Ramshaw Rocks

Climbs 245 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 410m a.s.l – Faces SE

Crag features
Rough, crystalline grit where overhanging hand-mauling cracks are a speciality, but grooves and slabs provide respite. A great morning crag or a retreat from the heat on summer afternoons (take the midge cream). Sandy/green early in the year. Best routes include The Crippler and Prostration (both HVS 5a), Foord's Folly (E1 6a), the unlikely Gumshoe (E2 5c) and, if you like mantles, Traveller in Time (E4 6a). THE route of the crag however has to be Ramshaw Crack (E4 6a), for which tape and large Friends are small crumbs of comfort!

Access notes
From Buxton or Leek, the rocks lie parallel and close to the A53. Limited parking just off a narrow track leading off the main road at the southern end of the rocks.

DO NOT climb on the Winking Eye Buttress.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Western Grit (2009), Staffordshire Grit - The Roaches (2004), On Peak Rock (2003),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2East FaceM 18
3After EightS 6
4Southern CrackVD 11
6Assembled TechniquesE5 6a *1
7Loaf and CheeseVS 4c *30
8Dream FighterE3 6a 2
9Green CrackVS 5a 39
10National AcrobatE5 6c **1
11Traveller in TimeE4 6a ***107
12Body PoppE4 6b *17
13Wall and GrooveVD *167
14The ArêteS 4a *177
15Louie GrooveE1 5b **405
16Leeds SlabHS 4b 233
17Leeds CrackD 323
18Leeds ArêteHVS 5b 1
19Honest JonnyD 189
21The UndertakerE3 6a *13
22Melvyn BraggV8 6c 8
23Pink FlakeV1 5b 14
24MantelVB 4c 6
25The Letter TV3 6a 1
26Twin CracksD 15
27Double ChinS 9
28ProwlerHVS 4c 9
30SteeperV0+ 5a 3
31EquilibriaV1 5b 4
32The Great ZawnHVS 5a **44
33Broken GrooveD *87
34Broken Groove ArêteD 35
35Gully Arête *E1 5c 1
36WellingtonsVD *58
37MasochismHVS 5b 43
38T'rival TraverseE2 6a 4
39Rock TriviaE2 6c 4
40Trivial TraverseHVS 5a 8
41SneezeE1 5b *66
42The CrankVS 4c **302
43Ultimate SculptureE8 7a **1
45Chockstone ChimneyVD 54
46Maximum HypeE3 5c *1
47Waiting For The LionsE3 5c *2
48GumshoeE2 5c ***67
49Wine GumsE4 6a **1
50Tally NotHVS 5c *15
51Battle of the BulgeVS 4b *252
52GunfireHVS 4c *3
53The CannonHVS 4c *80
54TortureE4 5c *7
55Whilly's WhopperVS 4c 35
56Phallic CrackS 4a ***431
57AlcatrazE1 5b *53
58Juan CurE5 6a **3
59The UntouchableE1 5b **45
60Corner CrackS 4a 109
61The RipplerVS 5a *15
62MidgeV3 6a 1
63ClegV0- 5a 4
64BodgeV2 5b * 
66Sensible Shoesf4 6
67Crab Walk Directf6A *22
68Crab Walk DirectVS 5b 13
69Roof Directf6C 19
70Smoothment TraverseV3 6a 32
71OverlapV2 5c 3
72Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragonf7A+ ** 
73Sketching WildlyE6 6c ** 
74Crab WalkS 4a 84
75Brown's CrackE2 5c **66
76ProstrationHVS 5a **90
77Rock Climbing in Britainf7A+ 10
78Roll OffV2 5c 14
79Tit Gripf7C+ * 
80CakeV2 6a 11
81Collywoodf6C **37
82Colly WobbleE4 6b **3
83Don's CrackE1 5b *76
84Bridgy's Metro MadnessV5  
85Hem LineV3 6a *18
86TierdropE5 6b ***19
87Tierdropf7A+ ***48
88Sam's Left-handf7B ** 
89Tier's EndVS 5a 30
90Tier's End Sit StartV6 6b **10
91Last DropV1 5c 26
92AbdomenS 4a 13
95DCB Problem 1V1 5c 14
96DCB Problem 2V0 5a 9
97DCB Problem 3V1 5b 18
98DCB Problem 4V0- 4c 18
99DCB Problem 5V0 5a 14
100Scotch eggsV3 6a *2
102Easy Prowf3+ *42
103Little Prowf6C *7
104Slappy SecondsV5 1
105The Scoopf4 59
106The Lurchf6B+ **26
107Ossie's Bulgef6B+ **110
108Ram Airf7B+ ***9
109Elastic Wallf6C *23
110The Arêtef6A *41
1115c Wallf6A *51
112Baby GrooveV0- 4a *51
114Hanging Crackf5 28
115Classic Mantelf5 16
116Saianf7A 1
