feb/13 Lead O/S

First outdoor lead! Awesome day at Raven and great views over the langdale valley.

peter.ravenscroft27 18/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 14/Feb/13 Lead O/S
Metalbear ?/Feb/13 AltLd
with John James McEvoy
Hidden ?/Feb/13 Lead
James Mackin ?/Feb/13 -
Hidden ?/Feb/13 Solo O/S
Andy Syme 13/Jan/13 Lead O/S
with Alistair Glasson
Elastic Jones 09/Jan/13 Lead
hbradshaw16 ?/Jan/13 2nd
westong ??/2013 -
bclifton ??/2013 Lead
Hidden ??/2013 -
Shaw Brown ??/2013 Solo
Hidden ??/2013 -
Little B 29/Nov/12 Solo
Zonmatron 28/Nov/12 -
Wesley Orvis 25/Nov/12 Lead

in the wet with boots on

Hidden 24/Nov/12 Lead
aljones91 14/Nov/12 AltLd

Lead only last pitch...first lead though!!

Alpenglow 04/Nov/12 Lead O/S
with Cedric, NUMC
Hidden 04/Nov/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 04/Nov/12 2nd
Hannah Embleton ?/Nov/12 AltLd
anaesthetic 26/Oct/12 AltLd O/S

Lead long second pitch

with Bram
BTphonehome 26/Oct/12 AltLd rpt
with Annes
carl_123 21/Oct/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 21/Oct/12 Solo
Jamie Brown 20/Oct/12 AltLd rpt
Puma 20/Oct/12 AltLd
MarkRoe 14/Oct/12 AltLd rpt
BRoe 14/Oct/12 Solo O/S

Up and down

with Helene Roe, Mark Roe
Helene Roe 14/Oct/12 AltLd O/S
RichardThorpe 13/Oct/12 2nd
samuel.stevens 09/Oct/12 Solo
droberts 08/Oct/12 Solo O/S
joeflan 08/Oct/12 Solo O/S
Ian Jones 06/Oct/12 Lead rpt

Not as good as I remember it.

with Kate Brown
Hidden 06/Oct/12 Lead
HarryJeffery ?/Oct/12 AltLd
Hidden ?/Oct/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 23/Sep/12 AltLd O/S
IanHope 23/Sep/12 AltLd O/S
Vicky L 23/Sep/12 AltLd O/S
with Kev
dakidunn 23/Sep/12 AltLd
joe hallam 22/Sep/12 Solo O/S

really nice climbing. will be taking a group of beginners there pronto!

with matt dudman
Hidden 21/Sep/12 Solo O/S
Sam_Marsland 18/Sep/12 Lead O/S

In the dark (night climbing)

fulton333 15/Sep/12 -

speedy scramble up to gimmer

with Joe Fennel
adamwesthead 14/Sep/12 AltLd rpt

Lead pitches 1 & 3. Didn't do optional fourth pitch. Bit rainy. Down to ODG for beers after and bivy

with Zeb
zebster 14/Sep/12 AltLd O/S
with Adam
55pete55 09/Sep/12 AltLd
wheelo 08/Sep/12 AltLd

john did all ex first pitch

with john richmond
anth12 03/Sep/12 Lead O/S

P1: Me, P2: Matt, P3: Me.

with Matt
Hidden 02/Sep/12 AltLd O/S
evanofthefell ?/Sep/12 Lead
Slyven 31/Aug/12 Lead O/S

Raining! so very slippy, certainly made it more interesting

with roger
stu_dan 29/Aug/12 AltLd dnf
Calum Wadsworth 26/Aug/12 Solo O/S
with S.O.C
freemanTom 18/Aug/12 2nd
with Paul Davies, Richard Henton
daviesp2 18/Aug/12 AltLd
with Rich, Tom
RiPomc 18/Aug/12 AltLd
with Julie Cooke
JCookie 18/Aug/12 AltLd


with Richard Plater
Tim Rodgers 11/Aug/12 AltLd
Hidden 02/Aug/12 Solo
tomhull 01/Aug/12 AltLd rpt


Martin Davies 01/Aug/12 AltLd rpt

2 pitches to abseil tree, 1 more pitch to summit and walked onto Gimmer. Wet, slippery rock with big boots.

matt.budge ?/Aug/12 2nd
Wesley Orvis 28/Jul/12 Lead

with Ash on his first climb.

Hidden 27/Jul/12 Solo rpt
That Shallot 27/Jul/12 AltLd O/S

Last pitch

stoneback 27/Jul/12 AltLd O/S
with Mat
kato'sdad 22/Jul/12 Lead
with Karen Lewis, Jon Lewis
Hidden 22/Jul/12 2nd
crag_hopper_Jay 21/Jul/12 Lead rpt

Climbed this on the way to Gimmer Crag, easier than the walk up the hill.

sunshine.hannah 21/Jul/12 2nd

Very popular climb - there were 4 parties in all. Luckily we arrived just in time to be first and moved quickly. There are some very interesting bits especially if you have a hat and rucksack on! Great way to reach Gimmer crag.

Hidden 21/Jul/12 AltLd
nevets1984 11/Jul/12 Lead β
Blurgy319 08/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with Ian Kirk
Hidden 06/Jul/12 AltLd
stephen.W-S ?/Jul/12 -
GC 25/Jun/12 Lead O/S

Very slippery on the polish!

swintle 25/Jun/12 2nd

Didn't like the move up to/off the pinnacle near top of 1st pitch. Enjoyed it although somehow we made it take forever! Some tricky moves for a diff but then some really easy moves as well. Nice views

Hidden 25/Jun/12 Lead
gw3285 24/Jun/12 AltLd
stratandrew 24/Jun/12 AltLd O/S

On way up to Gimmer. Wet from heavy rain. Colin P1 & P3. Me P2. Good old fashioned Diff but very polished.

with Colin Maddison
Radioactiveman 14/Jun/12 2nd β


Little B 14/Jun/12 Lead rpt
with Karl
Hidden 11/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Jun/12 Lead
Matt1234 04/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Jun/12 AltLd
Dr Rorlasaurus 03/Jun/12 AltLd

Best diff ever.

Stuart Hurworth 03/Jun/12 AltLd rpt

Climbed again - doing first pitch this time and taking the proper route up the chimney then trending left.

with Dave Wilson
alexanderbeetle 03/Jun/12 AltLd
kim.mulji 02/Jun/12 AltLd O/S

Mostly in approach shoes - with a large pack! Tricky!

with Sarah
Hidden 02/Jun/12 Lead
SarahMae ?/Jun/12 -
with Neil
jules1990 29/May/12 Solo O/S
Homer 29/May/12 AltLd O/S
with Nat Norris, joss halford
Nat norris 29/May/12 Solo
with joss halford
Hidden 27/May/12 AltLd
Hidden 27/May/12 Lead O/S
Stuart Hurworth 27/May/12 AltLd O/S

Nice easy climb, first moves are hardest - ran 2nd & 3rd pitch as one. Abbed off tree, rather than continue up the top buttress. The obvious triangular handhold on the first move is loose and is supporting the spike above - take care on this!

Andrew Lodge 26/May/12 Solo O/S

Good route up to Gimmer, much more fun then the slog up the scree

bullybones 25/May/12 -
petegunn 24/May/12 Lead
with Davina, Louise
jacktomlinson 24/May/12 AltLd O/S
Wesley Orvis 23/May/12 Lead
tk1991 21/May/12 2nd
with Tom Kirby
Wesley Orvis 20/May/12 Lead

started with middle fell then stickle gill and Jack's Rake.

JanBella 16/May/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 16/May/12 AltLd
DGY 12/May/12 Lead
with John & Graham
Hidden 12/May/12 AltLd rpt
GeorgeWoodward 12/May/12 Lead
Simnel 06/May/12 AltLd

Severe start.

with katyhope, Ian, Katy, Mark, Tony S
Hidden 06/May/12 Lead O/S
John-Henry 06/May/12 Lead O/S
andrew549 06/May/12 AltLd
tjsx101 06/May/12 AltLd O/S

abbed off just before the top as we ran out of time.

with Chris Playfoot
katyhope 06/May/12 AltLd O/S
with Mark Dunn, John L, IanHope, Tony Shorter
dakidunn 06/May/12 AltLd
with Simnel
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 05/May/12 AltLd O/S
with Mick Sissons
Hidden 05/May/12 AltLd
Graeme Hammond 05/May/12 Solo O/S

did the sev start too.

