Erraid Crags

Climbs 256 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 10m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Various crags situated on the island of Erraid. Short, high quality granite routes, mostly steep and well protected. Stunning views and very quiet....

Inner Hebrides and Arran (2014), Scottish Rock - South (2008), Deep Water (2007)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Unlucky for SomeE2 5b **1
2CrispVD *2
3Mint ConditionS 4a *3
5Fools GoldE2 6a  
6SentinelHVS 5a **10
7Sentinel DirectE1 5b *6
8Daylight RobberyVS 4b **15
9MullmanHVS 5a *6
10Erraid ShelterE2 5b **5
11BeyondHS 4b **1
12Weeping CornerHVS 5a * 
13DavieE3 6b ** 
14Shallow Groove/AreteE2 5c  
15Flood WarningE2 5c **1
16TarzanHVS 5a *5
17JaneVS 5a 2
18The HoleHVS 5a **9
19Jungle BookVS 4b *2
20Spiral AreteHVS 5a *2
21Prince of ThievesE1 5b *2
22Moody BluesE2 5b * 
23Left CrackM 1
24Right CrackD 1
25Cyclone PathE1 5b **1
26MistralE1 5b *1
28Left Hand RouteS 4a 10
29The Goupher HoleVS 4c **32
30One Dead PuffinHVS 5a *39
31Still Puffinf6A ** 
32Corner CrackS 4a 2
33Ledge RouteVS 4b *12
34Left AreteVS 4c 6
35Short ChimneyS 4a 4
36Smelly MusselsHVS 5a *15
37The Dead PoolS 4a 10
38Bacteria SoupS 4a *32
39Blood OrangeS 4a *47
40Tyke's LeadVD *22
41MisunderstandingVS 4c *31
42PharosE2 5c * 
43The Round HouseE1 5c *2
44CovenantE4 6a ***7
45Nite LitesE1 5b **12
47Access RouteD *17
48ChickenheadE2 6a *2
49I Hear of the Red FoxE1 5b/6b *7
50Walls without BallsE1 5b *5
51SkerrvoreE3 6b ** 
52StealthHVS 5b *27
53RLSE2 5b **8
54A Helping HandE2 5b ** 
55CatrionaE4 6b * 
56OliverVS 4c *41
57FaganHVS 5a *22
58Stonecrop GrooveE3 6a **9
59MinorHVS 5a *6
60The VagabondHVS 5a *7
61The Merry MenHVS 5a *1
62The DynamiterHVS 5a * 
63Right SlabVD *22
65HollyE3 6a  
66HeatherHVS 5a *1
67SophieE2 5b *3
68RowanHVS 5a *1
69OgleHVS 5a *1
70SusanVS 4b *3
71OwenMVS 4b *4
72Emma RoseVS 4b *2
74Five Naked WomenHVS 5a *1
75PantherS 4a 30
76Hanging CrackHS 4c 1
77Pink OneHVS 5a *18
78FloydHS 4b *35
79ElephantsVS 4c *29
80Which One's Pink?VS 5a *21
81PinkyE1 5b *12
82Sea PinkE1 5b * 
83PerkyVS 4c *17
85Monkey Business6b **1
86The Brine Shine6b S0 ***4
87The Brine Shine (LH Finish)F6b+ s0  
88Pleas Rub Salt in My Wounds!6b+ S1 ***3
89Dreamline7a S1 ***2
90Drowning in Adrenaline7a S2 *** 
92Ring of Bright Water6a+ S1 *8
93Tarka6c S0 **1
94AmphibianVS 5a ** 
95Black Eye RibE1 5c * 
96The Otter's Breakfast TableE3 5c * 
97The Longest YetS 4a * 
98Gourmet Crab CrackHS 4b * 
99Traverse Above Otter Wallsf6C 1
101Jo's PlumsVS 4c *10
102Dari's BananasHVS 5a *10
103Srawberry PigE2 5b *7
104Jules' PistachiosE5 6b/c  
105Raspberry LipsE3 6a * 
106Ripe MangoesE1 5b/c *4
107Rotten PineappleVS 4c 2
109MelanomaS 4a 2
110HydrogenE2 5b  
111Daniel's DihedralVS 4c *3
112Vermeho QuenteE1 5b *3
113Spidery CracksVS 4c *7
114Black SquareHVS 5a *2
115Sun SpotsHVS 5a *7
116Grey MatterE1 5b * 
117Where's Your Tan, Karen?E1 5b * 
118Topping up your TanE1 5b * 
119AnticycloneE1 5b **1
120RaysVS 5a  
121Is this Scotland??E2 5c * 
122EclipseHVS 5b  
124Black HoleE1 5c ** 
125Space TravellerE1 5b **2
126Solar CollectorE2 5b ***1
127Milky WayHVS 5a *1
128Asteroid GrooveHVS 5a ** 
129Mars WatchersVS 4b  
130InfinitesimalVS 4c  
132Pond FillerVS 4c *1
133Pond LifeE1 5a 1
134AbbyVS 5a *3
135EmmaE1 5a * 
136OrbitE2 5c * 
137Toad HoleS 4a 1
138Toad CrackHVS 5a * 
139Just SpittingHVS 4c * 
140JammerHVS 5a  
141CarolineVS 4c *3
142Interrupted by CanoesE1 5b *2
143WreckedHVS 5a *2
144NeandderthalE1 5b *3
145Need an InchE2 5c ** 
146RedVS 4c *3
147Mink Access RouteVD 2
148The Sair FingerHVS 5a *1
149The MinkE2 5b ** 
150HelgaVS 4c 2
152Red AnvilE3 5c * 
153Stork's CrackE3 6a * 
154Paz irmaoE1 5b * 
155Stork's Easy CrackHVS 5a * 
156AmbergrisE1 5b *1
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The rockandrun guide has no new routes since 2012 and doesn't include many routes done before then. Smelly Crack is in the wrong place on the topo and Sloch Dubh Wall is in the wrong place on the map. Use the new SMC guide!
Colin Moody - 08/Jul/14
Worth downloading this before you go, as there's some quality routes in here. Highly recommend Oatcake Thin.
DannyC - 29/Apr/14
Good camping above the beach, may be worth carrying drinking water as the burn looks a bit polluted.
Andy Moles - 29/Mar/12
rumour has it to watch out for the hippies who inhabit this tidal getaway.
hexcentric - 16/May/10