Chee Dale Upper

Climbs 532 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces all

Crag features
The area Chee Dale Upper covers all the Chee Dale crags that would usually be approach from the Topley Pike (west) end of the dale. This includes everything from Blatant and Blackwell Halt, down through the Embankment and Two Tier to Nettle Buttress and the Nook.

Access notes
Cheedale is a SSSI and cSAC with a high level of legal protection under European law. Access for climbing is concessionary and can only be maintained if climber's continue to adhere to a number of conditions

These include,

- No access along the top of the dale beyond a corner formed by the wall and obvious new fence bounding the 3rd major gully east of Plum Buttress. Therefore, no access to Runyans Corner and Moving, Long, or Two-Tier Buttresses from the dale top.

- No further bolted development on the small, vegetated, and obscure crags, which rim the dale - most of these are of negligible climbing quality.

- Do not leave in situ crabs or tape on bolt hangars.

- Parts of Nettle Buttress, Chee Tor East, and Dogs Dinner area are bolt free areas of outstanding appearance.

- Do not remove large swathes of ivy.

Peak Limestone (2012), On Peak Rock (2003), Peak Limestone - Wye Valley (1999), (1995),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004), Peak Limestone - Fax03 (1992), Peak Supplement (1991)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2For the Good of the Cause5c
3Close to the Edge6a+ *
4Every Breath You Take6b+ *
5Eye Catching Cod Piece6b+ *
6Pipistrelle6a *
7Rave On6a
8Chill Out6a+ *
9Feel the Beat6b *
10Emission Control7a+ *
11Good Vibrations7a+ *
12Loco-Motion7a *
13Love is a Swallow6a+
14The Runaway Train6a+
15Came Down the Track6b
16One Track Offensive6a
17Burning Rails5c
19Byte Size6b
22A Soldier's Diary6c *
23Anoraks and Trainspotters6b
25Nerd the Absurd6b
28C.D. RompE2 5c *
29The Arapahoe Connection6b *
30Hard Drive6b+ *
31Megabyte6b *
32Gopherspace6b *
33Windows 956a+ *
34Falling Irons6b *
35She got the Bosch, I got drilled6b *
36Waste Bin6a+ *
37The Hacker6c
39No Mail6a
41Glaswegian Kiss7c+
42Strawberry Kiss7b
43Spank Me Senseless with a Wet HerringVD
44Kick the BucketE2 5b
46Get Down and Bark, Bitch6b
47Up the CreekE5 6a
50SleepersVS 4c
51Lust in the DustE1 5b
52Platonic DesireE1 5c *
53Spring is HereHVS 5a
54FireflyHVS 4c
55I Drink Therefore I AmE4 6b *
56The Dukes of HazardE5 6c *
57A Touch Too MuchE1 5b
58Puffing BillyVS 4b *
59A Sign of the TimesVS 4c
60Sprint StartE1 5a *
61Lethal DoseE3 6a/b *
62Fame But No FortuneE2 5c
63Fireman's FrolicD
64Visible Void *E1 5a
65Unzipping the Wild Physique4c
66Attack the GhostHVS 5a
67Bone and GlobeHVS 5a
68Crowd BurstHVS 4c
71The World According to Tommy Trout6c+
72Hungry Eyes7a+ **
73Beef It7b **
74Secret Gudgeon Society7b+ **
75Stone the Loach7c **
76Mind of a Turbot7b *
77The Man Who Fell to Earth6c+ *
78Arachonothera6b *
79Arachonothera Direct6b+ *
80Prawnography6c *
81Bream in Black7a *
82Breamtime7a+ *
83The Barracuda Bass Sound7a+ *
84Pump Up The Bass7a+ *
85No Hiding Plaice7a+ *
86Sturgeon in the Cupboard7c **
87Whiting on the Wall7c
88The Black WidowE1 5b
89Silence of the Clams7a
90Over the Rainbow Trout6c+ *
91Future ParadoxE3 6a
92Night of the Guppy7b *
93Lamprey on Ice7a+
94The Red SpiderE2 5c