Hidden ?/May/12 2nd
Hidden ?/May/12 -
Ian Hinkins 28/Apr/12 Solo
with Becki, Duncan
Hidden 28/Apr/12 AltLd O/S
Marcusk 28/Apr/12 Lead O/S

Lovely climb with plenty of protection and positive holds and spacious belay stances

with Jon
JonJavlin 28/Apr/12 2nd O/S
with Marcus Kenyon
Wesley Orvis 25/Apr/12 Lead

lead firt pitch and abb'd off due to the cold, wind and rain

Hidden 21/Apr/12 Lead O/S
DGY 20/Apr/12 Lead dnf
Hidden 18/Apr/12 Solo O/S
troutbeck 16/Apr/12 Solo
colinthomson5 15/Apr/12 2nd O/S
with Steven Holmes, John Hillman
NeilPrickett 12/Apr/12 AltLd O/S
with Dan Vaj
Hidden 11/Apr/12 Lead rpt
Sally Hudson 11/Apr/12 Lead
with Erika Forbes, Kate Woolley
Hidden 11/Apr/12 Lead
alanrsv 11/Apr/12 2nd
with Josh Hall
jamieconnolly 10/Apr/12 AltLd O/S
MichaelJRichings 10/Apr/12 AltLd O/S
CraigMcAteer 08/Apr/12 Lead
with rachel hyett
mr random 06/Apr/12 AltLd O/S
with Richard Rampling
alpinebutterfly 04/Apr/12 -
Hidden 01/Apr/12 Lead
TheLiz 01/Apr/12 Lead
with Josh
Hidden ?/Apr/12 2nd O/S
williambovington ?/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 31/Mar/12 AltLd
Hidden 28/Mar/12 2nd
PaulHermes 25/Mar/12 AltLd O/S

Perfect weather for March and so pleased we had an "Alpine Start" due to clocks going forward!!

with Tibor
Hidden 25/Mar/12 Lead
thomaspomfrett 24/Mar/12 Solo
with Dan Slome
Hidden 22/Mar/12 AltLd rpt
ihatecheese 22/Mar/12 AltLd O/S
MarkRoe 22/Mar/12 Solo O/S

Moving together

Hidden 21/Mar/12 Solo
Hidden 19/Mar/12 2nd
Marq 18/Mar/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Solo
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Mar/12 Solo
nicoleh 18/Mar/12 2nd

First outdoor climb, loved it!

tcn_2002 18/Mar/12 Lead
Hidden 17/Mar/12 AltLd rpt
Andy27 14/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with Mike Norbury
BeckyPayne 14/Mar/12 2nd O/S
nickcj 12/Mar/12 Lead rpt
victim of mathematics 11/Mar/12 Solo rpt
James Oswald 11/Mar/12 Solo O/S

Very cool. Done again to access Gimmer. Ace

with Colin Angus
Hidden 10/Mar/12 AltLd O/S
nickcj 10/Mar/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 08/Mar/12 Solo β
Petarghh 05/Mar/12 Lead O/S

Moved together

luke harper 02/Mar/12 Lead O/S
ChrisGreen 01/Mar/12 Lead dnf

Decided to skip the last pitch and ab out due to weather.

with Ann S
andy gittins ?/Mar/12 Lead

22 degrees in the valley! recommend finishing up the curtain to the gimmer path and descent to odg.

with Annette
petekeron ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S


Hidden ?/Mar/12 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Mar/12 2nd
Sam_Marsland 29/Feb/12 Solo rpt
climbing son 25/Feb/12 Lead O/S
Amazoniangirl 25/Feb/12 2nd
Hidden 24/Feb/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 14/Feb/12 AltLd
Hidden 14/Feb/12 AltLd
Elise2977 ?/Feb/12 AltLd O/S
cem 29/Jan/12 AltLd O/S
Ramblin dave 29/Jan/12 AltLd O/S

In big boots. Cunningly let Charles lead the harder pitches. Subsequently went back and lead the alternate diff start while waiting for the others to finish their route.

with Charles I
babymoac 29/Jan/12 AltLd
with elise, Pete A
mksmith35 24/Jan/12 AltLd
Hidden 24/Jan/12 AltLd rpt
Hidden 22/Jan/12 Solo O/S
jules1990 14/Jan/12 AltLd O/S
with Sam Lavender, Lewis Fraser
Hidden 03/Jan/12 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Jan/12 AltLd rpt
sam_lav ??/2012 -
sam_lav ??/2012 -
Callum Anderson ??/2012 -
cballard ??/2012 -
Narked4fun ??/2012 -
a13x 30/Dec/11 AltLd rpt

Done in the pissing rain due to bordem caused by weeks of crap weather!

with James Stokes
crabtreer 22/Dec/11 AltLd
timjones 27/Nov/11 AltLd

Wet, very windy and very exhilarating! We just made it back into the pub before the real downpour started ;)

with Tim Scott
crag_hopper_Jay 20/Nov/11 AltLd O/S

Lead P1 and P3. Very polished but good non the less.

Hidden 19/Nov/11 2nd
r.greaves 19/Nov/11 Lead
with bob ellis
Hidden 19/Nov/11 Lead
Elastic Jones 19/Nov/11 Lead
with Suet
Krys81 17/Nov/11 Lead O/S

'Guided' 2 x novices, one above the other, me tied into middle of 60m rope, using normal belay device. Fiddley!

with 2 x 1st year novices
Hidden 14/Nov/11 Solo O/S
ImprovCadet 07/Nov/11 AltLd O/S
MeMeMe 06/Nov/11 Lead
with Amy
Mackinclimb ?/Nov/11 Lead
Hidden ?/Nov/11 AltLd O/S
nevets1984 24/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Deano100 23/Oct/11 2nd
with David M, Dave Q, Rob H
Hidden 20/Oct/11 AltLd O/S
mcglenr25 20/Oct/11 AltLd rpt
Craig Holden ?/Oct/11 2nd O/S

en masse

catjm ?/Oct/11 AltLd O/S
Hidden 29/Sep/11 Lead O/S
edmitchell 25/Sep/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 25/Sep/11 Lead O/S
emmarowe 25/Sep/11 2nd
Hidden 23/Sep/11 AltLd O/S
Hidden 20/Sep/11 2nd O/S
Paul-Michael 17/Sep/11 AltLd O/S

Crag very wet intermittent showers, climbed in big boots. I lead second pitch. Gear at the top of the second pitch is sparse but good especially if you have 50m ropes. Possible belay on ledge 1.5m below terrace.

Little B 15/Sep/11 AltLd rpt

In the dark - my first night climb. Sure to do more now. Fab view of red rising moon.

with Simon
Simonfarfaraway 15/Sep/11 AltLd
HeatReactor 02/Sep/11 AltLd O/S
PhilRigby ?/Sep/11 AltLd O/S
with Jon Lowe
crossdressingrodney 28/Aug/11 AltLd O/S
with David
Martin Davies 23/Aug/11 Lead rpt

In 3 pitches.

with Andy Feneley, Brandon Mitchell
Hidden 21/Aug/11 AltLd
Tom Keaveny 19/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Hans
Hidden 17/Aug/11 2nd
Hidden 15/Aug/11 Lead rpt
Snorfalorpagus 14/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Sam Fitton
vix 13/Aug/11 2nd rpt

In boots

with Jonny, chris
Hidden 13/Aug/11 2nd
joeydurkin 06/Aug/11 AltLd
Hidden 05/Aug/11 Solo
zoe.louise94 05/Aug/11 2nd

Several pitches, had belay to take upward pull

Joe Auty 04/Aug/11 AltLd O/S
tom_holdsworth 03/Aug/11 Lead
with Buffy Hiner
AmandaJG ?/Aug/11 TR
Mr Fuller 30/Jul/11 AltLd O/S

Led after Castration Crack start.

Hidden 26/Jul/11 Solo rpt
Andrew Craw 24/Jul/11 Lead
Andrew Craw 24/Jul/11 Solo
Hidden 23/Jul/11 Lead O/S
Carl Hanaghan 20/Jul/11 Lead
with Cath Smith, Grant
Sam_Marsland 15/Jul/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Jul/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Jul/11 AltLd
A Mountain Journey 15/Jul/11 AltLd
Hidden 12/Jul/11 2nd O/S
stouffer 10/Jul/11 Lead
with Deb
oliverk 10/Jul/11 Lead

Managed to acquire another 4 seconds on the final pitch

Hidden 10/Jul/11 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/11 AltLd
Jon Pilling 28/Jun/11 Lead O/S
with Matt Larsson-Clifford
Hidden 27/Jun/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Jun/11 Lead
pffft 25/Jun/11 AltLd rpt

With prospect of getting to Gimmer. Started raining and was already rather moist, skipped pitch one as chimney was dripping wet. Ran the rest together in two pitches. Wet and cold, decided it was time for pub and didn't go to Gimmer :(

Hidden 25/Jun/11 Lead
fulton333 25/Jun/11 Lead
Kirill 25/Jun/11 Lead O/S

in the rain

Simon Cahill 25/Jun/11 Lead O/S

Big boots, big rucksack, big rain & greasy made interesting climbing, walked up to Gimmer.

with Lee Paskin
Hidden 25/Jun/11 2nd
Hidden 25/Jun/11 -
Elastic Jones 23/Jun/11 AltLd
Oli Greg 22/Jun/11 AltLd
with John J
andrew.houghton 22/Jun/11 2nd O/S

first mutlipitch

ilona torstensson 14/Jun/11 Lead O/S
ritid 14/Jun/11 2nd rpt

good lead by ilona

RosieLynch 14/Jun/11 2nd O/S
with Mike Lynch
lukerockwalker 14/Jun/11 Lead
with Christina Turtle
Hidden 10/Jun/11 Lead O/S
keith hal 06/Jun/11 Lead O/S
with Iain Mckenzie
Hidden 06/Jun/11 2nd
Peter White 04/Jun/11 AltLd O/S
with Rachel Wilson
josephgrimwade 03/Jun/11 Lead O/S
with Laura Kirk
crossdressingrodney 03/Jun/11 Solo rpt

Soloed the standard line with the Diff start.

Tdavy01 03/Jun/11 Solo rpt
OERees 01/Jun/11 AltLd O/S

M.P L.P Trad D

CM1992 ?/Jun/11 AltLd
with Allan Miller
wilf 31/May/11 AltLd O/S

Nick P1, me 2&3

with nick f
paul79 28/May/11 AltLd O/S
fulton333 28/May/11 AltLd
Hidden 25/May/11 -
Tdavy01 25/May/11 Lead O/S
richardt 25/May/11 2nd O/S
with Sam Harrison, Alex Reid
Hidden 21/May/11 2nd
Mickdenali 14/May/11 Lead O/S
with dayszi, Linda Marshall
Liam Martin 14/May/11 AltLd rpt
Aaron Duke 14/May/11 AltLd O/S

lead last pitch

Hidden 08/May/11 AltLd
LittleJoe 03/May/11 AltLd O/S


Hidden 03/May/11 AltLd β
chris_r 03/May/11 AltLd O/S
JonBray 03/May/11 AltLd O/S
with Chris
msherelle 03/May/11 AltLd O/S
with Joe
twoplates 02/May/11 Lead O/S
with Claire Astbury
Celia Watson 02/May/11 2nd
Hidden 02/May/11 Lead
tinyali 01/May/11 AltLd O/S

P1&3 2nd; P2 (first half) Lead (Second half) 2nd. Mega windy

scott.hill 01/May/11 AltLd
with Alisa
Hidden ?/May/11 Lead
AdamDawson ?/May/11 AltLd O/S
YnysHir 30/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with Thomas
David_Gledson 29/Apr/11 Solo

Great for beginners/friends. Loads of optional belays so you could keep the pitches short.

