Climbs 200 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 370m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
5 Guidebooks with different names for all the Boulders!!!!


I have stuck with Names and Numbers from Yorkshire Gritstone and Leeds wall Mini guide (Cameron-Duff guide numbers in brackets) Good Luck

One of the few crags in Britain to go all the way up the grade scale. Also offers excellent bouldering. Its north-facing nature can leave it green in winter.

Access notes
Obvious access from parking spaces by the adjacent reservoir. To get to Widdop Drums just keep driving to the other end to a layby. Park and follow the path back towards Widdop and they are on your right.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 2 (2014), Northern England (2008), Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering (2008), Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering (2001), Yorkshire Gritstone (1999), Leeds Wall Mini Guide

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2RooflessV3 6a *
3Lip ServiceV6 6b **
5Problem 1V3 6b
6Problem 2V6 6b
8Problem 1V0 5b
9Problem 2V0 5b
10Problem 3V1 5b
12Problem 1V3 6a
13Leaning WallV4 6a *
14Problem 3V0 5b
16Problem 3VB 4a
17Problem 4VB
19DessertE2 5b
20Main CourseE5 6b *
21A Trifle SweetE2 5c
22Curving CrackVS 5a
23Cave CrackVS 4c *
24Cave AreteE2 5c
25Shadow PlayE5 6b **
26Wickerwork CrackHVS 5b
27Chocolate StarfishHVS 5b
28Wickerwork WallMVS 4b
30NeptuneE2 5c
31Busty's AreteE4 6a *
32Scratch 'n' SniffE3 5c
33The Links ClimbHVS 5a *
34The Nature ReserveE2 6a
35Ordinary RouteVD *
36Ordinary Route variation StartVD *
37Birtwistle's CrackVS 4c
38The Three CsVS 4c **
39The Flake DirectE1 5b **
40Krypton RouteMS *
41Krypton Route - The Flake FinishMVS 4b **
42Krypton Route - The Layback FinishVS 4c *
43Krypton EliminateE1 5b **
44The Krypton FactorE1 5c
45The GullyD
47The ChipsV4 6a *
48The PropositionV5 6b **
50Wrinkley AreteHVS 5a
51Wrinkled Wall DirectVS 4b *
52Wrinkled WallHVD *
53Oblique CrackD
54FeverE1 5c
55Brinkley AreteE3 6a
56Groovy PeopleV5 6b ***
58Brushed for SuccessV4 6a
59The Uphill GardenerV5 6b **
60Archie's WallV5 **
61Curving CrackV0 5a ***
62Curving Crack AreteV3 5c ***
63Flake Charmerf7A+
64TricksterV2 5c *
65The HumpsV5 6b ***
67Happy Feetf7C+ **
69HammertimeE6 6b
70The Zig-ZagVD
71Canine FruitbatE5 6b *
72FelicityHVS 5a
73Ceiling CrackE2 5c *
74Thirty Seconds Over WinterlandE5 6b ***
75Slime ChimneyVD
76Slime Chimney Direct StartHVS 5b
77Easy ChimneyM
79Gallon DrunkHVS 5b
80Stage FrightE3 6a
81Celebrity ButtressVS 5a **
82LibelVS 5a
83Pictures of YouE5 6a
84LimpetHVS 5b
85ShrimpetHVS 5b
87Piton CrackE1 5b *
88Fourty Calorie CocoaE3 6a
89ScupperedHVS 5b
90Mantel MadnessE3 6a
92AlibiHVS 5b
93RetributionE4 6a
94Pulp FrictionE3 6a **
95Argon and the Final StepE3 6a *
96Afternoon DelightE4 6a *
97SisyphusE4 6a *
98Swift and SureE5 6b ***
99Artificial RouteVS 4c ***
100Purgatory ProblemE5 6a **
101Purgatory ChimneyVD
102Reservoir DogsE8 7a ***
103Widdop WallE9 7a **
105Zorro The Gay BladeV3 6a
106Going MantleV3 6a
107Corn FlakeV4 6b
108The Red RoseV5 6c
 BLOCK 1 (5) 
111Block 1, Problem 1VB 4c
112Block 1 Problem 2V0 5a
113Block 1, Problem 3V2 5c
114Block 1, Problem 5V1 5c
115Block 1, Problem 4V2 5c
116Block 1 Problem 6VB 3a
117Block 1 Problem 7V1 5b
118Block 1 Problem 8VB 5a
119Block 1 Problem 9VB 5a
120The Full 360f6A ***
 BLOCK 2 (6) 
122Wall Left of Splashdownf7A+ **
123SplashdownV4 **
124Block 2 (6) problem 2V5 6b
125Block 2 (6) problem 3f6C
126Fight on the Blackf7B **
127Knocked AboutV5 6b **
128The ShelfVB 5c
129Block 2 Problem 8V2 5c
130Block 2 Problem 9V0 5b
131Block 2 Problem 10VB 5a
132Block 2, Problem 11V3 6a
133Block 2 problem 12V3 6a
134Pool CrackV2 5b
136Pool TraverseV3 5c *
137Undercut problem from Pool Traverse Startf6A+
138The Big TopHVS 5b **
139Block 3, Problem 2VB 4c
140Pick Pocket's WallV3 6a *
141Pick Pocket's CrackV3 5c+ *
142Fagin's RidgeV0 5b *
143Block 3 Problem 7VB 4a
144Block 3 Problem 7aV0 4c
145MildVB (diff)
146BitterVB 4b
147StoutV1 5c
148Block 3 Problem 11VB 5a
149Block 3 problem 12VB
150Block 3, Problem 13VB 3a
151Block 3 problem 14V4 6b *
 BLOCK 4 4 SQUARE (8) 
153Block 4 problem 2V2 6a
154Block 4, problem 3V3 6a *
155Block 4 problem 4f5+
156Block 4, Problem 8VB 4c
157Block 4, Problem 9VB 4c
158Block 4 Problem 10V3 6a
159Block 4 Problem 11V0 5b
160Block 4, Problem 12V2 5c
161Four Squaref6B+ **
162Block 4, Problem 15V1 5c
164Red Edge LeftV2
165Red Edge Traversef6B+ *
166Red Edge Left EliminateV3 5c+
167The Red Edge RightV2 5c **
 BLOCK 6 (10) 
169The North FaceE1 6b *
170The Big CrackS 4a **
171The OffwidthHS 4a *
172Block 6, Problem 2V1 5c
173Block 6, Problem 4V0 5b
174Block 6, Problem 5VB 5a
175Umpleby's AreteHVS 5a ***
176Block 6, Problem 12V5 6b
177Block 6, Problem 13V6 6b+
178Block 6, Problem 14VB 4a
179Block 6, Problem 15VB 4c
180Block 6, Problem 16VB 4b
181Block 6, Problem 17VB 5a
 BLOCK 7 (11) 
183The Seventh Wavef6C
184Seven Steps To HeavenV2 5b
185System 7V4 6a
186Seventh HeavenVB 5b
187Block 7, Problem 4VB
188Block 7, problem 5V1 5c
189Seven Deadly SinsE2 5c *
190Block 7, Problem 6VB 4c
191Block 7, problem 7VB 4c
192Block 7, Problem 8VB 4c
194Grumpy Old Menf6B+ *
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The Boulders here are the greatest but they have meant that I have thrown my harness away and ended up bouldering stuff way beyond my leading ability. Excellent for stretching yourself technically the boulders mostly have good fall zones without too many ankle breaking rocks. Bring an old towel to dry your boots off though as it can be wet. Midges are a bit fierce towards end of summer.
Doc Limmer - 10/May/02
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