95The Zander Welfare Club7b *
96Red Snapper Meets the Dog Fish7a+ *
97Name That Tuna7b+ *
98Garfish Serenade7a
99The Open SecretE5 6b *
100Fragile EarthE5 6b
101Something Fishy7c
102Fishing Without a Licence7c **
103Barefoot in a Pool of Sharks7b+ **
104Kiss the Mackerel7c
105The Life of a Stickleback7b+ *
106Minnows as a Substitute for White Bait6c *
108Mix and Match6a
109Maximum Potential6a
110MaxiHVS 5a
111Pepsi Max6c+
112Max FactorE2 5b *
113Max Head Room7a **
114Max WallE5 6a *
115Max Pax 'em In7a **
116Max 'is Wall6c *
117Lunatic Fringe6c+ *
118Black MaxE1 5b
119Max Pact6b *
120Max Pact Indirect6a+
121The Max Works6c+ **
122Incandescent CourageE6 6a *
123Max to the Wall7a+ *
124Max-a-Million7b **
125AfterlifeE6 6b *
127Max Museum7b *
128Maxwell House7b+
129Rough Justice7c *
130A Bigger Max7b+ *
131The Max They Love To Hate7b
132Dream Thief7a+
133Orgasimus MaximusHVS 5a
134Tyrannosaurus MaxE3 5c *
135MaxativeE3 5c
136Let the Max Increase7b *
137Krankius Maximus7b+
138Max's MumE3 6a
139Maxing Around7a+
140MicromaxE3 6a
141Dinosaurs Don't MaxE4 6b
142Value Added MaxE4 6b
143Max Museum StartV3 6a **
145Perverted MindE2 5c
146Fuck PigE2 5c
147Eddy's FirstE2 6a
148The Dukes of Earl (Grey)7c *
149Michael Foot Jam7c+ **
150A Cure for Foot Jams7b+ **
151A Cure For Arapiles7b
152Kalymnos 8a7a+ **
153Santiano7a **
154Rock Umbrella7b *
155The Storm7b+ *
156A Bit of Nookie8a *
157The Lockless Monster7c+ *
158Theoria8a+ *
159There's Life in the Old Log Yet7c
160Z.G.S.E3 6b
161New EnemiesE3 6b
162Zebedee Gets SyphilisE3 6b
163Phil's RouteE2 5c **
165Personal Voyage7a
166Back to Basics6c+
168Snail Mail6b
169Schickster grooveE1 5c
170Harmonious Harmonica6c
171Symmetrical Systems6b
172Balanced Ballistics6b
173SuryanamaskerE5 6b
174Long Dead Train7b *
175Stuffed BadgerE5 6b **
176Badged StufferE5 6b *
177Summer WineE5 6a ***
178The Eve SyndromeE5 6c *
179First LightE2 5b **
180Epidavros6b+ *
181Rob's DilemmaHVS 5b
182Light Ideas6c *
183Stravandrabellagola7b *
184Esmerelda7c *
185Esmerunga7c **
186Stung7b+ **
187Ouch!7b+ *
188General IncompetanceE7 6b **
189Toys for the Boys7c+ **
190No LightE3 5c **
191Subterra7b **
192Terra IncognitaE5 6b
193Gobblin' Women6b+
194Little Girl Eater/Fish-u-like6b
195Fishlock6b+ *
198Bursting Out6c
201Home From HomeE5 6b
202Another Brick in the Wall7b+
203Osher, Osher, Osher7a+
204The Bride and the Groom6c+ *
205The Burqa King7b
206The Incredible Pierre7a+ *
207Short Sharp Shock7c *
208Pour Dill7c *
209Open Gate7a+ ***
210Case Adjourned7a **
211Smelting Point6c
212ThothE1 5b
213Cockerel Cry6c+
214Jackson's Browned Off6c
215Running on EmptyE5 6a
216Just Pullet7a+
217Evidently Chickentown7c *
218Poultry in Motion7b+
219Mega-Bites7b *
220Systems Malfunction7b **
221Reboot7c+ *
222Titter Ye Not8a **
223OffalE3 6a
225MalnutritionE4 6a *
226Ghee ForceE4 6b
227Split InfinitiveE5 6c
228IsolateE4 6b
229NerefaunE5 6c
230Stolen FruitE5 6b
232Stogumber Club7c
233Entrée8a **
234Kali Yuga8b ***
235Flow8a+ **
236Countdown7a+ ***
237Darl - Pitch 17a ***
238Why Me?7c **
239Orange Sunshine7c+ *
240Orange SuntanProject
242Ninth LifeE7 6c **
243Daylight Robbery7b **
244RaE4 6a
245The Cruise BrothersE5 6b
246Some Coincidence7a+ **
247Rising Sap6b+
248OsirisE1 5a
249Subterfuge6b+ *
250Quality Control7a **
251Nogads7b+ *
252Blockhead7b **