Eike 29/Apr/11 Lead
with Colin McLean
ernie27uk 29/Apr/11 AltLd O/S

Partner lead the Severe start.

Hidden 29/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Ruth Allan 29/Apr/11 2nd
alexrankine30 28/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with Dad
heidavey 27/Apr/11 AltLd O/S


with Susi
red.stiletto 27/Apr/11 AltLd O/S
Hidden 25/Apr/11 AltLd RP
willworkforfoodjnr 25/Apr/11 Solo rpt
climbinmunkey 24/Apr/11 AltLd O/S

Used as the 'Mountaineering' approach to Gimmer. Nice route and made the Gimmer approach more adventurous.

with Helen
Lumbering Oaf 22/Apr/11 AltLd rpt

trad route to Gimmer crag

Graham Westbrook 22/Apr/11 AltLd O/S
Hidden 22/Apr/11 AltLd rpt
Hidden 19/Apr/11 AltLd
chelsea1 19/Apr/11 AltLd

lead pitch 2

Hidden 17/Apr/11 AltLd O/S
Jokon 17/Apr/11 AltLd O/S
ImogenJones 09/Apr/11 AltLd
Hidden 05/Apr/11 2nd
leewright 03/Apr/11 Lead O/S
with RHYS, Eve Mcvey
Hidden 01/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Alessandro Tentori ?/Apr/11 AltLd O/S
with Paolo Fubini
michael evans 30/Mar/11 2nd

It was a very good day; plus it was very wet and a bit windy but good fun! :0)

with Tim Lofthouse
Rosyk 22/Mar/11 2nd O/S
a13x 22/Mar/11 Lead rpt
with Pete Forsyth
Hidden 18/Mar/11 2nd O/S
Hidden 06/Mar/11 AltLd O/S
Nathancoward 05/Mar/11 AltLd rpt

Sam lead 1 and 3, I lead 2 and 4. Climbed with Sammie too. Cracking day out, sorry for holding up the group behind.

Sam..Oliver 05/Mar/11 AltLd

Brilliant day out, lead pitches 1 and 3 and nathan lead 2 and 4

Hidden 05/Mar/11 Lead rpt
zach.stone 05/Mar/11 Lead O/S
with Miles Horton
Anthony1 04/Mar/11 AltLd O/S
with John L
pffft 04/Mar/11 Solo O/S

After sebs dubious belay, thought I would give him a few lessons. Made him lead the whole thing while i soloed. Did it in 6 pitches and his belay building greatly improved. Good day :)

with Seb Roz
Simnel 04/Mar/11 AltLd

Led pitches 1 and 3 of 4.

with Tony S
nate1991 04/Mar/11 2nd rpt

very dry and no wind. was with experienced climber

Hidden 04/Mar/11 Lead rpt
greenroom 03/Mar/11 Solo
Pete Rigby ?/Mar/11 Lead

Moved together

with Kelli Roberts
Hidden ?/Mar/11 AltLd
kelliroberts3 ?/Mar/11 2nd

moved together

Scarlet_climber 24/Feb/11 2nd O/S

With Andy Turnbull

codenamel 24/Feb/11 AltLd O/S

First multi pitch!

Krys81 24/Feb/11 AltLd O/S

Climbed as 5 pitches. I lead 2nd and 4th.

jon_ridley 20/Feb/11 2nd O/S

seconded geoff. out with emily and andrew too.

markriddington 05/Feb/11 AltLd O/S
alaster tonge ?/Feb/11 AltLd O/S
with Will Boxal
evemcvey 30/Jan/11 2nd
Hidden 23/Jan/11 AltLd O/S
Rick Ashton 23/Jan/11 AltLd
with Martin ford
tobyk 20/Jan/11 Lead O/S

did in big boots! took the left hand finish, which was actually quite hard for diff, and without the ability of smearing.

with Emma Akam
Jonathan Spooner ??/2011 AltLd O/S
Hidden ??/2011 -
Hidden ??/2011 -
uphillnow ??/2011 -
Paul Boggis ??/2011 Solo
shaunduke ??/2011 2nd
with Gary Brumwell
Hidden ??/2011 AltLd
Hidden ??/2011 Lead
Xavier Evans ??/2011 -
Hidden 21/Nov/10 AltLd O/S
Hidden 20/Nov/10 AltLd O/S
Hidden 27/Oct/10 AltLd rpt
Harri777 27/Oct/10 AltLd

Naomi pitch 1, me pitch 2, Chiz pitch 3.

with Chiz, Naomi
NB Pixel 27/Oct/10 AltLd O/S
with Harri!
Plungeman 23/Oct/10 AltLd β

Jogged up to get to Gimmer

with Matt
radioshed 23/Oct/10 AltLd O/S

done in 2 pitches

with andy t
trevrack300 21/Oct/10 Lead

first trad multi pitch lead 1st and 3rd pitches !

with si rackley
Just-James 17/Oct/10 Solo O/S
jimmatthews 17/Oct/10 Solo
with simon kimber
andybroadway 09/Oct/10 Solo O/S
fanderson8 09/Oct/10 Lead O/S
muwasi 08/Oct/10 AltLd O/S
with tim
Adi Hooper 02/Oct/10 Lead

Soloed up and brought Louise up using direct belays.

with Louise Holmes
1918hasti 29/Sep/10 AltLd
Hidden 26/Sep/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 26/Sep/10 Solo
Chewie 24/Sep/10 Lead O/S

Easy climbing in a superb location. Lead all pitches.

Hidden 20/Sep/10 Lead
Hidden 19/Sep/10 -
dja 18/Sep/10 Lead rpt
with Jenn
Eunan 17/Sep/10 TR O/S
Gav Parker 12/Sep/10 2nd
daWalt 11/Sep/10 AltLd O/S
with Lisa
Rob Rocket 05/Sep/10 Lead O/S
with Dan
simon1965 04/Sep/10 AltLd O/S
with dom
duncana 04/Sep/10 AltLd

Moving together Alpine style, Pippa in front. Very polished

with Pippa Archer
Emma-Louise Anderson 03/Sep/10 Lead O/S

On route to Gimmer Crag

wheelo 30/Aug/10 2nd

I did one short pitch Jo did the last one!

with Jo
TRFrost 27/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 23/Aug/10 2nd
kato'sdad 23/Aug/10 Lead
pzkeeper 21/Aug/10 AltLd O/S
with Rob
Mark Stewart 17/Aug/10 TR
Hidden 15/Aug/10 Solo O/S
rgd1977 08/Aug/10 Lead O/S
beckybray1 08/Aug/10 2nd O/S
Danny Crump 04/Aug/10 AltLd O/S
with Richard Vaughan
kleinej 03/Aug/10 AltLd O/S

Led P1 and P3

with Robert
Hidden 03/Aug/10 Solo O/S
rd20 03/Aug/10 AltLd rpt


with Jason
Matt Schwarz 02/Aug/10 AltLd O/S

paddy lead 1 3 4, very traditional start amongst the blocks

with Paddy
nick221 02/Aug/10 AltLd

tricky start, s,

sausage 02/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with Duncan Ferguson, Nick Irlam
Duncan Ferguson 02/Aug/10 2nd O/S
with sausage
Daniel Heath 31/Jul/10 Lead O/S

Good climb to introduce someone else to multi pitch

Daniel Heath 31/Jul/10 2nd rpt

Will Hope led it

jonwright 31/Jul/10 AltLd
with peter
Hidden 28/Jul/10 Lead O/S
tomjh 24/Jul/10 AltLd O/S
with Gordon Benn
fulton333 24/Jul/10 AltLd
Dan_Staff 24/Jul/10 Lead O/S
with Will Brown, Simon Hall
Hidden 24/Jul/10 Lead O/S
sam2590 24/Jul/10 AltLd
KateBolton 23/Jul/10 AltLd O/S

Rob lead the first pitch and me the second. A really easy route, scamble really so a confident introduction to Lake District rock. Placing gear felt good and Rob said was bomber.

with Rob Beadnell
Hidden 16/Jul/10 2nd
Elastic Jones 14/Jul/10 AltLd rpt
Oli Greg 13/Jul/10 AltLd
Hidden 11/Jul/10 AltLd β
ablackett 07/Jul/10 -

Moved together but missed out P1 as wasn't sure of the route.

with Andy Wallace
maxkellock 06/Jul/10 Solo O/S
gregoldridge 03/Jul/10 Lead O/S

follow the polish. The first pitch is the trickiest.

with Mark Peasley
ciderspider 25/Jun/10 2nd

First climb on rock

Ciderslider 25/Jun/10 Lead O/S

First Trad climb for 30years

Porridge the climber 23/Jun/10 Lead rpt

With dad.

mcglenr25 23/Jun/10 AltLd O/S

Rock Climbing Skills Course

Hidden 22/Jun/10 AltLd
Vaughany89 22/Jun/10 AltLd
with Ryan McGlen
melvin 20/Jun/10 Solo O/S
with Simon Bennett
Guyinsas 19/Jun/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/Jun/10 Lead rpt
gcandlin 17/Jun/10 Solo O/S
tomhull 16/Jun/10 Solo rpt
Hidden 16/Jun/10 Lead
Guy Wilson 11/Jun/10 Solo
Hidden 11/Jun/10 Solo O/S
Liam Martin 09/Jun/10 Lead rpt
with Emma Martin
fionaholt 02/Jun/10 2nd
with jonny
climbingchica ?/Jun/10 Lead
mwat ?/Jun/10 AltLd
joscott ?/Jun/10 AltLd O/S
with Mike Clarke
willworkforfoodjnr 31/May/10 Lead O/S

Only placed gear at belays, done as part of the approach to Gimmer.

with Vicky
vix 31/May/10 2nd O/S
with chris
kylebradshaw 30/May/10 Solo O/S

climbed up and down

Dan_S 30/May/10 AltLd
Hanski 30/May/10 AltLd
with Jill Van de Meulen, Simon Kimber
Hidden 27/May/10 2nd
Alexstone 27/May/10 Lead O/S
with Gemma
Hidden 24/May/10 Solo
NHARRIS 23/May/10 AltLd O/S
zoeduffin 23/May/10 Solo

solo'd all except for 1 pitch !