117Billberries Indirect DirectV3 5a 1
118A Close Shave *E2 5c * 
119Johnny's GrooveV8 6c  
120Crocodile Slotf5 12
121Right Slotf5 4
123The ComedianHS 4b *39
124The Comedian DirectHVS 5a 7
125Paul's RibE5 6c  
126Camelian CrackVD *99
127Pat's ParchedE1 5b 21
128Dangerous Crocodile SnoggingE7 6b **14
129BlockbusterE5 6c *2
130Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop, Clippity ClopE7 6c ***6
131Elastic LimitE2 6a *8
133Rem's RunnelE3 5a 1
134Seb's Crack *HVS 5b  
135Pammies other Cleavage *E2 5c ** 
136Creep, Leap, Creep, CreepE4 6b *8
137The WrigglerHS 4b 12
138Arête and CrackVD *196
139HandrailE2 5c *11
140Handrail DirectE4 6a *5
141Cedez le PassageE6 6b  
142AssegaiVS 4c *17
143BowrosinVS 4c *56
144English TownsE3 5c *9
145Spanish FlyE2 5c  
146BoomerangVD ***506
147Wick SlipE5 6b ** 
148MontyE4 6b *1
149WatercourseHS 4a 26
150Dan's DareVS 4c 5
151Gully WallHVS 5a 4
153Little NastyE1 5b 8
154Electric SavageE3 5c *1
155Ramshaw CrackE4 6a ***30
156Four PuristsVS 5a 1
157Never, Never LandE7 6b ***15
158Green CornerS 4a 18
159Zigzag RouteVD 12
160Zigzag Route VariationHS 4c 1
162Roller CoasterE6 6c *1
163Boom BipE7 7a ***2
164ImpositionE1 5b *19
165Iron Horse CrackD 45
166Scooped SurpriseE3 6a 1
167Tricouni CrackHS 4b *108
168Rubber CrackVS 4c 20
169DarknessS 4a 46
170Army RouteD 15
171DuskD 10
173Flake GullyM 28
174Flake Gully ContinuationD 2
175Flaky Wall DirectVS 4b **130
176Flaky Wall IndirectVS 4c *18
177Cracked GullyD 76
178Cracked ArêteVD 48
179Arête WallD 46
180Crystal TippsE1 5c **11
181The Ultra DirectE2 6b **3
182Magic Roundabout Super DirectE1 5c *25
183Magic Roundabout DirectHVS 4c *52
184Magic RoundaboutS 4a **203
185Mystic Meg *S 4a  
186Saul's Bypass *HVS 5b * 
187The Delectable DeviationVS 4c *31
188Perched FlakeD 47
189Be CalmedE2 6c *2
190Force NineE4 6c *4
191Port CrackS 4a *57
192Time OutE2 5c *16
193Starboard CrackE1 5b 7
195Force Ninef7A ***3
196Be Calmedf6B+ *2
197Be Calmed Right-Handf6C+ *2
198Magic Arêtef4 *35
199The Fingerf3 24
200Jamlessf5 *14
201Arête On Leftf7A *1
202Epiloguef7A **18
203The Rammerf5 ***41
204Monologuef7C *10
205The Pinchesf6A **33
206Practice ChimneyV0- 4a 22
207Dialoguef7B+ ***6
208Cracked Arêtef5 *28
210Big RichardS 4a 4
211The ProboscidHVS 4c 3
212The CripplerHVS 5a ***59
213EscapeE1 5b 1
214MantrapHVD 15
216Great Scene BabyS 4a 48
217Great Scene Baby DirectVS 5b 1
218Groovy BabyHS 4b 23
219Pile DriverVS 4c *19
220The PressE1 5b *14
221Night of LustE4 6b * 
222RegE7 7a ***1
223CurfewHVS 5b *6
224Foord's FollyE1 6a ***28
225The SwingerVS 4c **40
226The Dogger *V4 6b 1
228Press Directf6B *19
229Press Direct Sit Startf7A 16
230Lust Left-Handf7B *7
231Night of Lust Startf7A ***25
232Runnel Entryf6C *17
233Foord's Folly Startf6A 2
235Slow Hand ClapE2 5c 4
236Modesty CrackD 9
237California Screamingf7B **2
238The BragVS 5a *4
239Shark's FinHS 5a ***143
240Sharks Fin DynoV5 ***16
241Early RetirementD 9
242Rash ChallengeE1 5a 1
243Honking Bank WorkerE2 5c 1
244Extended CreditHVS 5a *4
245CaramtaS 4a 8
246Highnekenf7B+ **1
247The PrismVD 8
248Approaching DarkE1 6a 1
249LecheryHS 4a 3
250Ceiling ZeroHVS 4c *3
251Pocket WallHS 4a 5
252Uncle Scarface *V4 *1
253CurverHVD **12
254Fist of Fun *E6 6c **1
255Old FogeyE3 5c **18
256Old Fogey DirectE5 6b **4
257King HaroldS 4a *13
258Little Giraffe ManHS *7
260North CheekVD 4
261Middle RouteS 2
262The Doleman *S 1
263Collar Bone *D 2
264The Shoulder *HVD 1
265Owl'ole *D 2
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