Roaches Lower Tier

Climbs 327 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 410m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
Magnificent imposing buttresses of superb natural grit up to 30m high. Shaded in summer, but slow to dry and green early in the year. 'Must do' routes include the astounding Valkrie (VS 4c), the delectable Elegy (E2 5c) and the immaculate The Swan (E3 5c). Slab and crystal lovers will be sated with a unique collection of desperate routes, the hardest of which is Doug (E8 6c). Some of the best bouldering on grit can be found both in the woods and on the spring boulders

Route grades and numbers (especially bouldering) are based on BMC The Staffordshire Gritstone Guide (2003)

Access notes
Very limited parking below the crag. There is a park and ride from Tittesworth Reservoir, off the A53 Buxton to Leek road (SK 993601), weekends only, May to September. Obvious track leads to the Lower Tier. Upper Tier is above (!), The Skyline the northward (left) continuation of the Upper Tier.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Staffordshire Gritstone, The Roaches (2009), Western Grit (2009), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Staffordshire Grit - The Roaches (2004), On Peak Rock (2003),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Western Grit (2003), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3Bog Arete LeftV0- 4b 71
4Bog Arete RightV3 6a 14
5Pebbles and SeamV2 6a *42
6Bog MonsterV2 *72
7Bog StandardV1 5c *15
8Blind FlakeVB 52
9Bog SlabV0- 4a 62
10PoxyV0- 4c 95
11The SwingerV0+ 5a 57
12Runnel AreteVB *51
13Undercut WallV0+ 5a 54
14Boo MeringueV1 5b 12
16Spring SlabV5 6b **88
17C3POV7 6c ***59
18Boba FettV8 6c * 
19BobareteV7 6b *8
20Easy WallVB 76
21SprungV3 6a 57
22SpratV0+ 5a 85
23Sprung - Standing versionV1 5b 5
24SpriteV0+ 5a 64
26Spring Roll LeftV2 22
27Spring RollV0 5a *64
28Slabby SeamV0 4a 75
29Blunt AreteV0- 4b 66
31Low SlopesV1 5b 11
32The NoseV1 5b 23
33Wavy SlabV0+ 5a 39
34Centre SlabV0+ 5a 33
35Gentle SlabV0- 4b 56
36Slab to summitV0- 5a 49
38The Ramp (Melt)V2 5c *4
39Ramphole of the RoachesV2 6a 16
40FlakesV0 5b 11
41Pod 'n' UpV2 5c 6
42Mid PodV1 5c 4
44Summit AreteV0- 4b 57
45MantelV0- 4b 33
46A Nother MantelV0+ 5a 25
48ViolenceV2 5c *28
49ImpotenceV2 5c *24
50LoutV1 5b *19
51The ClawV2 5c *10
52Seconds OutV2 5b *31
53The GrindV6 6b *3
54Skinned RabbitV4 6b *7
55Skinned Rabbit Sit startV6 *6
56Sin LeftV6 6b 2
57Sin (Arete on Right)f6C **4
58Mr NiceV4 *4
59Mr LeftV5 6b  
60Arete on LeftV3 5c 4
61Ledgy AreteV0 4c 17
63The FlyV4 6a *9
64The LurchV5 6b *12
65Heave Hof6A 1
66Scoop and RampV0- 5a 19
67Easy SlabV0- 4b 21
70Particle ExchangeV6 6b * 
71Doug-lessV4 6a *1
72The RumourV7 6c 1
73Sketchy RibV2 5c 4
74Slabby AreteV0- 4b 14
75Chips and Flakef6A 9
76Green RibV0 4b 4
77Scratchy ScoopV3 6a 3
79Lip TraverseV5 6b 2
80MantelV4 6b 6
82Boss SlabV0 5a 242
83Pine SlabV2 5c 300
84Pine CrackV0- 4a 417
85Squeezy SlabV1 5b *257
86Up ChipsV0- 4a 395
87ArchV0 5a 201
88Pine AreteV0 5a 176
89Pine Arete RightV0 5a 135
90Green SlabV3 6a 59
91Pine MartinV0 5a 272