Hidden 22/May/10 AltLd O/S
Hidden 22/May/10 Solo
Hidden 18/May/10 Lead
Little B 16/May/10 AltLd O/S
with Simon
Simonfarfaraway 16/May/10 AltLd
trish1968 15/May/10 AltLd

very polished

lucasp 15/May/10 AltLd O/S

Climbed moving together.

with keith lmc
jimhall 15/May/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/May/10 AltLd
KevB 14/May/10 Lead rpt


with Student
Hidden 13/May/10 AltLd O/S
Gumery 13/May/10 AltLd
gilbert 09/May/10 AltLd O/S

polished to buggery, more os a scramble

with Bob Appleyard
Andrew Wilson 09/May/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/May/10 2nd
Captain Solo 06/May/10 Solo
Hidden 04/May/10 Lead
j4kub 04/May/10 Lead

my first proper lead. awesome climb

with claire gibson
Hidden 02/May/10 2nd
johniebriggs ?/May/10 Lead
with Kas
Pete23 ?/May/10 AltLd
with Neil Robb
esther ?/May/10 AltLd
Pilksbanana 30/Apr/10 2nd rpt
critchlg 17/Apr/10 AltLd O/S

Start around the LH corner just up from the fence.

with Martin
Andy DB 12/Apr/10 AltLd O/S
with John, Dunk
Dunk-RB 12/Apr/10 2nd O/S
le_grimpeur 12/Apr/10 AltLd
with Dunk, Andy
naughtybadboy 11/Apr/10 2nd
with Trevor Willis
stimpey 11/Apr/10 Solo rpt
with Pete
petegunn 11/Apr/10 Solo
with Steve
carl_123 11/Apr/10 Lead O/S
perfectlynormalbeast 10/Apr/10 Solo O/S

A fun solo, used as approach to Gimmer. Pitch 3 was fun(!) without a rope.

pyro2312 10/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 10/Apr/10 Lead O/S
malc 09/Apr/10 Lead rpt
with Nick
Hidden 08/Apr/10 Lead
Lumbering Oaf 03/Apr/10 Lead rpt

Rach led alternative start, hard for a severe.

spragglerocks 03/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Nathancoward 26/Mar/10 Lead O/S

in the rain. missed final pitch, abseiled off gully on left.

Hexman 14/Mar/10 Lead O/S

In big boots

Roch 14/Mar/10 Lead

With Katie, Rad and Andy

with MRT
geoffmoss 11/Mar/10 AltLd

A 'Diff'. With Nige W. and Mike Bradfield. The walk off the top was bigger than I really wanted. I only just got back in time to pick the kids up from school, phew!

with Mike Bradfield, Nigel Wadsworth
ollyroberts 10/Mar/10 Lead O/S
with Pam
Pam Manning 10/Mar/10 2nd
with Olly
cjbaker 07/Mar/10 Lead O/S
with Harry Wright
tomB 07/Mar/10 Solo O/S
with John Dennis
hcaw 07/Mar/10 Lead O/S
nic42 06/Mar/10 Solo O/S
AndyT1151 05/Mar/10 Lead O/S
peterhall001 03/Mar/10 Lead O/S
JohnAI ?/Mar/10 AltLd
benrh09 20/Feb/10 Lead O/S

Alternative crack start.

with David Candlin
Andrew_ing 22/Jan/10 Lead
Hidden ??/2010 -
2spike ??/2010 -
alancash100 ??/2010 AltLd
Ken Taylor ??/2010 -
WillSilvie ??/2010 -
Hidden ??/2010 AltLd
innesmac ??/2010 -
A Mountain Journey ??/2010 Lead

Climbed many times, always enjoy it

graeme gatherer ??/2010 -
Hidden 13/Dec/09 AltLd rpt
Hidden ?/Dec/09 AltLd
Hidden 30/Nov/09 AltLd O/S
Lumbering Oaf 08/Nov/09 AltLd O/S

Led my pitches with the rucksack. V, get yer legs sorted! Nice climb, good holds, great view on the way up. Pleasant route all route all around - could be done in the wet :)

Hidden 08/Nov/09 AltLd
Hidden 07/Nov/09 Lead rpt
Hidden 22/Oct/09 AltLd rpt
Hidden 22/Oct/09 AltLd rpt
stimpey 17/Oct/09 Solo O/S
Ross Young 10/Oct/09 AltLd O/S
Plungeman 10/Oct/09 AltLd O/S

Climbed up a greasy chimney out of low cloud, finishing in good weather up curtain wall

with Emma, Ross
Hidden 27/Sep/09 Lead O/S
MartinN 26/Sep/09 AltLd O/S
yellowjersey 20/Sep/09 AltLd O/S
Slaney 20/Sep/09 Lead O/S

Nice climb, great weather, did pitches 3&4 as one - abb'd off the tree

with Trish
dazbarker 14/Sep/09 Solo O/S

Used shunt

Martin Bennett 14/Sep/09 Solo
Hidden 13/Sep/09 Lead
jdgaventa 12/Sep/09 AltLd

led middle section as a 50m pitch

with chris gribble
troutbeck 11/Sep/09 Lead
with Amy B
Jandors 11/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Alan Welsh
Hidden 11/Sep/09 2nd O/S
Jandors 11/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Alan Welsh
mountainbagger 10/Sep/09 Lead O/S

First successful multi-pitch lead entirely by ourselves, nobody helping! I suppose it was quite easy really - lovely big ledges for belays - just a succession of single pitch climbs basically. Did it with rucksacs and scrambled on upwards to the top of the hill (about Grade 1, so can unrope and boot up at the end of the official climbing). Perfect day for weather too.

with Mrs Mountainbagger
munki1971 05/Sep/09 Lead rpt
with n/a
Porridge the climber ?/Sep/09 Lead

Took 2 mates up, first ever climb for one. Hot sunny day. Top easy route.

Domin ?/Sep/09 Lead O/S
the colonel 17/Aug/09 2nd O/S

FiveTen approach shoes. Crux at start of 3rd pitch?

with Adam, Adrian
Adi Hooper 09/Aug/09 Lead
with Dave Rogers
Hidden 08/Aug/09 AltLd O/S
kitP 06/Aug/09 2nd O/S

first multi-pitch :)

with John
le_grimpeur 06/Aug/09 Lead


with Chris
jac00 05/Aug/09 2nd O/S
with Tom
tomtom89 05/Aug/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Aug/09 AltLd O/S
Alistair Everett 02/Aug/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 02/Aug/09 Solo O/S
edmund94 02/Aug/09 Solo O/S
Emma Whittaker 02/Aug/09 2nd
Teamwench ?/Aug/09 2nd
with Simon Rackley
GritstoneGob ?/Aug/09 AltLd O/S
Harry Holmes 27/Jul/09 Solo O/S
Martin Davies 25/Jul/09 Solo rpt
with Simon Platt
nakedave 25/Jul/09 -


Hidden 09/Jul/09 Solo rpt
tomhull 08/Jul/09 Solo

on route to gimmer

with matt harris
bbangbala 05/Jul/09 Lead O/S

First pitch only. Chimney is tricky for a diff but non-serious. Continued up Mendes.

with Matt Davies
ali newman ukc ?/Jul/09 2nd O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/09 Solo
Becks87 ?/Jul/09 2nd O/S
with Powsers
Hidden 29/Jun/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 28/Jun/09 Lead O/S
hazeysunshine 28/Jun/09 2nd

ab'd off in a downpour

Hidden 25/Jun/09 AltLd
kylieo 24/Jun/09 AltLd
with Phil
Liam Martin 13/Jun/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 13/Jun/09 -
gazb 13/Jun/09 2nd
Alex Thompson 06/Jun/09 AltLd O/S

Led 1st pitch, Anton 2nd, Jake 3rd. Nice easy route on empty stomach & pint of beer.

with Anton & Jake
munkeyseemunkeydo 05/Jun/09 2nd O/S

Moe's first multi-pitch lead.

with Moe
benrh09 ?/Jun/09 Solo O/S

first solo climb, great fun.

with Ben Bathgate
Hidden ?/Jun/09 Lead
Steven Andrews 31/May/09 Solo O/S
subflux 30/May/09 AltLd O/S

"Easy Chimney" at start ain't so easy with a rucksack full of bivvy gear! :)

with Mark Bryars
Hidden 24/May/09 Lead rpt
Mike H 24/May/09 Solo
with Jamie Smith
tomhull 24/May/09 Lead
with lou lockley
Hidden 23/May/09 Lead
LardClimber 23/May/09 -
with Nic Dynes
tavarua 23/May/09 Lead O/S
with Sarah
mark88 23/May/09 Lead


with Martin Chick & Mike Ainsworth
tomhull 18/May/09 AltLd
with matt harris
Hidden 12/May/09 AltLd O/S
Wesley Orvis 10/May/09 2nd
Martin McPhillie 09/May/09 AltLd O/S

Led Pitch 2.