253Reasons to be Cheerful7b+ *
254The Inbetweenies7a+ *
255Wot a Waste6c+
257The TrapHS
259The Chicken RunHVS 5a *
260Chicken Run Black Flake FinishHVS 5a
261The Rooster in the Hen House6b+
262GoldfingerE2 6a *
263The Flight of IcarusE6 6b **
264Aberration8a **
265Celebration7c ***
266Minos7c+ ***
267Buster8a+ *
268Gonads8a+ **
269Ultralight8a+ **
270Seven Pounds Overweight8a *
271Lightweight7c **
272Lightweight (Spizz Energy finish)7b+ **
273Spizz EnergyE5 6b ***
274Spazz Energy7a+ *
275A Touch of ClassE4 6a **
276Mad Dogs and EnglishmenE3 5c ***
277Machineries of Joy - Pitch 1E1 5b *
278Ape IndexE5 6c
279Within Reach6c
281Laurels for Hardy7b+ *
282In Tiers8b+ *
283Darl - Pitch 27a+ *
284Hardcorejunkie8b *
285Hardcore Junkie (righthand)8a+
286Welcome to My World8a **
287The Curse of the Mummy8a *
288A Vision of Loveliness7c+ **
289A Picture of Perfection8a *
290Recycled7c+ **
291The Sea is a Brown Paper Bag7b+ ***
292The Tier Drop X-plodes7c+ **
293Reward7b *
294Monster Mouse Resurgent6c+ *
295Aggrieved6c+ *
296Disjointed MightE5 6a
297Sibser7b+ *
298Nervous Breakdown7b+ **
299Communication Breakdown7c+ **
300Total Breakdown7c+ **
302Machineries of Joy (P2)E1 5b *
303Kill Your Television6c
304Decade to Decayed6c+
305Nu Vista7a
306Eggs, Bacon, Coffee and Suicide7b
307Superstring7c *
309Big Jesus Trashcan6c+
310Alta Vista6a+
311Speedmetal Bedmoshin'6b
312Hasta la Vista6c+
313Aah Vista6b+
315Super orchid7b *
317Banana RepublicE2 5c
318The Orange Order6c
319Orange Free State6b+
321Black Rights7a+ *
322High Society7a **
323Kiss Me Hardy7a+ **
324Kiss My Arcy7b *
325Mystical Attainment7b+ *
326Mouldwarp Wall7c *
327Brothers in Arms7b+ **
328Rouge Total7a+ *
329Jungle Rock7b *
330Some Things Change7b *
331Fatal Attraction7a **
332Lucky Finger7b *
333Rolling StoneE4 6b
334The Balancing Act7a+ *
335Trick Show7b+ *
338Titanic7b+ **
339Big News Manmouth7c **
340North Atlantic Drift8a **
341Atlantic Realm7c+ **
342Atlantic Realm (pre rock fall)7b+ *
343Gob on the Mountain7c *
344Gobstopper7c *
345Meterol7b+ **
346BreathlessE6 6c *
347Cathedral Taste7b+ **
348A Bout de Souffle7c **
349MultiplexE4 6b **
350Child Lock7a+ *
351SmuttE5 6c
352Steaming Strides7a+
353Hot Panties7a *
354Nookie Bear7a+
355Child's PlayE4 6a *
356Skid Marks6b+
357Watch This Space6c
359The DecapitatorHVS 5b
360Local VortexE3 6b
361Kill the Bill7b+
362Robert's Roberts7a+
363Underslapped7a *
365Slappy Happy Chappy7a
369Waldo WinchesterVS 4a
370More Than SomewhatS
371The Jury's Out6b+
372The Fifth Amendment6c
373Big ButchVS 4c
374Seldom SeenVS 4c
375Nathan DetroitVS 4c
376Community Service6c+ *
377Open Verdict7a+ *
378In the Defence6c
379Smash, Bang, WallopE1 5b
380Harry the HorseHVS 5a
381Spanish JohnVS 4b
382Little IsadoreS
383For the Prosecution6c
385The Plea6a+
386Witness This6c+
387Franky FerociousVS 4c
388Educated EdmundVS 4c
389Red Nosed pollination BluesVS 4c
390Regrets GrooveVS 4b
391Mindy's RouteVS 4b
392No Intent6b+
393As Loose As This?6c+ *
394In the Stox7a
395Stax a Time7b
397Never to Look Back7a+ **
398I Had a Black Shirt7a+ *
399Protest and SurviveE4 6a *
400Whistling CrackVS 4b *
401Gander MeatE6 6c *
402Dope7b+ *
403Spirit of the AgeE5 6a
404AutonomanE1 5b
405AutonomonE1 5b *
406MonotonVS 4b
407VibratorE2 5c *
408Witch in StitchE5 6b **
409Soft ShoeVS 4c
410ShapeshifterHVS 5a
