Les Bossons

Climbs 258 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 1140m a.s.l – Faces ?

Crag features
Several marked boulder circuits (yellow to black) on the polished granite boulders beneath the Glacier des Bossons. Excellent for a hot Summer's day as the site is sheltered beneath trees. Mostly good landings, though a crash mat is a good idea. Some of the taller boulders with no easy descents have lower-off bolts!

Note. Some of the boulders in August 09 were quite mossy following the prelonged snowfall of the 08/09 Winter (they're generally under snow from December until April).

Access notes
Take the Les Bossons turn off on the N205. Follow the Route des Rives leading up the hill, past the Gite la Cremerie du Glacier. At the road junction take the Chemin du Cerro and follow this upwards (past 4 junctions) until it finishes at a small parking area 20m before a large pylon. The first boulder is a 1 minute walk through the trees, on the left of the main path.

Les Blocs de la region de Chamonix

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Yellow 1f3 12
3Yellow 2f3 7
4Yellow 3f3+ 6
5Yellow 4f3+ 6
6Yellow 5f3 6
7Yellow 6f3+ 6
8Yellow 7f3+ 7
9Yellow 8f3 3
10Yellow 9f3 4
11Yellow 10f3 3
12Yellow 11f3 3
13Yellow 12f3+ 4
14Yellow 13f3+ 4
15Yellow 14f3+ 2
16Yellow 15f3 3
17Yellow 16f3+ 4
18Yellow 17f3+ 1
19Yellow 18f3 3
20Yellow 19f3+ 4
21Yellow 20f4 4
22Yellow 21f3 3
23Yellow 22f3 3
24Yellow 23f3+ 3
25Yellow 24f3+ 3
26Yellow 25f3 1
27Yellow 26f3 2
28Green 1f4 12
29Green 4f4 3
30Green 6f4 ***3
31Green 7f4+ ***3
32Green 10f4 3
33Green 11f4 5
34Green 12f4 5
35Green 13f4 6
36Green 17f4 5
37Green 19f4 5
38Blue 1f5 13
39Blue 2f5 10
40Blue 3f5 3
41Blue 4f5 2
42Blue 5f5  
43Blue 6f5 3
44Blue 7f5 4
45Blue 8f5 2
46Blue 9f5+  
47Blue 10f5 1
48Blue 11f5  
49Blue 12f5 1
50Blue 13f5+ 4
51Blue 13bf5+ 1
52Blue 14f5+ 1
53Blue 15f5 2
54Blue 16f5  
55Blue 17f5+  
56Blue 18f5  
57Blue 19f5 1
58Blue 20f5+  
59Blue 21f5  
60Blue 22f5+ 1
61Blue 23f5  
62Blue 24f5  
63Blue 25f5+  
64Red 1f5 6
65Red 2f6A 4
66Red 3f6A 2
67Red 4f6A+ 2
68Red 5f5+ 1
69Red 6f5+ 3
70Red 6 assisf6C 3
71Red 7f6B 3
72Red 8f6C+  
73Red 9f6A 1
74Red 10f6A 1
75Red 11f6B 1
76Red 12f6A  
77Red 13f6A  
78Red 14f6A 1
79Red 15f6A  
80Red 16f6A 1
81Red 17f6A+  
82Red 18f6A+  
83Red 19f6A 1
84Red 20f5+ 2
85Red 21f6A  
86Red 22f6A  
87Red 23f6B+  
88Red 24f6C  
89Red 25f6A 2
90Red 26f6B+  
91Red 27f6B  
92Red 28f6C  
93Red 28bf6A  
94Red 29f6A+ 1
95Red 30f6A  
96Red 31f6B  
97Red 32f6A+  
98Red 33f6A  
99Red 34f5+ 2
100Red 35f6A+  
101Black 1f6C+ 1
102Black 2f7B+  
103Black 3f6C 1
104Black 4f6C 3
105Black 5f7A  
106Black 6f7A+  
107Black 7f7B  
108Surplomb Mutant (Black 8)f8A+  
109Prises Taillees (Black 9)f7A 2
110Black 10f7B  
111Black 10 assisf8A  
112Black 11f7B+  
113Black 12f7B+  
114Black 13f7A+  
115Black 14f7A+ 1
116la Dalle Ultra (Black 15)f7A+  
117l'Hyper Dalle (Black 16)f7C  
119La renfougnef5+  
120Le Yoyof6A+  
121Le Yoyo assisf6C  
123La Rampef7B+ 1
124Les Mille Cacasf8A  
125Raisonnement dichotomiquef6B  
126Raisonnement dichotomique assisProject  
127Adieu l'ami (depart gauche)f7C+  
128Adieu l'ami assis (depart gauche)f8A 1
129Adieu l'ami (depart droite)f7C  
130Adieu l'ami assis(depart droite)f8B  
132La Casquettef7A  
133L'homme Canonf7B+  
135Le Mot de la Semainef6A  
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