Ewan Russell 03/May/09 AltLd O/S

Kaushick's first leads(pitches 1 and 2) I did 3rd, also his first abseil. Classic moment before I seconded first pitch when nick reminded him that he needed to put me on the belay plate before saying "climb when ready!"

with Kaushik
Luke Jones 02/May/09 AltLd O/S

4 Pitches, Lead Pitches 2&4

with tom
Will Hunt 02/May/09 AltLd rpt

Approach to Gimmer. Lead 1st and last. Martin's 1st multipitch.

with Martin McPhillie
tscoobydoo ?/May/09 Lead O/S

alternative severe start...nice climb

with colin cook
Hidden ?/May/09 AltLd O/S
taps323 ?/May/09 AltLd
Hidden 27/Apr/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Apr/09 Solo O/S
Nicholas Livesey 25/Apr/09 Lead
with Vicky Cumming
Hidden 18/Apr/09 Lead rpt
Hidden 17/Apr/09 AltLd
wheelo 16/Apr/09 AltLd
with cas
natalie28 16/Apr/09 AltLd O/S

Did in 5 pitches....my first proper outside multipitch. I led pitches 1,2 and 4. Ann led 3 and 5.

with Ann
cas smerdon 16/Apr/09 AltLd

ann and natalie followed

with john wheeler
sharpie530 16/Apr/09 Lead rpt
with kathryn
Hidden 11/Apr/09 Lead
Fatclimber 11/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Dean Chapman
James Malloch 09/Apr/09 2nd O/S

First outside climb, good day out, rock was wet, bit of rain & wind. Rob led & I followed.

with Robert Humphries
RANGITOTO 07/Apr/09 AltLd
with Steve Thompson
Hidden 06/Apr/09 AltLd O/S
decs 06/Apr/09 Solo
Hidden 05/Apr/09 Solo
Ste Ridd 05/Apr/09 Solo

Climbed as a assent route on our way to Gimmer. Wet and done in boots.

John Berry 05/Apr/09 AltLd O/S

Exiting stuff for a dif would put a v in front personally

with Allan
pete40 05/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Sarah
sarah13 05/Apr/09 2nd O/S
with pete (lead)
berry_a 05/Apr/09 AltLd O/S

Excellent introduction to Multi-pitching. 4-pitches. First and last were hardest but also shortest.

Timo Austino 04/Apr/09 Lead O/S

Cold and v windy - blown up the hold route but still beats crimping plastic!! Back t'van in time for the down pour! Great fun

with Nats
bullwinkle 04/Apr/09 Solo rpt
tebs 04/Apr/09 Solo O/S
RGreig ?/Apr/09 Lead
Hidden 22/Mar/09 AltLd O/S
Hidden 22/Mar/09 AltLd β
Dave Wearing 22/Mar/09 AltLd
with Sandra Handcock
simonfife 18/Mar/09 AltLd rpt
with Claire Astbury
nigsims 24/Feb/09 AltLd O/S
with Rob
johniebriggs ?/Feb/09 Lead
tomguyowenhall ?/Feb/09 2nd

3 pitches

gazb ??/2009 -

graet views and nice day

christine1988 ??/2009 2nd O/S
with Neil Dowse
beaumap ??/2009 -
Simnel ??/2009 Lead
with Steve O'B
rockhuggerjamie ??/2009 AltLd O/S
with Steve Figg
rockhuggerjamie ??/2009 AltLd O/S
with Steve Figg
Seymore Butt ??/2009 -
folksi ??/2009 -
gordon henderson 31/Dec/08 Lead O/S
with Kerry Johnstone
Nevis_Ben 31/Dec/08 Lead
Hidden 25/Dec/08 2nd
PondLife 23/Dec/08 AltLd O/S
with Dan Martyr
Hidden 11/Dec/08 Solo
jayme 01/Dec/08 Lead O/S

Big winter boots and snow. Good fun

Hidden 01/Dec/08 2nd O/S
sarah87 21/Nov/08 AltLd O/S

lead pitch 1, 3, 5 and 6

with Chris Prescott
Hidden 21/Nov/08 Lead O/S
KevB 17/Nov/08 AltLd O/S


with Chaz
sharpie530 16/Nov/08 AltLd
Hidden ?/Nov/08 AltLd
Hidden 12/Oct/08 Solo rpt
Andy Moles 12/Oct/08 Solo O/S
with -
Hidden 28/Sep/08 Solo rpt
Hidden 27/Sep/08 Lead
Lucy Lu 27/Sep/08 2nd
with Dark Suprise
Jim Malo 21/Sep/08 AltLd O/S
Hidden 20/Sep/08 AltLd O/S
sharpie530 15/Sep/08 2nd
Hidden 14/Sep/08 2nd O/S
Booey 14/Sep/08 AltLd O/S
Merlin 09/Sep/08 AltLd O/S


Hidden ?/Sep/08 AltLd
Hidden ?/Sep/08 AltLd O/S
md0u50fa ?/Sep/08 AltLd O/S

Great climb, great weather

with Jai Varma
Hidden 31/Aug/08 Lead O/S
debbien1 31/Aug/08 Lead O/S

In pouring rain. Joe and Josh lead behind me and Robin. Had a great view of a pair of peregrin falcons sitting in the dead tree to the LHS of the crag from half way up.

with Robin
Hidden 31/Aug/08 2nd O/S
Hidden 30/Aug/08 2nd
morsy 24/Aug/08 -
with gerhard mors
RFWilkie 23/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with Sarah
Calder 03/Aug/08 AltLd O/S
with Dave
Hidden 03/Aug/08 TR
Hidden ?/Aug/08 Solo O/S
4b ?/Aug/08 Lead O/S
with adam
catjm ?/Aug/08 2nd O/S
with Dad
tobydunford 30/Jul/08 Solo O/S
Hidden 29/Jul/08 Lead O/S
Bowland Polkadot 27/Jul/08 AltLd
with punky
redsulike 26/Jul/08 AltLd β

Easy with huge stances, very enjoyable. Long scramble to the top, didn't do the descent, went on to Gimmer.

with Neil (Woodie ) Woodhead
Hidden 23/Jul/08 AltLd
Hidden 23/Jul/08 AltLd O/S
Hidden 22/Jul/08 Solo
munki1971 20/Jul/08 Lead

Climbed a variation start via the vertical crack on the front face. Thought it was the Severe start but turns out that was further along to the left. Had to ab down for my gear and then self belayed up the right hand crack start. All good fun. The second and third pitches were very good

with Dorian Roberts
Goody 20/Jul/08 Lead rpt
with Sheila Wilson
Neil Metcalfe101 13/Jul/08 2nd
with Allan Mac
hellboundblr 13/Jul/08 AltLd

Me P1 (chimney start), Dave lead the rest in one. Chris Horne helped with anchors.

Kevin Mc Bride 13/Jul/08 AltLd
with Allan H
djking1983 08/Jul/08 Lead
with Harold Edwards
Becky E 05/Jul/08 AltLd

Don't think we put Andrew off climbing, despite the rain.

with Peter Ellis and Andrew Waterfield
andrew549 05/Jul/08 2nd
bjlsmith 02/Jul/08 AltLd O/S
with Drew and ODL
Chris the Tall 30/Jun/08 Solo rpt
with Woody
smolders 20/Jun/08 Lead O/S
with Jamie S
garywong 20/Jun/08 2nd O/S
rd20 20/Jun/08 Lead
with Gary
subflux 14/Jun/08 AltLd O/S

Took the chimney at the start - pretty tough. Pitch 1: Me, Pitch 2: Mark

with Mark Bryars
Hidden 12/Jun/08 Solo
tomparrott 08/Jun/08 AltLd
with Rob
terragait 08/Jun/08 AltLd
Hidden 02/Jun/08 Lead rpt
Hidden ?/Jun/08 2nd
muzz44 ?/Jun/08 Solo
Conan 29/May/08 Solo

Nice route up to Gimmer

with Peter Metcalfe
wheelo 29/May/08 AltLd
with cas
cas smerdon 29/May/08 AltLd
with john wheeler
Hidden 26/May/08 2nd
Hidden 26/May/08 AltLd
philboy 26/May/08 AltLd
with matt g
Hidden 25/May/08 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/May/08 AltLd O/S
Daniel Sutherland 24/May/08 Lead O/S
with Lindsay
alexanderpatton 24/May/08 Lead rpt
alexkidgell 24/May/08 2nd O/S
Theeni 24/May/08 AltLd O/S
with Matt Kemp
Becky E 19/May/08 Lead O/S

Led the whole route.

CathS 18/May/08 AltLd rpt

Extremely polished on first 2 pitches

abercolin 18/May/08 Lead O/S

Lead second 2 pitches. Took left hand route on top pitch which was hard for the grade but very worthwhile.

hayleylouise 18/May/08 AltLd

Hayley LP pitch 1 Colin LP pitch 2 and 3

Hidden 18/May/08 AltLd rpt
Hidden 17/May/08 AltLd rpt
petegunn 15/May/08 AltLd
with Davina
Hidden 15/May/08 AltLd O/S
mikekeswick 09/May/08 AltLd O/S

with a very full sack,bivvy gear,lots of food and water!first pitch had my calves burning!

with dunny
maria85 09/May/08 AltLd rpt
with Stef
Hidden 09/May/08 Lead O/S
sdi 09/May/08 AltLd
with Maria
Hidden 05/May/08 AltLd rpt
Hidden 05/May/08 Lead rpt
Hidden 05/May/08 Lead O/S
TiffTiff 04/May/08 Lead O/S
Will Hunt 03/May/08 AltLd O/S

Lead pitch 2.

with Duncan Kaye
JDSwain 03/May/08 Solo O/S
IanHarrison 02/May/08 2nd β
Hidden ?/May/08 Lead
DKaye ?/May/08 -
with Will Hunt (Team Keen)
Andy DB 16/Apr/08 Lead O/S
with James B
Hidden 16/Apr/08 2nd
grumsta 09/Apr/08 AltLd O/S

Led 1st and 3rd pitches - first outdoor lead! Great fun.

