Bridestones (North Yorkshire)

Climbs 104 – Rocktype Sandstone (soft) – Altitude 200m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features

Note these are NOT the same Bridestones as in West Yorkshire

A series of boulders/pinnacles and small very steep edges composed of soft sandstone. The grades vary from sandbags to pushovers. Recommended: Strawberry Fields (4c), Sambo Pati (5a), Grades range from font 2 - font 7a and provide a variety of holds such as slopers, pockets, jugs and the odd crimp or pinch. They face all directions so there is always some climbs in the sun. The butress section can be best enjoyed on a sunny evening. Note, after a certain amount of wet weather, holds becom friable. The easiest entry is by the dalby toll road although by car it now cost £7 unless you have the dalby pass, other entries can be found from the pickering to whitby road anywhere between lockton and saltersgate.

Approach notes

Current toll is £7 for cars!

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.


Out of print: North East England (2003), North York Moors (1985)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Clan of the Cave Bearf6A 5c 8
31V0 5a 22
42VB diff 27
5Big Round JugsVB 4a 32
6Passion PlayVB 4a 31
75V2 5c 22
8Accidents Will HappenV1 5b 24
9Guano WallV2 5b 26
108V1 5b 15
119V2 5c 17
1210V2 5c 16
1311V1 5b 15
1512V1 5b 13
1613V1 5b 5
1714V1 5b 5
1815V0 5a 11
1916V1 5b 8
20Crumplef6A *4
2117V2 6a 9
2218V1 5b 11
2319V2 5c 5
2420V0 5a 10
2621VB 4c 17
2722V0 5a 12
2823V0 5a 7
2924VB 4c 12
3025V0 5a 8
3226VB vdiff 12
3327V0 5a 10
3428V0 5a 12
35Fast and sloping wins the racef5+ 5b 3
3629VB 4c 15
3730V0 5a 10
3831VB 4c 11
3932VB 4c 12
4133V2 5c 1
42The Descent (Pepperpot)V0 5a 18
4335V2 5c 3
44Master PepperpotV4 6b 6
4537V1 5b 4
4638V3 6a 11
47Mr PepperpotV5 6b/c 3
48Mrs PepperpotV4 6a/b 5
4941V4 6b 1
5042V3 6a 1
5143V2 5c 1
5244V4 6b 1
5345V0 5a 2
5446V1 5b 1
56The Cavef6A 1
57The Hobbitf6A 4
58The Tunnelf6A ** 
59HoneycombVB 4a 11
60Scoop WallVB ms 14
61Wrong Time of the MonthV0 5a 6
62Vin RougeV0 5a 5
63Red FlashVB 4c 13
64Strawberry FieldsVB 4c 17
65Big Dogs CockV2 5c 9
66Scarlet PimpernelV1 5b 8
67Red LightV0 5a 8
68Little Red RobinV1 5b 5
69The New Number OneVB 4c 3
70HoedownVB 4b 13
71Bat out of HellV1 5b 1
72Dingly DellV1 5b 1
73Going for the OneV2 5c 1
74Right Side of the LawV1 5b 2
75Birdshit GrooveVB 4a 14
76Going Up NorthV1 5b 2
77Northern FrightsV1 5b 3
78AuroraVB 4c 3
79Northern LightsV0 5a 5
80BorealisV0 5a 3
81Winter WonderlandV1 5b 1
82Toll RoadV3 6a 2
83Nürburgringf7A ***2
84Lucky ManV2 5c 1
85Tainted LoveV1 5b 2
86Sambo PatiV0 5a 5
87Walk a Thin LineVB 4c 4
88Griff's TraverseV3 6a/b 1
89Super low level TraverseV1 5b 1
90ChangesVB 4b 3
91Squeeze and SquirmVB 4a 9
92JugglerV0 5a 2
93Audi QuatroV1 5b 1
94Turbo ChargedV2 5c 1
95TheftV1 5b 1
96LarcenyV1 5b 1
97For Someone Very SpecialVB diff 5
98Standard TraverseV3 6a/b 2
99Low Level TraverseV5 6b/c  
100Griff's VariationsV5 6b/c  
101Just for the RecordVB 4c/5a 1
102It's Just a Passing PhaseV1 5b  
103Ain't No LullabyV1 5b 1
104Wind UpV1 5b 1
105GordiniV1 5b 1
106Oh CarolV1 5b 1
107Misplaced ChildhoodVB 4a 6
108Girdle TraverseV3 6a 1
109Jugsf5 5b 2
110The Bad Hobbitf6A 1
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Quick visit, good fun and lovely area, but holds were very very sandy and the rock is somewhat friable.
ejj - 02/Jul/14
Anyone know where can get a guidebook for this area?
Dahinchl - 27/Oct/12
i think there may be quite a few miss placed pictures on here, possibly of the bride stones at todmerden? If they are from the moors bridestone please inform me of where they are. :)
Sam Marks - 21/Nov/10
very sandy and sometimes brittle holds. dont really feel i can trust anything im holding.
Harry Holmes - 25/Aug/10
Access from Scarborough during the week is generally free.
PWheeler - 31/Jan/10
A better place to park is go past the saltersgate car park just over 2 miles & take a dodgy left turn onto david lane, follow the main road going past a few farms until you reach 2 grain storage units on the left & park there, the walk is pleasent & takes about 25 minutes to reach the low brdestones...enjoy!
phleppy - 24/Oct/09
park at Saltergate car park off the Pickering - Whitby road (for free) then walk or bike SE for 2.5km to the edge of Dalby forest then walk down a footpath for 1.4km which follows the woods until there is a right turn which cuts across a small beck with trees around it. This takes you to the Northernmost High Bridestones.
asherh - 27/Aug/08
Car access is now £7. Steeper than the bouldering.
Jon Read - 21/Feb/08