93Easy RibV0 4b 55
94The Green GreenieV1 5c 104
95The Greener TraverseV3 5c **248
96Greener ReverseV1 5+ 36
97Greener MantelV2 6a 87
98Greener Mantel Sit StartV4 6b 24
99GreenerateV4 6b 64
101Henious MantelV7 6c 12
102Heinous MantelV5 6b 3
103Theo all the wayf7A  
104The Uppercut (with arete)V3 6a 72
105The UppercutV4 6a 33
106The UndercutterV3 6a 128
107The GrasperV0 5a 140
108Green MantelV0- 4c 32
110Black Nook SlabV0 4c 195
111Black Nook AreteV0 5a 156
112Pockets AreteV1 5b 115
113Three Pocket SlabV3 6a **705
114Parental DutiesV8 6c *3
115Heathery LedgeV2 5c 19
116Big Block GullyV0- 4a 147
117Sketchy WallV1 5b 7
118Bow CrackV3 5c 38
119Flake AreteV0 5a 143
120Big Block AreteV0 4c 99
121The Undercut TraverseV4 6a 19
122Stretch and MantelV5 6b ***182
123Undercut DynoV8 6c *70
124Stretch LeftV4 6a *85
125Classic AreteV0 5a **461
127Left SlabV0- 4a 336
128Slab 2V0- 4a 199
129Blister's SisterV0- 4c 339
130Blister SlabV0+ 5a 330
131Back Slab RightV0- 4a 298
133Malted Milkf6C **1
134Boobidgef6A 1
135Double DV5 * 
136Drop BearsHVS 5b 2
137Slabotomyf7C ***2
138Beware CoconutsVS 4b 1
139Burrito DeluxeE3 5c  
140National HeroE2 5c 1
142Snap, Crackle and Andy PoppE1 5c 1
143Apache DawnE5 6c *2
144Catastrophe InternationaleE5 6c ***7
145Slippery JimHVS 5b 66
146Bareback RiderE4 6b *19
147K.P. NutsE7 6c *1
148Ascent of ManE3 6a ***107
149Ascent of WomanE3 6a *11
150Traverse of ManV2 5c 42
151Ascent of Man StartV2 6a **46
152Bow CrackV2 5c 12
153Days of Future PassedE3 6b *4
155The AspirantE3 5c *6
156AckitHVS 5b **118
157Just For TodayE6 7a ** 
158Barriers in TimeE6 6b ***12
159Sunday at ChapelE6 6c **1
160Ant LivesV6 6b *8
161Inertia ReelV8 6c ***6
162TurboV11 7a *1
163Thudf7B 6c *10
164Teck Crack DirectV4 6b *51
165Teck Crack Super DirectV9 6c *1
166The Dignity of LabourV6 6b **8
167A Modest ProposalV6 6b *6
168Teck CrackHVS 5b *54
169Joe's Hanging CrackE3 6a *3
170Skydivin'V4 6b *1
171Inertia Reel TraverseV12 7a ***1
172Lightning CrackHVS 5b *30
173Mushin'V10 7a ***4
174Boozy TraverseV8 6b *5
175Pindels NumbE4 6b *3
176Crystal GrazerE5 6a **4
177HeredityE6 6c 1
178A Fist Full of CrystalsE6 6b ***7
179DougE8 6c **3
180Fred's CafeVS 5a 16
182Yong AreteS 3c *125
183Poisonous PythonE2 5b *42
184YongHVD 4a **994
185Something Better ChangeE2 5b. *248
186WisecrackVS 4b *44
187HypothesisHVS 5b **48
188Destination EarthE7 6b **2
190Cannonball CrackS 4b *156
191GraffitiE1 5b *4
192Dorothy's DilemmaE1 5a **80
193Bengal ButtressHVS 4c **124
194SchooliesE3 5c *8
195StepsE5 6b  
197Crack of GloomE1 5b **40
198Raven Rock Gully Left-handVS 4b *174
199Raven Rock GullyD **413
200SwingerVS 4c 30
201SidewinderE5 6a  
202Via DolorosaVS 4c ***806
203Via Dolorosa VariationsS 4a **23
204Valkyrie DirectHVS 5b **103
205MatineeHVS 5b **143
206The GutterV8 6c *72
207ValkyrieVS 4c ***1659
208Valkyrie cornerHS 4b 148
209Valkyrie Corner Flake VariantHS 4c *7
210Northern ComfortE6 6c **1
211Licence to KillE5 6b ***3
212Licence to RunE4 6a *19
213Licence to LustE4 6a * 
215Eugene's AxeE2 5c *32
216PebbledashHVS 5a **476
217Secrets of DanceE4 6a *3