Hidden 09/Apr/08 Lead
Hidden 08/Apr/08 Solo
Hidden 02/Apr/08 AltLd
barney800 ?/Apr/08 2nd
sjbutterworth 27/Mar/08 AltLd rpt

Near perfect conditions, but very cold

with Tom
A Crook 27/Mar/08 Lead O/S
with Jean
George Bassant 17/Mar/08 Solo
Hidden 09/Mar/08 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Mar/08 AltLd O/S
execlimber 18/Feb/08 -
with roy evans
Hidden 17/Feb/08 AltLd
execlimber ?/Feb/08 Solo O/S
NewLeaf ?/Feb/08 Lead
Hidden 26/Jan/08 2nd O/S
Sgt. Vest 26/Jan/08 AltLd O/S
with andy chris
Carly 26/Jan/08 2nd
with rich/james
Hidden 26/Jan/08 -
Martin Davies 06/Jan/08 AltLd rpt
a13x 06/Jan/08 AltLd
BRYLOWE ??/2008 AltLd O/S
daveagriff ??/2008 Lead
Hidden ??/2008 -
nickcj ??/2008 -
Sam-westcott ??/2008 Lead O/S

first trad lead

with simon keenor
Hidden ??/2008 Lead
troutbeck 21/Dec/07 Solo rpt
TonyP 20/Dec/07 AltLd
with Big andy
Hidden 09/Dec/07 AltLd O/S
Will Hunt 09/Dec/07 AltLd O/S

Lead pitch one up an evil chimney to the right which was too narrow with a bag on. Big boots.

with Dave Smith and Ruth Snowden
cliffy ?/Dec/07 Lead

Just did the first left hand crack pitch.

with Darren Cook
Hidden 25/Nov/07 Lead O/S
guy_whitton 14/Nov/07 Lead O/S
with Ed Gyhllks
no_more_scotch_eggs 11/Nov/07 Lead O/S

lead all pitches. first multipitch, crisp winter's day. had a bird's eye view of a peregrine flying by from the belay above the final pitch. fantastic day out

with Stuart Berry
Fabian001 10/Nov/07 2nd

Steve led, this was my first climb

with steve williams
Hidden 04/Nov/07 AltLd
maria85 04/Nov/07 AltLd
with Ronnie
Hidden 02/Nov/07 AltLd
Hidden 22/Oct/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/Oct/07 2nd O/S
Hidden 21/Oct/07 Lead O/S
mol 20/Oct/07 Lead
with Paul Drayton
gibbo38 19/Oct/07 AltLd O/S
with martin
Hidden 12/Oct/07 AltLd O/S
Hidden 10/Oct/07 Solo O/S
Hidden 07/Oct/07 AltLd
Hidden 05/Oct/07 AltLd
pbb081079 02/Oct/07 Lead
blaza1 ?/Oct/07 Lead
Hidden ?/Oct/07 Solo
Joe Miller 30/Sep/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/Sep/07 2nd rpt
tanssop 30/Sep/07 Lead O/S
with Julie
malc 29/Sep/07 Lead rpt
with Jason
Goody 29/Sep/07 Lead O/S

Running belay.

Slaney 18/Sep/07 2nd O/S
with Dom Hall
blackpoolrock 16/Sep/07 Lead rpt

Easy, but to learn from.

with Yes
Hidden 12/Sep/07 Lead O/S
Oakgreen16v 09/Sep/07 AltLd
with Barney + Sam
cumbriansam 09/Sep/07 2nd O/S
with eddie, barney
Dinger 08/Sep/07 AltLd O/S
Keenb 08/Sep/07 AltLd O/S

First lead climb outside!

OffshoreAndy 07/Sep/07 Lead O/S
with Ian
Hammy 06/Sep/07 Lead
with Mark Stephens
mikemartin 03/Sep/07 Lead
Theeni 30/Aug/07 AltLd
with Matt Kemp
dustbuddy 26/Aug/07 2nd O/S
nigelw 24/Aug/07 Lead
with Wilkie
Hidden 23/Aug/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 20/Aug/07 AltLd O/S
cas smerdon 13/Aug/07 AltLd
with Dave Crowley
dja 10/Aug/07 Lead O/S
with ryan large
howlingbaboon 09/Aug/07 AltLd O/S

lead pitches 2,3,4

PanzerHanzler 06/Aug/07 AltLd
with David Rafe
Hidden ?/Aug/07 AltLd
spencer01 28/Jul/07 AltLd O/S
with mathew gibbiings
Hidden 26/Jul/07 Lead rpt
bullwinkle 24/Jul/07 Solo O/S
Jimmy O 22/Jul/07 AltLd O/S

Climbed in boots and packs to gain higher ground for Gimmer.

jonny taylor 22/Jul/07 AltLd rpt

Great view of a peregrine cruising past

with James
towdman 08/Jul/07 Lead O/S
with Liz ?
Hidden 07/Jul/07 AltLd O/S
Hidden 07/Jul/07 Lead rpt
Hidden 06/Jul/07 Solo O/S
alisonk ?/Jul/07 AltLd O/S
with Martin
popov86 ?/Jul/07 AltLd
Hidden 22/Jun/07 Solo O/S
Eccentric 22/Jun/07 Solo O/S
with Bunchuk
Peter Metcalfe 18/Jun/07 Solo
with Langdale Scramblers
Rob Rocket 09/Jun/07 Solo
david morse 08/Jun/07 Solo
with jon denniss
Chris Andrews 05/Jun/07 AltLd
Hidden 05/Jun/07 AltLd
JulianD 02/Jun/07 AltLd
with Tom C
leighjepson ?/Jun/07 -
with Alison Dawson
Hidden ?/Jun/07 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/07 AltLd
Oakgreen16v 31/May/07 -

Treated as a scramble with rope for confidence

with Barney
John Kettle 28/May/07 Lead


Luuuuuke 27/May/07 Solo
Martin Davies 23/May/07 AltLd O/S
with Mark Walker
klobban 18/May/07 AltLd O/S
indigostarlight 18/May/07 AltLd
sjbutterworth 17/May/07 2nd
with Allie
pgac 15/May/07 Lead O/S

Big boots and sac, great weather and views. Perfect way to gimmer.

with dinger
mortimea 12/May/07 AltLd
with Rob Nason
jonny taylor 06/May/07 AltLd O/S

Middle pitch is really just a scramble

Howard J 05/May/07 Lead rpt

Mark led one pitch

captainH 05/May/07 AltLd O/S
with Jonny
Hammy 04/May/07 2nd
with Danny Towers
Hidden 04/May/07 Lead
Hidden 04/May/07 AltLd
richardr ?/May/07 -
Joe Noake 29/Apr/07 AltLd O/S

alternate server start, very poilished

fairyclaire 29/Apr/07 2nd
Hidden 29/Apr/07 Solo
Ed Throp 29/Apr/07 AltLd O/S
with joe noake
Hidden 28/Apr/07 Solo
Hidden 19/Apr/07 Lead rpt
Stephen Shaw 16/Apr/07 AltLd
Hidden 15/Apr/07 Lead
Brendan H 15/Apr/07 Lead O/S
fairyclaire 15/Apr/07 2nd
Hidden 14/Apr/07 2nd O/S
Niall_H 01/Apr/07 AltLd
with Katja B.
francois ?/Apr/07 Lead O/S
with Lorna
Hidden ?/Apr/07 Lead O/S
Ste Ridd 10/Mar/07 AltLd

L.Osborne, G.Carlill Boots, Wet

Hidden 10/Mar/07 2nd
Lucy Lu 10/Mar/07 2nd
with Stephen
Hidden 03/Mar/07 Lead
Hidden 03/Mar/07 2nd
whiting.jp 24/Feb/07 Lead O/S

It was wet to start with, and only got more so, but it was an enjoyable and satisfying route (and Andrew's first real 'proper' climb).

with Andrew Finley
Hidden 24/Feb/07 AltLd O/S
Hidden 24/Feb/07 AltLd O/S
halhorner 24/Feb/07 AltLd
with Steve Grey
vicvac 18/Feb/07 AltLd

lead 2nd and 3rd pitches

with Rachel
ducle 17/Feb/07 Lead O/S
with Richard Aldridge
TGreen 17/Feb/07 AltLd O/S

1st, 1st, 2nd

Rosie Henstock 17/Feb/07 -

Nice climb for a sprained ankle.

Mark D 17/Feb/07 Lead O/S
with Shaggy
alek 17/Feb/07 Lead O/S
with Hilary Butler
Rob Rocket 03/Feb/07 Lead
with Marcus Feeley
tiga271 ?/Feb/07 Lead

Led all pitches

with Mark
mark20 ?/Feb/07 2nd O/S

First pitch included an unusual step from a pinnacle onto a ledge. Fantastic climbing from then on, on big jugs and nice exposure. One for the lead next time.