411Transit GroveVS 4c
412Escort CrackVS 4c
413Thin LizzyHVS 5b **
414Swinging WallVS 4c
415A Man Called Horse7b+ *
416DynamicE1 5c
417A Farewell to ArmsE3 6a
418Nettle WhineE3 6a
419Still WallVS 4b
420OrchristVS 4c
421OsculationHVS 5a *
422YukE4 6b
423Wise Up! Sucker ....6c+
424Priming the PumpE4 6a
425Oh No! It's the Wall to Wall Birthday Party7a+
426Fresh Jive7c
427Shaking CrackE2 5b **
428Big Boned Backside Melon7b+
429Suicides Reprieve/McKenzie FrenzyE4 6a
430DangleberryVS 4c
431Thor's HammerE1 5b *
432SocialismE3 5c *
433ColonE1 5b *
434Thin Thin GrooveVS 4b *
435Calvi CornerS
436Behaviour of FishE4 6b
437Forgotten DreamE5 6b
438The Roaring FortiesE3 5c
439QuakeHVS 5b *
440The Price of FameE4 6b
441VibrationHVS 5a *
442Family Fortunes7a+
443Pushed to the Hilti6c
444Shock the MonkeyE4 6a
445Gibbon Take6c
447The Trainee7b+
448Wye Train7b
449PinkE1 5b
450Tunnel Vision7b+
451Loco Motif7b *
452Steam Train7b *
453The Railway Children7a+ *
454One Track Mind7a
456Generously Cut TrousersS
457Mississippi Burning7a
458Tricky Dicky6c+
459The Black and White Minstrel Show7b
460Rusty Lee7a *
461Daddy's Riding the Range7a+
462Close Control6b *
463White Riot6a *
464RastusHVS 4c
465Iron Filings6c
466Steel on Steel7a
467Mettle Fatigue6c
468Pop the Rivet6a
470Crank it Up6c+
471An Uplifting Experience6b+
472Get LiftedE1 5b *
473Access all Areas7a+ *
474Elephant Talk7a+ *
476Five Miles High6c+ *
477The Black EdgeE1 5b *
478All Fall Down7a+ *
479High Scream Sunday6c *
480Disraeli GearsE1 5a
481The Siberian Hamster7a
482ChagrinHVS 5a *
483PhiladelphiaE1 5b
484Eye shadowsE4 5c
485All Made Up7a+
486Powder Puff6a+
487UninspiredE4 6a *
489Ragged AreteS **
490Succulent CornerS
491Firefly CrackVS 4c *
492The Hoochie KooHVS 4c *
493CetswayoVS 4b *
494No Hammer InvolvedHVS 5a *
495HeathenismVD *
497Idolatry WallS
498TikkaVS 4a
499The TendrilS
500Black Leg GrooveS
502HeathenismVD *
503PaganismS *
505Less of Your Lip7b+
507A Bit Lippy7b+ *
508A Bit On The Side6c
509My Secret Life7a *
510The Wilderness Years7c
511Scratch Race6c+
512The Massive6c
513The Super IndirectE1 5a **
514Coca ChaloneE1 5a
515The StalkVS 4c **
516AplombE1 5a ***
517Giants6c *
518VictoriaE3 5c
519Raisin RoofE4 6a *
520The Big PlumA2
521The Big PlumE6 **
522Damson in Distress7c **
523The Spider8a ***
524Chip Off The Old Block7c+ **
525Sloe GinE6 6b ***
526Sloe Gin (sport)7c **
527SirplumE1 5b ***
528The Plumb-line FinishE1 5b
529The DefectorE2 5c
530Peggy SueE1 5a
532Finnieston FerryVS 4c
533Little Big Climb7a
534Double Topley7a+
536She Mail *6b
538PowerplayE3 6b
539Major Incontinence7b+
541Chug, Chug, Chug6b
542Wobbly Wheels7b *
543Surfing the Net6c
544Falling Icons6b *
545County TimeE3 5c
546Maximuscle7b+ *
547Little Girl Eater/Fish-u-Like6b
548Hardcore Junkie8b *
549Total Rock7c *
550Overslapped7a *
553Your Rotten Thoughts7a+
554The StingHVS 5b
555Mrs Brown7c *
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This crag has been rebolted with P bolts and the dodgy krabs at the top replaced with malons. The time & money spent on this crag has really turned it around for me as the danger of some of the ab stations ruined the overall feel. Well done that man!! As for the climbing... its deceptively pumpy and on solid rock as far as blasted quarries go. Pretty much well worth the visit!
John_Warner - 05/Nov/07