218Against the GrainE6 7a ***2
219Thing on a SpringE6 7a ***3
220Up the SwaneeE4 5c **13
221The SwanE3 5c ***77
222Swan BankE4 5c *3
223The MincerHVS 5b ***364
225Smear TestE3 6a **122
226PincerVS 5a *414
227Cold BloodE6 6b 1
228Kicking BirdE4 6a **19
229BloodstoneE5 6b **3
230BloodspeedE6 6b ** 
231Guano GullyVS 4c 91
232Mousey's MistakeE2 5b 3
234A Little PeculiarE6 7b ** 
235ElegyE2 5c ***307
236Clive CoolheadE5 6b **11
237The BulgerVS 4c *252
238Dirty Wee RougeE3 6a  
239Fledglings ClimbS 4a *593
240Wing WingHS 4a 31
241Little ChimneyM 233
242Battery CrackVS 4b 37
243Lucas ChimneyS 4a *104
245GoldcrestE7 6c *** 
246HawkwingE1 5b ***366
247CarrionE3 5c *9
248Kestrel CrackVS 4b **465
249Headless HorsemanE1 5b 13
250Logical ProgressionE7 6c ** 
251Sleepy HollowE10 7a *** 
252FlimneyS 4a 145
253AmaranthE4 5c  
254Death KnellE4 5c ***39
255Pooh's ConnectionE2 6a 1
256RhodrenHVS 5b *223
257Flake ChimneyD *228
259Straight CrackHS 4a 121
260PunchE3 6b *4
261ChokaE1 5c *59
262Circuit BreakerE3 6a *1
263Hunky DoryE3 6a ***78
264Prow CornerVD *1572
265Corner CracksHVD *1060
266Micro-StormE1 5c 21
267ChalkstormE4 5c **660
268Prow CracksVD **1648
269Prow Cracks VariationsHVD *548
270Commander EnergyE2 5c ***531
271Sumo CelluliteE4 6a **1
273Rocking Stone GullyHVD 620
274Captain LethargyHVD 1060
275Sifta's QuidHS 4b *740
276Sifta's Quid Inside RouteS 3a 249
277Obsession FataleE7 6b ***51
278Piece of MindE6 6b ***73
279The Emergency ExitE6 6b 1
280Final DestinationE8 6c 1
281Thin AirE5 6a ***73
282The Roaches RidgeD 3a *47
283The Super GirdleE4 6a *** 
285Cottage AreteV2 5c *17
286Cottage Arete RightV1 5b 7
287The Crystal MazeV9 2
288Open Bum CleftV3 6a 11
289Sketchy AreteV2 5c 2
290Adventurous AreteV3 5c 3
291The JamsV2 5c 4
292Hanging AreteV1 5b 1
293The TeacupV1 5b 12
294GrewsomeV3 6a 8
295Twisted CrackV4 6b 13
296Left OffV3 5c 5
297Off WorkV2 5c 18
298Flake and AreteV2 5c 14
299Sticky WallV5 6b 2
300Wildy's AreteV3 6a 73
301Wildy's Arete Sit StartV5 6b 31
302Wildy's RightV3 6a 72
303Slab and CrackV0- 4a 113
304Slab and Crack - Left FinishV1 5b 25
305JobbyV0- 4b 58
306MickyV0 4a 27
307Little AreteV0- 4a 14
308Lazy WallV0- 4b 19
309ScabV2 5c 5
310BusterV5 6b 1
311Sail SlabV0 4a 94
312Mantel and PocketV0- 4a 107
313Mantle and Pocket Sit StartV2 5c 6
314Sail AreteV0- 4a 90
315Peer PressureV0 4c 4
316Sail RibV0 4c 98
317Tittersworth RibV2 5b 60
318Tittersworth Rib - Sit StartV4 6b 12
319Weird Little 5cV2 6a 10
320Chips AhoyV2 5b 50
321Left and UpV0- 4b 17
322The StretchV3 6a 3
323RampV0 5a 12
324The PottyV0- 4a 23
325Croissant GrooveV2 5c 10
326DropsyV0+ 5a 1
327The BlobV1 5b 2
328Crinkles WallV5 6b 1
329Annie's EggV5 6a 1
330Radical RunnelV2 5c 1
331Little MantelV0 5a 2
332Flake and GrooveV0- 4a 7
334Boxing Gloves and Roller Skates VB *4
335Prow Corner Twin Cracks *HVD 4a *31
336Rock Room Slab *V1 5b 1
337Ascent of woman start *f6B 1
338The Staffordshire NoseED1 ***1
339Loose Flakes *V0- 1
340Dirty Crack *VB 1
341The Flake *V0  
342Flake Crack *V0 4  
343P.17 *f4 1
344P.15 *f3+ 1
345P.18 *f3+ 1
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