Hidden ?/Feb/07 AltLd O/S
jamo 28/Jan/07 Lead O/S
with ED
Hidden 28/Jan/07 2nd O/S
RM199 ??/2007 -
davetigger ??/2007 -
GPN ??/2007 Solo rpt
nunnyboy ??/2007 -
peas65 ??/2007 Solo
Hidden ??/2007 -
Hannah Moulton ??/2007 -
with Rob Middleton
bigbenb ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 Lead
jamo 03/Dec/06 AltLd O/S
with Dan Jenks
Hidden 05/Nov/06 AltLd
jmr ?/Nov/06 Solo
with Chas Eden, Paul Greenhow
Hidden 15/Oct/06 -
Hidden ?/Oct/06 AltLd O/S
BenedictIEP ?/Oct/06 2nd
malc 23/Sep/06 Solo
Hidden 16/Sep/06 Lead rpt
Hidden 08/Sep/06 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Sep/06 2nd
Hidden ?/Sep/06 Lead
Hidden 30/Aug/06 AltLd O/S
John Kettle 29/Aug/06 Lead


Chriswallis2 28/Aug/06 AltLd O/S
with Jenny
Mike Hargreaves 28/Aug/06 Lead
with Kate
TonyF 12/Aug/06 Lead
with Judith
jl 11/Aug/06 Lead O/S
with Penny
pennyb 11/Aug/06 2nd O/S
with Jon
Doad13 10/Aug/06 TR O/S

First climbs with Cadets.

Hidden 02/Aug/06 2nd O/S
freemanTom ?/Aug/06 AltLd
size9hex ?/Aug/06 AltLd O/S
Dave Wearing 29/Jul/06 Lead O/S
with Gybebunny, Simonty1.
Gybebunny 29/Jul/06 2nd
with Dave W, Simon
maria85 08/Jul/06 AltLd
simonfife 01/Jul/06 2nd O/S
with Andy Bruce
Hidden 25/Jun/06 AltLd O/S
Hidden 23/Jun/06 Lead
sce8 17/Jun/06 AltLd O/S

Lead 1st and 3rd Pitch, Gems led 2nd

with gemma
Whitt 04/Jun/06 Lead O/S
with Em, Syliva
Whitt 04/Jun/06 Lead O/S

Vdiff right hand variation start taken.

with Claire
Hidden 04/Jun/06 Solo
Hidden ?/Jun/06 -
Jenny Clarke ?/Jun/06 AltLd
atyson1 ?/Jun/06 2nd
Mowglee 27/May/06 2nd
with Tania+Katja
Hidden 20/May/06 Lead O/S
Jamie Brown 20/May/06 AltLd O/S
with Karen
texuspete 05/May/06 Solo
Hidden 24/Apr/06 Lead
Simon K 22/Apr/06 2nd

VERY Polished

with PR
Sam Judson 15/Apr/06 AltLd O/S

Caroline started with the Right Hand Wall (Diff) variation start, and later on in the day I lead the Right Hand Crack (Severe) first pitch as well.

with Caroline Judson
Anna Horrox 12/Apr/06 2nd
clive-greenwood 12/Apr/06 Lead O/S
with Anna
Hidden ?/Apr/06 Solo
ikl minx ?/Mar/06 AltLd O/S
with jonnyboy
Matty ?/Feb/06 AltLd O/S

Guiding Chris on his first multipitch lead.

with Chris Kennet
Katie Marshall ?/Feb/06 2nd
with James, Vicky
gonggashan ?/Jan/06 2nd

In snow

with Henry
Hidden ??/2006 Lead O/S
jim robertson ??/2006 -
telemark ??/2006 Lead
Hidden ??/2006 -
stewart murray ??/2006 -
ducky ??/2006 -
Bennykr ??/2006 AltLd O/S
with JB
franny ??/2006 2nd
peter myers ??/2006 AltLd
with Peter Garlik
Hidden ??/2006 AltLd O/S
Hidden 19/Dec/05 Lead O/S
kevinknights 22/Oct/05 Lead O/S

Wet and slippy

with some students
karabiner 21/Oct/05 Lead O/S

nice easy lead, was very funny

with Katrin
whispering nic 17/Oct/05 Solo
DavPk 17/Oct/05 Lead
with Catherine Pearks
curlymynci ?/Oct/05 2nd O/S

Boots and a rucksack in the pouring rain.

with Maz
Hidden ?/Oct/05 Lead
simon kimber ?/Oct/05 Solo
with Chris Stirling
alexanderpatton 16/Sep/05 Lead rpt
with Cath Moir
Hidden 02/Sep/05 Lead O/S
gripped01 ?/Sep/05 AltLd O/S
with Dave Tait
Jimmy O ?/Aug/05 AltLd O/S

First lead!

with Matt Down
mattdown ?/Jul/05 Lead O/S
with Beth Elms
Jon Wickham 25/Jun/05 AltLd
Piers Harley ?/Jun/05 Solo

makes for a quick approach to Gimmer!

with Paul Winder
Hidden ?/Jun/05 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/May/05 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/05 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Mar/05 Lead O/S
Sam_in_Leeds ?/Feb/05 Lead O/S

Nice easy first lead!

with Lucie Gerrish
Hidden ??/2005 AltLd
Neil Conway ??/2005 Lead rpt
McKenna ??/2005 Lead dnf

Lead first pitch, abandoned second pitch due to weather

with James M
Nobby ??/2005 AltLd
Hidden ??/2005 Lead
tomhull ??/2005 Solo
ross duffield ??/2005 -
with row
danieljmarsh ??/2005 Lead
clams ??/2005 AltLd

In big boots - did Bracket and Slab after

with AD
pigeonjim ??/2005 Solo
rob k 20/Nov/04 Lead O/S

Severe start variation

Hidden 14/Nov/04 Lead O/S
david morse ?/Nov/04 AltLd
with lee thorp
Marq 31/Oct/04 Solo O/S
with Daniel Dennehy
Hidden 31/Aug/04 Lead
Zoomer 26/Aug/04 Lead O/S
with Hiedi Sparks
Sue Underwood 01/Aug/04 Lead
with Sarah Underwood, Mark Underwood
Chris the Tall ?/Jul/04 AltLd
with Liz and James
erica 13/Jun/04 2nd
with Pete T & Jesse
DGY ?/Jun/04 Lead
John Pickles 10/May/04 AltLd O/S
Hidden 08/May/04 AltLd O/S
beermonkey ?/May/04 AltLd
with chris
Hidden ?/May/04 Solo
maria85 30/Apr/04 AltLd
with Tony
beaumap 11/Apr/04 2nd
with Peter Camp
Hidden ?/Apr/04 AltLd
Daniel Armitage ?/Apr/04 Solo
with John Mason
Chris the Tall ?/Apr/04 Solo

en-route to gimmer, had soloed down it the day before

Hidden ?/Apr/04 Solo O/S
Elastic Jones 31/Mar/04 AltLd rpt
with John Beetham
Hidden ?/Feb/04 Solo
Elastic Jones 14/Jan/04 Lead
John Kettle ??/2004 AltLd
Hidden ??/2004 2nd
Jeniinej ??/2004 2nd
tom_holdsworth 28/Dec/03 AltLd O/S
with Will Taylor
victim of mathematics 16/Dec/03 2nd O/S
with gwilym
cliffy 14/Dec/03 2nd
with Chris Bristow, Les Horton
Harry The Owl 26/Oct/03 AltLd rpt

A favourite route... but do the Severe start.

with Jools
Hidden 25/Oct/03 AltLd rpt
Hidden 12/Oct/03 Solo
shazhooper 31/Aug/03 AltLd
with Jon Harvey
tom_holdsworth 24/Aug/03 AltLd O/S
with Mike Kennedy, Will Taylor
Hidden 07/Aug/03 Lead rpt
mark stones ?/Jul/03 Solo rpt
Allan Young 29/Jun/03 Lead O/S
with Megan Stanley
Hidden 28/Jun/03 AltLd
Hammy 16/Jun/03 Lead
with Sylvia Kiralyhazi
Szki 16/Jun/03 2nd
with Hammy
net ?/Jun/03 AltLd
with Tom B
pdisney ?/Jun/03 2nd
with Bill
Hidden ?/Jun/03 Lead
Graham Westbrook ?/Jun/03 AltLd
Hidden 23/Apr/03 AltLd
le_grimpeur 15/Apr/03 AltLd
with Dad
DGY 15/Apr/03 AltLd
jamie ward 15/Mar/03 AltLd O/S
with Shaun Blower
Dan 85 ?/Mar/03 AltLd O/S
with Alexander
Hidden ?/Mar/03 Solo
Elastic Jones 30/Jan/03 AltLd
with Chris Cox
Hidden ??/2003 2nd
Hidden ?/Dec/02 AltLd
Hidden 23/Nov/02 Solo
Hidden 01/Sep/02 Lead
crossdressingrodney 01/Sep/02 AltLd O/S

Did the VS start and MS finish

with scouse pete
Hidden 06/Aug/02 AltLd O/S
Alaric 03/Aug/02 Lead O/S
with Paul Gra
MJH ?/Aug/02 -
runwildjohn 29/Jul/02 AltLd

Alice led pitches 1 and 3, I led 2

richorme ?/Jul/02 Lead rpt
with Andy Austwick
Harry Ellis ?/Jul/02 AltLd
with Fiona McCarthy
Mark Salter 19/Apr/02 Lead
with Chris Shorrock
Sankey ??/2002 AltLd
with Andy E
Stone Muppet ??/2002 -
kevtoo04 ??/2002 AltLd
with Ed
Zoe Cockburn ??/2002 2nd
rlrs ??/2002 Solo
Hidden ??/2002 Solo O/S
Simon Caldwell ?/Nov/01 Lead O/S

did the Severe first pitch this time

with Carmen
Jim Haydock 16/Sep/01 AltLd
with Fred'
Hidden ?/Sep/01 AltLd O/S
Hidden 26/Jun/01 Lead O/S
adamwesthead 17/Feb/01 Solo rpt

Only soloed first pitch

with Holland
adamwesthead 13/Feb/01 AltLd O/S

Lead 2 & 3

with Myerscough
Hidden ??/2001 -
adamwesthead 10/Oct/00 Solo O/S

Only fisrt pitch

with Solo
Hidden ?/Aug/00 Lead
Howard J 22/Jul/00 AltLd rpt
with Paul Barker
Ade Connor 06/Jul/00 -
Hidden 04/Jun/00 Lead
Hidden 28/May/00 Lead
Celia Watson 28/May/00 2nd
Hidden 01/May/00 2nd
Hidden 23/Jan/00 Lead
jsw1 09/Jan/00 Solo O/S
simon cox ??/2000 -
alpinismo.uk ??/2000 Lead
Adam Lincoln ??/2000 Lead
Elastic Jones 17/Oct/99 AltLd O/S
with Richard Crane
Hammy 04/Sep/99 AltLd
with Steve Grice
kato'sdad 26/Aug/99 AltLd

Lots of rain & wind!

RobSimmo ?/Aug/99 AltLd O/S

In heavy rain!

kato'sdad ?/Aug/99 AltLd
Phil West 03/Jul/99 AltLd O/S
with Steve Wild
mark stones ?/Jun/99 2nd
Neil Conway ?/May/99 Lead rpt
with Jerermy Dable
five ?/Jan/99 Lead rpt
Bug ??/1999 -
lost.arrow 10/Oct/98 Lead
with Gill Heartly
el diablo 13/Sep/98 AltLd
Hidden 31/Aug/98 AltLd O/S
DerwentDiluted ?/Aug/98 AltLd
with Tim Stain
icescrew ?/Jul/98 Lead
with Janet
Hidden ?/Jun/98 Lead O/S
mikej 24/Apr/98 AltLd
with Bill Turner
Hidden ??/1998 2nd O/S
Hidden ??/1998 2nd O/S
Hidden ??/1998 Solo
ellie macpherson 30/Dec/97 Lead

wind and rain once onto 4th pitch. Not a good day for descent route.

with Emma Reynolds
rachm2004 05/Jul/97 2nd
with Ramsay D
Hidden 29/May/97 Lead
rocktigger ?/Apr/97 AltLd O/S
with Clare
Hammy 23/Mar/97 Solo
Hidden ?/Aug/96 Solo O/S
ellie macpherson ?/Aug/96 AltLd

Did severe start with big boots on. really good

with Ian Holmes
craig h 27/Jul/96 Solo rpt
Le Chevalier Mal Fet ?/Jun/96 Solo
with Richard Bower
Hidden 20/May/96 2nd
Hidden 05/May/96 Lead
craig h 16/Apr/96 Solo rpt
rob k 13/Apr/96 AltLd O/S
Neil Conway 07/Apr/96 Lead O/S
Hammy 28/Mar/96 Solo
Adrian Daniels 03/Aug/95 Solo
Tim Bateman 08/Jul/95 Solo
with Alistair Renton
Ian Robertson ?/Jun/95 Lead
with Krystina Lotoczko
Hidden ?/Apr/95 Solo
EddieA 28/Jan/95 Solo O/S
with Simon W
Dave Westby ??/1995 Solo
Hidden ??/1995 Lead
steve prior ?/Sep/94 Solo
Simon Caldwell ??/1994 AltLd O/S
with Martin
butteredfrog ??/1994 -
p.crooky#1 ??/1994 Lead
with Paul B, Nick Franklin
mikej 11/Aug/93 Lead
with M
Hidden 09/Aug/93 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/93 Solo
Chris the Tall 07/Jul/93 Lead rpt
with Liz
IggyLiz 07/Jul/93 2nd
with Chris
Hidden ?/Jun/93 Lead
Rob Davies ?/Jun/93 Solo

Way up to Gimmer Crag

with Roy Lindsay
Hammy 17/Feb/93 Solo
Narked4fun ??/1993 -
Hidden ??/1993 Solo
adi bryant ??/1993 Lead
with Vicky
Raggar 10/Oct/92 AltLd
with julian l
Hidden 15/Jul/92 -
Ian Archer 15/Mar/92 Lead O/S
with Peter Horton
Hidden ??/1992 Lead O/S
stokienomad 30/Dec/91 AltLd
BigHairyIan 08/Oct/91 Lead O/S

Led a girl on the freshers' trip. She was French, but from New Caledonia in the Pacific

Hidden 26/Aug/91 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/91 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Apr/91 Lead
Graham Kennedy 01/Apr/91 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Sep/90 Solo
Hidden 21/Apr/90 AltLd O/S
Guy ??/1990 -
lithos ??/1990 -

solo enroute to gimmer

mattnuttall ?/Sep/89 Lead
with David Nuttall, Scott Nuttall
Yourlead ?/Aug/89 Lead
with Philip Harnden
Yourlead ?/Aug/89 Lead

Also with Hazel's 8 year old sister!

with Hazel, Donald Williamson
Hidden ??/1989 Solo
BigHairyIan 08/Oct/88 Lead O/S
with Jo Ormanroyd
Gordon Stainforth 16/Aug/88 Solo

As a way up to Gimmer.

with Ian --?
Tony Buckley ?/Jun/88 Solo

Soloed in big boots with a sac, on the way up to do Kipling Groove...having done the Red Edge on Esk Buttress that morning.

Hidden 26/May/88 AltLd
Hidden ??/1988 2nd
Hidden 03/Sep/87 Solo rpt
Chris the Tall ?/Aug/87 Lead O/S
with Bernadette
Martin Haworth ?/Aug/87 Lead O/S
Gordon Stainforth 23/May/87 Lead
with David Hope
Hidden 01/Mar/87 Lead
Andy Say 30/Mar/86 Solo
BigHairyIan 02/Apr/85 Lead O/S
with Andy Howarth
Hidden 27/Mar/85 Lead
Hidden ??/1985 -
amcleish ?/Oct/84 -
andy tetsill ?/Apr/84 Lead
with Manchester Poly, Joy
Richard Weller 25/Mar/84 Lead
with Judy, Tess Claridge
Rich Kirby ??/1984 Lead O/S
with Graham Cairns/Ray Kelly
99bolivar ??/1984 -
Hidden ??/1984 Lead
Hidden ??/1984 Lead
sadams 16/Apr/83 AltLd
with Steve Newman
Hammy 28/Feb/82 Lead
with Bill Whitfield, Rick Edwards
Ghastly Rubberfeet ??/1982 Solo
Hidden ??/1982 -
Iain Thow ?/Sep/81 Solo
with Dougie Hall
babymoac 16/Feb/81 Solo
mikej 14/Feb/81 Lead
with E
Chris Terrey ??/1981 Solo
charlesmfrench 06/Sep/80 AltLd O/S


Bob ?/Jul/80 AltLd
with L. Rutland
mark-abz ?/Jun/80 Lead
with ?
Hammy 18/Jan/80 AltLd
with Tim Hulley
Hidden ??/1980 Solo
Hidden ??/1980 -
ewar woowar ??/1980 Solo
johnkeith ??/1980 -
Andy Fielding 08/Aug/79 AltLd
with Chris Cooper
Hidden 19/Jul/79 Lead
Neil R 27/May/78 AltLd
with David M
Hammy 08/Apr/78 Lead
with Jonathon Stacey
Hammy 07/Apr/78 AltLd
with Jonathon Stacey
Chris Ellis 11/Aug/77 Lead
with Dave Crookes
Bolt Phobia 20/May/77 Solo
Lone Rider ?/May/77 AltLd
Nigel Bond 23/Jan/77 Lead
with Tony Cuddy
Pete Pozman ?/Jun/76 2nd O/S

Met some guys on the camp site who put me on a rope. Not sure of the date.

Steve Crowe 31/May/76 -
RichardMc 24/May/76 AltLd
with Dave Langmead
tapley 17/Jul/75 Lead
with Alison Tapley
Falko 28/Jun/75 Solo O/S
with Al W.
Hidden ?/May/75 2nd
Bolt Phobia 10/Apr/75 Solo


rogerskews ??/1975 AltLd
with Various
runwildjohn ??/1975 2nd
with St Helens Mountaineering Club
Sean Kelly ?/Sep/74 -
with Graham Thompson & Steve Berisford
Hidden 29/Jun/74 AltLd O/S
Peter Main 26/Apr/74 Solo
Ian Jones ??/1974 Solo
with Mark Leather
Rob Davies ?/Oct/73 AltLd


with Allan Sleight
Hidden 28/Apr/73 Lead
Bob M ?/Dec/72 Lead
Peter Main 26/Aug/72 Lead
with Eskdale OBMS
Peter Main 25/Aug/72 Lead
with Eskdale OBMS
mikej 18/Sep/71 Lead
with E
Peter Main 16/Aug/71 Lead

Descended it as well

with Stew Webb
Peter Main 16/Jul/71 Lead
with Mike P
pneame 15/Jul/71 -
with Tich Smitton
Peter Main 11/May/71 AltLd
with Mike P
Rog Wilko ?/May/71 Lead
with Debbie Wilkinson
Peter Main 17/Oct/70 Lead
with CCPR Climbing Course
RichardMc 22/Feb/69 Lead
with Ros Whittaker
RichardMc 08/Jun/68 Solo
with Richard Wicks
mikej 28/Jan/68 Solo
with Wil Hurford
RichardMc 06/May/67 AltLd

Heavy rain

with Tom Shreeve
Dave Musgrove ?/Jun/66 AltLd
with Jim Worthington
Hidden 08/Apr/66 Solo
Hidden 20/Aug/65 Lead
Martin Bennett 19/Jun/65 Solo
jcw ??/1963 -
Hidden ??/1960 -
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